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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 104 (92)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 104
Page 104

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 104

THE LOBBY (looking toward the foyer doors) is carpeted except for recessed rubber mats at the entrance. The walls are covered with flame-proofed damask in a deep rose pattern. Display frames are illuminated by fluorescent lights. General illumination is by neon in the dropped center beam.

THE FOYER LOUNGE contains sectional settees, grouped with tables and lamps to provide a more intimate atmosphere. The men's and ladies' lounges are on either side oi this area.

THE LADIES POWDER ROOM is finished in rich shades of soft rose and pearl gray. The ceiling is treated. with a special decorative treatment. Cosmetic tables, mirrors, occasional chairs, settee, and torchieres provide comfort for the complete comfort of the feminine patrons of the house.



Cleveland (Shaker Heights). Ohio

OWNER: Samuel T. Haas.

OPERATOR: Warner Brothers CIICUII Manage ment Corporation.

ARCHITECT: White and Boenisch,

ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT: Weinberg, Laurie, and Teare.

SEATING CAPACITY: 1,564, on one floor.

COST OF THEATRE (including air conditioning): approximately $380,000.


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Shaker Masonry and Concrete Company.

PAVING CONTRACTOR: Highway Construction Company,

DECORATOR: Garbo Decorating Company.


ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: Doan Electric Com pany. .

AIR CONDITIONING: Automatic control system, with compressors by Prick Company. (Refrigerant: Freon, by Kinetic Chemicals, Inc.)

CARPETS: Crestwocd, by Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Company.

CHAIRS: Mercury Streamliners, by Ideal Seating Company.

THE FOYER is dominated by a 14 x 7-toot photomural at Warner Brothers Pictures' studios in Burbank, Calilornia. Whether by accident or design, the candy bar and the mural are each a point of attraction from which the other may benefit. The sweets bar is covered with tufted coral mohair.

CHANGEOVERS: Thide, by Dowser Manufacturing Company.

COIN CHANGER: by Brandt Automatic Cashier Company.

CURTAIN CONTROLS AND TRACK: Automatic Devices Company.

DISPLAY FRAMES: Leiden Cabinet Company.

DRAPERIES AND STAGE CURTAINS: through Novelty Scenic Studios, Inc.

FILM CABINETS: by Neumade Products Corporation.

GENERATORS: by Imperial Electric Company.

HEATING: Steel boiler and stoker, by Brownell Company.

LENSES: Snaplite, by Kollmorgen Optical Corporation.


PROJECTION LAMPS: by C. S. Ashcroft Manufacturing Company.

PROIECTION MACHINES: Simplex, by International Projector Corporation.

REWINDERS: by Golde Manufacturing Company.

RUBBER MATS: by R. C. Musson Company.

SCREEN: Evenlite, by Hurley Screen Company.

SIGN AND MARQUEE: by Brilliant Electric Signs. Inc.

SIGN LETTERS: Wagner Sign Service, Inc.

SOUND: by Radio Corporation of America.

SUPPLY DEALER: Continental Theatre Accessories, Inc.

TICKET-ISSUING MACHINE: Automaticket, by General Register Corporation.

VENDING MACHINES: through Berlo Vending Company.

WALL FABRICS: through Novelty Scenic Studios,


THE MEN'S LOUNGE is treated in a definitely masculine manner. Asphalt tile floor, decorated walls and ceiling, and plastic covered furniture are among the items at the room. Colors in the lounge are rust and green. Special ceiling treatment and a floor insert add more interest to the area.

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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 104