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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 515 (489)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 515
Page 515

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 515

sure, ultraviolet lamps that were suitable for killing air-borne bacteria. Thus in the basic study of destroying influenza virus in the air by ultraviolet radiation (as reported in July, 1936, by W. F. Wells and H. W. Brown, of Harvard School of Public Health). Hanovia coldcathode quartz mercury-vapor SafeeTAire Lamps were used. Safe-T-Aire equipment has contributed to the success of many other experiments and today Safe-T-Aire quartz and glass lamps can be found in many hospitals and oiiices, also in schools, homes, and so forth.

As regards application of the greatly advanced knowledge of air sanitation to theatres and other meeting places, this was given special attention by F. W. Robinson, head of Hanoviais laboratory and engineering staff. Practical methods for use of Safe-T-Aire Lamps in auditorium, lobby, smoke room, and the like, and in air ducts were evolved that will ensure a high level of performance.

There is now little doubt that, once certain materials have become plentiful for civilian use, bactericidal lamps will be widely installed to liood the atmosphere inside the theatre with healthprotecting, air-purifying ultraviolet rays, to serve the public and to increase attendance. In this connection Hanovia wall-and-ceiling suspension Safe-T-Aire lamps for direct and indirect radiation and duct equipment with long life burners, having an effective tube life of over 10,000 active hours, recommend themselves for safe and efficient service.

The Sperti Mercolites

The Mercolite is a scientific achievement, backed by many years of research and development in the laboratories of

THE SYLVANIA STANDARD GERMICIDAL LAMPS are made in 15- and 30-wutt size and are similar in size, shape, and operating characteristics to standard 15- and 30-watt fluorescent lamps, Any standard fluorescent fixture or electrical circuit for such lamps will properly operate these germicidal lamps. However, the porce



THE BASIC WIRING PLAN of the Sylvania standard germicidal lamp is shown in this diagram, where L is the germicidal lamp, S is the starter switch, and B is the ballast. The Sylvania lamp is a hot-cathode, low-pressure, mercuryevapar light source generating the great bulk of its energy at 2537 A.U., which is quite effective in the destruction of air-borne bacteria which are the cause of respiratory diseases. (Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., dia.)

Dr. George Speri Sperti and the engineering and manufacturing experience of Sperti, Inc.

A concentrated source of powerful ultraviolet waves, the Mercolite tube maintains the exact selected wavelengths rquired for a particular function. The Mercolite, a hot-cathode type of tube, maintains constant tube temperature and, thereby, constant arc characteristics, assuring uniformity of operation in any atmosphere, temperature, or surrounding condition. The envelope is not of quartz, but glass, especially selected to control the wavelength and prevent the passage of shorter, harmful rays, including those producing ozone. Mercolite tubes are durable, guaranteed for six months, but they have an average service record of from six to ten months continuous operation.

Of interest to theatremen, as having use in general illumination rather in auditoriums or air ducts, is the Healthaire fixture. The indirect type of fixture comprises three sources of light, two Mercolite tubes and one 300- or 500-watt ordinary lighting bulb. The downlight, found particularly desirable for high



ceiling areas and where high intensities are required over a specific area, has its elements wired in series and will operate on 100- or 120-volt, alternating or direct current. It has only two wires to connect, making it as easy to install as any ordinary fixture. The hanger (standard length: 43 inches over all) can be shortened, if necessary, without rethreading. The reiiector bowl, of standard aluminum finish, prevents direct radiation below the light. The system, combining both types of light, effects color correction of artificial light, and produces, through the actinic and germicidal properties, ideal hygienic conditions for both eyes and body.

The Sylvania Lamps

Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., has been carrying on experimental and development work on germicidal lamps for over 10 years, manufacturing at the present time the standard 15- and 30watt sizes, each sizehaving characteristiCS comparable to fluorescent lamps of equal wattage. There are also several

lain or enameled refiector as used in the standard tluorescent fixture will absorb 90 to 95 per cent of the ultraviolet and, for this reason, a special reflector of aluminum (reflection factor, 70 per cent) or polished chrome (reflection factor, 50 per cent) should be used. (Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., photograph).
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 515