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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 137 (125)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 137
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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 137

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' ; THE AUDITORIUM (above) has the walls, above a wainscot ot lurred ce- ing is painted powder blue at the sides, medium blue adioining a dropped menl Plaster Painted crimson. covered with a glass fabric, with scarlet center panel, and dark blue in the panel. Lensed downlights extend along on a gray background, with ziq>zaq striping except tor the panels at each the adjoining strips and the side walls carry luminaries with filament side of the rear wall (right) which is striped vertically. The plaster ceil- lamp troughs beneath circular plaques in gray with a scarlet letter O.

Company's Push-Back chairs. The auditorium has a bowled reverse lioor slope.

The womenls lounge has walls painted at entrance, and elsewhere papered in scarlet and gray stripes. The cosmetic shelf is black glass over plywood supported by chrome standards. Above the mirrors extend fluorescent lamps.

The screen platform has a rostrum at each side for student participation, and adjoining one is a Hammond electric organ.

The University Theatre is air-conditioned throughout, with a York compressor and McQuay transfer coils.

Other credits for the theatre include these: Directional signs, by Voigt Company; Gardiner Super projectors; Royal Sound Master, by Ballantyne; boilers, by Raven Watertilm; motors, by Westinghouse; curtain controls and track, by Vallen, lnc.; glass cloth, by Business Boosters Equipment Company; and steel trusses, bary joints, and metal deck, by Macomber.

THE FOYEH-STANDEE AREA, on its right wall, features a mural. picturing THE LADIES' LOUNGE is papered in a design 01 scarlet and gray stripes. Charles W. (Chic) Harley, Ir., Ohio State's first and most famous All-Ameri- A border of sketches of various aspects of campus lite is used on some can football player, and scenes representing his gridiron career (1916, portions 01 the papered area, in those sections where the ceiling is not 1917, 1919). The standee rail is well upholstered for purposes 01 leaning. dropped to provide for the installation at the area's general cove lighting.

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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 137