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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 23 (11)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 23
Page 23

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 23

three seating levels. Trafiic to various parts of the theatre is made easier by three. wide staircases that have short climbs. The managerls odice is partly open to the public with an interviewing space for the patrons, and foyer and restroom is provided for women at each level.

The ladies powder room opposite the first floor lounge has a very bright decorative pattern. A powder table of tufted white leather with silver buttons has a very large flesh-colored mirror from table top to ceiling. The mirror is lighted by a concealed redective light.

The mezzanine lounge has a small candy bar that could easily be used for service of soft drinks. The walls are a combination of orange metal and natural white oak. A white satin curtain extends through two doors in an open wall and can be drawn across a large glass Window that overlooks Tacna Boulevard. The facilities of the second balcony lounge follow the decorative pattern of the auditorium and mezzanine lounge.

The furniture for the Tacna was especially designed and built in Lima. It is in contemporary design, made of rich Central American woods combined with leather upholstery. Gay modern paintings in the various lounges add to the rich decorative effect.

Manager's Office

The managers office is supplied with up-to-date RCA radio-phonograph equipment, provided with automatic record changer so that records may be played to furnish soft music through speakers placed in the foyers and lounges. The manager also has a microphone at his disposal so that he may make announcements to his patrons through the speakers of the radio-phonograph system as well as through the public-address system which is of a portable type and may be used on the stage for special events or announcements.


The owners of the entire enterprise are Inmobiliaria San Martin, S. A., headed by Manuel Gaboldoni, president, and J. Bayly Gallagher, director general. This company is comprised of prominent Lima business men.

Clement S. Crystal, vice-president in charge of Paramount Internationals theatre department and experienced motion-picture theatre builder, was instrumental in consummating the deal between Paramount International Films, Inc., and Inmobiliaria San Martin, S. A., for the erection of the Tacna. Also figuring in the early plans for the house was the late Osvaldo Urrutia, of Paramount Films of Peru, to whom the Tacna would have been the realization of a lifetime dream. .

Arthur L. Pratchett, Paramount International Latin American division manager, was consultant in analyzing problems regarding proper booking policy, advertising matters and personnel setup.

In the designing of the theatre, the New Yorkpfirm of architects, Schlanger, Hoifberg, lteisner and Urbahn (SHRU), acted in association with Florez y Costa, engineers and builders, of Lima, Peru.

Carlos Costa, senior member of the firm of Florez y Costa, spent one month


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THE BAR AND MEZZANINE LOUNGE (above) has a light-painted plaster ceiling, with both cove- and downlightinq. The bar is backed with a mirror, and the iront is laced with wood. The View irom the mezzanine lounge, looking toward the main staircase (middle), shows the downlights over the stair-ways. While the ceiling is light, the wall at the let! is of a dark color. Wood doors are natural finish.

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THE REAR VIEW OF THE AUDITORIUM shows the placement of the balconies (below). The rear wall is faced with perforated Transite acoustic panels on the lowest level and, on the upper ones. with acoustic plaster above 1 meter above the tloor line. Lighting throughout the auditorium is by downlights. The side walls are finished with perforated Transits acoustical panels. Ceiling is of plaster.

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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 23