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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 286 (272)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 286
Page 286

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 286

FIGURE SeDetails of the master controls. These controls are also prewired and plugged into the console master wiring gutter and consist of the following components: (I) a pre-set sequence switching system. (2) (3) an electrical master

a fade: automatically or manually operated,

theatre time, this response represents a period of about 10 years.

A booster transformer network and secondary power contactor are also installed in the tube bank room. They are enclosed by an expanded metal cage which also contains the main-line fuses. This network consists of auto-transformers connected in double star across three single phases each at 220 volts, with their center taps grounded to the solid neutral of the system. The boosted secondary voltage across each half of each phase is .132 volts measured to the neutral.

The individual circuit control busscs. which extend from the tube bank to the stage, terminate in the stage circuit cross

connecting panel at which panel stage lighting load outlets can be patched in any combination for the operation of a particular show.

Other Details

In this installation (Figure 7), the console pre-set panel is installed in the back of the auditorium, in a former projection booth. This room was modified by the installation, across the front, of a sloping glass viewing port making the room practically sound-proof. The tube bank is placed in a room under the stage, about 30 feet from the stage cross-cmmecting panel.

This console system can be either a one-man or a two-man operation, depend

manually operated, and (4) a tade and dim monitoring arrangement. There are 44 individual control units, each wired complete in itself and terminated in a male plug which, when plugged into the individual unit receptacles, make up what is called the manual. operated similary to organ stops.

ing upon the number of light changes in a given production. If one man is to operate, the pro-set panel is swiveled to a position at right angles to the operating face of the console, thereby allowing the single operator to reach all controls. If two men are to operate, the pre-set panel is swiveled to the in-line position so that one. man may operate the console and the second man the pro-set panel.

Loading variations as great as 20:1 can be accommodated Without noticeable variation in the dimming curve. Figure 8 shows graphically the dimming curve variation of a loading ration of 7.521 which is an average ratio. The dimming curve closely approximates linearity

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 286