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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 494 (468)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 494
Page 494

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 494

Brief Consideration of Trans-lux Theatres

Advantages of the Rear-Proiection Cinema Are Listed; Critical Equipment Described

The first Trans-Lux theatre* was opened to the public in the City of New York in March 1931. Since that time the number of theatres has increased, with most attention being centered on the ttnewsreel theatre" type of operation, so much, indeed, that the terms have become almost synonymous. However, the type of program that can be shown in

*The material from which this article has been abstracted and condensed, together with the i'lustrations, was provided by Norman W. Elson, vicepresident of Tran-Lux Theatres.

a Trans-Lux theatre really is not limited. Even though many do specialize in newsreels, short subjects, comedies, and educational pictures, there are not a few that offer their patrons full-length feature pictures. Local conditions alone are the determining factor, and, so far as the theatre is itself concerned, the type of program can be changed at will.

Local conditions also determine what size of Trans-Lox theatre is most economical. Three hundred seats may pay

THE TRANS-LUX SCREEN is designed particularly for rear proiection. Since the light, unlike in the case of an ordinary screen, must pass through it, this screen is translucent, so that the projected image is focused on the audience side of it. By penetrating the screen, the images are said to acquire a semblance of third dimension. The screen is also said to eliminate distortion, so it matters little what seat the patron occupies for his pleasure.


where rent and operating costs are low, while 1,500 seats may be necessary somewhere else. But, whatever the size, TransLux can be used to advantage.

For a typical 500-seat theatre, experience has shown that the building site should have a frontage of 50 feet, a depth of 156 feet, and a ceiling height of 15 feet or more. This siZe allows for spacing of 39 inches between rows of seats so that the patrons need not rise to permit others to pass. /

Two stores, each 15 feet wide by 40 feet deep, may be built on either or both sides of the theatre entrance. The added revenue from the rental of these stores will materially reduce the overhead.

Where air conditioning is required, it is best to have a basement or other Space suitable for housing the refrigeration equipment.

The policy of Trans-Lux theatres in relation to its own future theatres is as it has always been. Any location in a transient and cosmopolitan community, with the proper amount of ground space-* that is, a minimum of 50 x 120 feeteis suitable.

All the companyls theatres are all run on the same bases: namely, wide seats, plenty of leg room, well-lighted auditoriums, rear-screen projection, its own patented screen, and the usual typical Trans-Lux courtesy of personal attention.

Although it has been examining and studying a number of new locations, the company policy toward expansion fOIIOWS conservative lines. Two new theatres, one in Washington and one in New York are under way and there may be more in the near future.

The policy toward outsiders desiring to use Trans-Luxis rear-screen projection and screen has become broader in scope. Up to a few years ago, restrictions were placed on the number of these screens and equipments that were leased to theatre owners other than those connected with Trans-Lux. At present, the company is willing to lease its equipment, provided the lessee meets the qualifications in financial responsibility and the operation of the theatre.


Trans-Lux, the modern theatre, offers important profit advantages for theatre operation.

TransaLux makes the motion-picture theatre a business venture instead of a real-estate speculation. It rents its space, in an ordinary store location, at a store rental. It relieves the motion-picture exhibitor of the risk of owning real estate and it eliminates the heavy burdensome carrying charges of a theatre building,

Trans-Lux makes the opening of a motion-picture theatre simply an installation job. The equipment can be installed on a single floor. with a ceiling height as

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 494