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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 545 (519)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 545
Page 545

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 545





excelled quality, thoroughness of design and

Nothing is more essential to the pleasure and value for modern theatre use. Install Kelvin comfortefor winning applauSHof theatregoers than adequate and conveniently located sources of fresh properly cooled drinking water. And to be in harmony with modern theatre fittings, these drinking facilities must be richly designed, adequate in capacity for heavy trailic, carefree and tamper-proof, and economical to operate . . . and above all, have an appearance that literally bespeaks sanitation. Kelvinator Refrigerated Electric Water Coolers in every respect meet these demands 100%.

ator Refrigerated Electric Water Coolers and have the satisfaction of knowing you have the best money can buy.

True to the quality standards for which the Kelvinator name has long been known, these coolers insure twenty-four-hour-a-day delivery of properly cooled drinking water at the minimum cost of operation. Their modern walnutbronze cabinet is topped with a gleaming, white porcelain top fitted with a sanitary, splash-free bubbler that is a source of satisfaction to all who use it. As to the cooling and operating mechanism of Kelvinator Refrigerated Electric Water Coolers one needs only to review the specifications listed below to realize their un FAMOUS CAREFREE KELVINATOR "SEALED IN STEEL" HERMETIC UNIT

The most eHicient, carefree, condensing unit ever designed . . . with one of the finest service records of any unit ever used in refrigeration equipment. Thatis what the Kelvinator Hermetic Unit contributes to this water cooler. ifSealed In Steelii it eliminates gaskets, belts and service valves. Lubrication is positive. Unit charged with Freon non-toxic, odorless, non-inflammable refrigerant. Free from leakage, there is no loss of refrigerant. Operation is quiet and a minimum of current required. Thermal overload cut-out on starting relay safeguards motor against damage. From every standpoint the iiSealed In Steelii Condensing Unit combined with a sealed fan assembly provides carefree operation and efficiency at its best.



CAN BE USED FOR REMOTE INSTALLATIONS Note: Even your own employees, from their improved emCiency and disposition will quickly convince you of the value of adequate Kelvinator cooled, refreshing drinking water.

CABINET. Fabricated of heavy-gauge rust- and corrosion-resisting steel. Welded construction. Front panel removable for installation and service. FinisheWalnut Bronze lacquer over a baked enamel primer.

BASE. Heavy-gauge rust- and corrosion-resisting steel. FinisheBlack baked enamel.

DIMENSIONS. Overall: 16" wide, 16" deep, 40" high.

CAPACITY. 10 gallons per hour cooling from tap water temperature of 80n to drinking water temperature of 500. Storage 4 quarts. TOP. Overhanging type, white acid-resisting vitreous porcelain enamel. Anti-splash ridge integral with top. Equipped with metal perforated strainer.

.BUBBLER VALVE. Combination self-closing lever type. The bubbler, self-closing valve, and automatic pressure regulator are combined in one unit. One piece chrome bubbler guard and valve shield.

GLASS FILLER OUTLET. Removable chrome cover cap provides for quick field installation of a glass filler on cooler top at left rear

corner. Order glass filler from accessory list.

CUP DISPENSER MOUNTING. Two holes on right side panel near top formounting any standard paper cup dispenser.

PRECOOLER. Freeflowing, efhcient counterflow type. Inlet water

flows through coil. Cold waste water precools warm inlet water, greatly increasing the capacity of the cooler.

INSULATION. Cooling unit and precooler compartment packed with ground cork and completely sealed in steel with hot hydrolene. REFRIGERANT HEAT EXCHANGER. The hot liquid line is soldered to the cold suction line and coiled inside insulated compartment. Assnres super-capacity performance and prevents slug-over

of oil.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL. On and off adjustable Ranco Automatic Thermostat, maintains constant water temperature. REFRIGERANT CONTROL. The flow of refrigerant is controlled by a restrictor tube and balanced by oversize refrigerant accumulator. Non-adjustable.

CONDENSING UNIT. Furnished only with Kelvinator sealed hermetic singlecylinder reciprocating 1/6 hp. unit for use with 110 volt, 50 or 60 cycle, single-phase A.C. current only. Air-cooled condenser with sealed fan motor. Condensing unit cushioned and mounted rigid to cabinet base. Quiet, economical and efficient.

PLUMBING CONNECTION. Inlet size %" I. P. female. Remote bubbler connection 3%" I. P. female. Waste, 1%," I. P. female. All located in rear of cabinet. All connections rigidly fastened to cabinet

with screws.

Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice


To facilitalr inquiry 1: lb: About, pleat: mention tbi: volume ad page numb".
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 545