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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 273 (259)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 273
Page 273

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 273

moving parts than conventional chairs. It has been sturdily built for long, positively troublesfree service, without maintenance, adjustments, or replacements of any moving parts. The special bearings require no lubrication.

Easy to install, the chair does not require the services of specialized mechanics.

The Ideal Slide-Back chair is adjustable to meet all theatre seat requirements, all arrangements, all floor inclines, and can be used as a stationary chair in balconies with high risers.

Providing good posture, the chair has cushions of comfortable deep-spring construction. It is being offered in a variety of models, with a wide selection of end standards and upholstering materials.


The International Seat Corporations new theatre chair, richly styled, offers a number of mechanical improvements. Featuring advanced styling, seating luxury, and ease of maintenance, the new chair was styled primarily for the deluxe market by one of the nations foremost industrial designers. It will be available in three decorative treatments: Modern, Traditional, and NeoClassic.

The Modern treatment reveals clean, flowing lines in tasteful combinations of upholstery and enamel colors. Seating comfort is greatly enhanced by radically-designed form-fitting and fully padded back in addition to wider cushions which utilize double-deck, full-coil spring construction.

A feature of the new chair, the extra long back extends well below the seat cushion, keeping the shoes of patrons behind it from scufiing the cushion or being caught accidentally in the forward seat. Ample floor clearance remains for proper iioor maintenance.

Long-life innovations in the new chair include provisions for easy changing of chair backs and seat cushions to equalize wear around the theatre. A simple and fool-proof locking mechanism permits seat backs to be changed in a matter of seconds with a halfeturn of a special tool provided for the purpose. Back pitch is not disturbed during the change, and nuts, bolts, and screws need not be removed. The entire seat cushion and pan assembly can also be detached without removing nuts, bolts, or screws.

THE NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAIR. of the International Seat Corporation, features in this model advanced styling and a trouble-tree geartrain suspension entirely enclosed in seat pan.


THE SLIDE-BACK CHAIR is a development of the Ideal Seating Company, and with usual back-to-hack spacing affords 6 inches additional space, as shown in the double-exposure photo.

Another innovation in the chair is its radically different seat action, utilizing a patented gear-train suspension unit which is far superior to the unsightly and troublesome seat hinge of conventional design. Located out of sight in the steel seat pan, the gear-train unit is noiseless in operation and requires no maintenance. It provides a positive seat travel stop at both the raised and lowered position. Effect of the new suspension is to move the seat in an elliptical arc, permitting maximum passing clearance betiiveerrrows, as well as increased iioor clearance and protection against cushion scufhng. Damage due to patrons riding the seat down is greatly reduced. Seat cushions may be equipped with an automatic uplift which silently moves the cushion to its maximum raised position when unoccupied.

Internationals unit construction, by which chairs are delivered as. a factoryassembled unit, is retained in the new model. In this way, complicated assembly on the job is avoided and proper back pitch of chairs is assured by eliminating possibilities of unintended change during installation.

The new International chair is also of all-steel construction. Backs, seat pans, and aisle panels are formed of seamless steel. Steel side plates and standards are welded at strategic points for maximum durability.

Tackless upholstery of both back and seat cushions on the new chair is effected by locking the fabric to the allsteel back and seat pans by means of continuous steel binding rods. The even tension of the rods on the fabric at all points holds it firmly in place, eliminating lumping and bunching of the fabric, and ensuring long fabric life. Binding rods are easily removed for reupholstering purposes.

Metal finishes on the new chair are of baked enamel for maximum durability. Arm rests of distinctive new design are of kiln-dried hardwood with a finish new to the theatre chair industry.

The newly styled aisle panels provide greater accessibility for bulb replacement, together with more emcient light distribution.

Upholstery materials used on International chairs are the widely heralded new plastic-coated Redolite, made by Goodall Fabrics, together with a wide range of woven fabrics.


Ten years ago, Kroehler announced to the theatre world the revolutionary Push-Back seat. Theatre owners were at first skeptical. Then, as this new type seat was installed in theatre after theatre, owners were thrilled to find that seats alone could draw crowds of patrons from one theatre to another.

The Kroehler Push-Back seat is made by the Kroehler Manufacturing Company, world's largest furniture manufacturer. Built into the Push-Back seat is all the comfort built into living room lounge chairs.

In their normal position, these seats have lounge-chair comfort with deep, soft cushions covered with a variety of fabrics, including leather-grained, longwearing, flame-resistant Terson. This is a vinyl resin plastic coated fabric made by Athol Manufacturing Company. A slight movement of the body slides these chairs back smoothly, quietly, effortlessly, and quite easily. After that it is simple for people entering or leaving to pass through the theatre row without inconveniencing others.

No one need stand; there is no jostling; the bane of trampled toes is ended permanently; fumbling for purses, gloves and other articles is done away with; and, of course, the entire audience to the rear continues to see the screen or stage with completely unobstructed Vision, since the patrons moving in or out do so. more quickly with less effort.

Kroehler PusheBack theatre chairs with Terson coverings are the most advanced in the field. They are extremely sturdy and take up no more space than an ordinary theatre chair despite the ample room they provide for passing. A theatre that contains 1,000 ordinary seats will hold 1,000 Push-Back chairs, which cost no more to install or maintain than ordinary seats.


When asked for any data on its postwar developments, the American Seating Company reported no changes in its basic design principles; but an accelers ated production in an effort to meet the demand for the popular Bodiform chair. As a radical design departure during the pre-war period, the company feels that Bodiform still satisfies the most exacting quality and comfort requirements.

THE EUSH-BACK CHAIR, of the Kroehler Manufacturing Company, offers patrons lounge-chair comfort, with upholstery of leather-grained. longwearinq, fire-resistant, vinyl-resin-coated Terson.

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 273