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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 225 (211)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 225
Page 225

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 225

no heat and ventilation underneath is subject to approximately the same temperature, moisture and condensation conditions as concrete resting directly on the ground, and should therefore be considered as on-grade.

As an example of the moisture-resistance of the material, floors of asphalt tile which have been under many feet of water and silt for several days in flooded sections of the country, have been found undamaged when the debris was cleared away.

Underfoot Safety

Safety underfoot is another point, because danger of damage suits for personal injury is always present in public gathering places.

According to tests made by the National Bureau of Standards, it is indicated that a person is less likely to slip on asphalt tile than on any other type of smooth-surfaced fiooring under most conditions, provided a high-gloss wax coat is absent.

Table 1, showing the anti-slip coefficients of various types of flooring, was developed in the Bureau of Standards tests (Report BMS 100) which were conducted on the original surface of the different materials with no finish added. The types having the highest number are regarded as the safest.

From this data, incidentally, it would appear that a person wearing a leather heel is more likely to slip on any surface than one wearing rubber heels.

The tests indicate that under most conditions, embossed rubber matting is the safest underfoot. However, this material is not widely used as a permanent door covering. It is usually spread out on a ceramic tile or a terrazzo floor in wet weather to prevent slipping and is then taken up.


Some theatres and public halls are built with recessed lobby doors to accommodate a thick rubber mat and it finds some usage in such places. The material does not have a very wide range of decorative possibilities, however. And maintenance departments say that it is not as easy to keep clean as a smoothsurfaced flooring, nor are wearing qualities as good as the harder substances. Where a floor has been recessed to accomodate thick rubber mats, they can be built up to the proper thickness if it is desired to install some other type of flooring,

Decorative possibilities of most of the materials tested by the Bureau of Standards are not regarded by achitects as having the fiexibility of asphalt tile since color range is necessarily limited.

Hence, decorators like asphalt tile because it usually can be made to harmonize with any color scheme.

New fioor treatments are only part of a general modernization program that is being carried out in theatres and other public gathering places throughout the country as a general trend of community face-lifting which is rapidly gaining momentum following long years of wartime restrictions and shortages.

Theatres have always been the glamour spot in most American communities and are again leading the way in the current rehabilitation program. Installation of air-cooling equipment, thermal


TABLE 1-Anti-slip coefficients of various types of Hooring under ditferent conditions, as determined by the National Bureau of Standards (Report BMS 100).

Type of Floor

Leather Heel

Rubber Heel

Dry, Dry, Wet, Wet, Dry. Dry, Wet. Wet.

Clean Dirty Clean Dirty Cleun Dirty Clean Dirty Asphalt Tile .55 .44 .18 .11 .91 .44 .29 .26 Battleship Linoleum .43 .40 .19 .22 .80 .44 .18 .18 Ceramic Tile .40 .40 .15 .07 .73 .44 .26 .22 Cork Tile .40 .40 .15 .11 .88 .40 .11 .11 Felt Back Linoleum .40 .44 .21 .15 .77 .47 .33 .22 Soft Rubber Tile .44 .47 .18 .18 .80 .51 .28 .26 Rubber Matting (emboss) .69 .53 .24 .20 .91 .55 .29 .26 Terrazzo .37 .40 .22 .18 .80 .24 .26 .18 White Oak .26 .41 .36 .28 .79 .45 .39 .27 insulation, better seats, modernization that the move paid cash dividends

of lighting, improved equipment, and general refurbishing are all being carried out on a broad scale.

Many a theatre owner who has refurbished his house has soon discovered

through greater patronage. The public is attracted by brightness, cleanliness, color, and comfort, and attraction of patrons is the primary concern of the theatre owner.

THE LOBBY of the Winter Garden Theatre, New York, shows an asphalt tile Hearing in a design which utilizes two complementary colors in square tiles and a contrasting darker color in triangular tiles. Many users of asphalt tile have found that the investment has paid 011 in greater patronage, since the public is attracted by color. comfort, and generally smart appearance at the theatre of its choice.

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 225