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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 305 (291)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 305
Page 305

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 305

KLIEGI. LIGHTING ...#0'L momma; way/12m.

-It pays to install the latest Kliegl lighting equipment when building new theatres or remodel existing structures. Improved designs and unique features secure decided advantages. Obsolete equipment lowers efficiency of operations and favors competition. Box office returns justify the use of Kliegl modern lighting methods and equipment.

Downlightinq of this auditorium is accomplished with Kliegl units concealed above ceiling, providing unobstrusive uniform illumination through out with comfortable viewing of the screen

Stage and auditorium lighting of Radio City Music Hall is the most elaborate system anywhere to be found. Modern in every respect it was

furnished entirely by Kliegl Bros,

Functional requirements properly considered in relation to the characteristics of various lighting devices govern the selection of Kliegl equipment. Intelligent application of light is the secret of good illumination and satisfactory installations. The great variety of Kliegl devices insures a solution to any lighting problem.


For general lighting of auditoriums and spacious rooms with high ceilings. Fixed and adjustable beam types, for concealment above ceiling, projecting their light through a small aperture. Also angular types for tront lighting at stage.


Inbuilt units or strips for direct illumination or decorative applications. Various designs and sizes in Fresnel lens type ceiling fixtures and fluorescent or incandescent extended fixtures of desired arrangements.


Continuous channel or reflector strips tor installation in coves and other structural recesses to provide indirect illumination. Incandescent. fluorescent or slimline types in various designs for different requirements. Made in any length or curvature.


Made in conformance with, tire regulations. Flush wall. surface and other types. Plain and orna. mental designs with stenciled or etched lettering to harmonize with architectural style.


Theatrical spotlights of all types and sizes can be furnished*either carbon-arc type or for incandescent lamps; Fresnel or plane-convex lenses; for long or short range proiection. Also. balcony front spots with remote control color frames: and all-duty spotlights with inbuilt accessories for stage lighting from the proiection booth.


Exterior. interior and stage types for lighting the building front, lobby displays. or stage productions. All standard sizes and designs are avail< able in all three types of floodlighting units.


For attractive illumination of display trames or similar theatre announcements. Standard or special fluorescent strips and other forms of lighting supplied to suit requirements.


Enable patrons to safely find their way about in darkened auditoriums. Cast subdued light downward. on steps and aisleways. Various types available for end-seat mounting, tor stair risers, and tor side walls.

Pending completion of a new edition of our General Catalog an Interim catalog which will be sent to you upon


Complete range of designs are made from single row open trouqh reflector type footlight for a small stage to the double-row high wattage type individual reflectors and color roundels used in the largest theatres. Disappearing types are also available and made in several different designs.


All standard types and sizes, and special designs, can be supplied-in continuous lengths or in sections as required, with or without work lights, wired for color control in any required number of circuits.


Designed to evenly light the stage backdrop irom the shortest distance possible. Straight or curved to conform with the cyclorama. Wired for color control and constructed with light guards to insure purity of colors. Cyclorama footlights usually recessed in the stage floor but portable arrangements can also be iurnished. Borders are sec. tionalized or continuous as required.


To guide theatre patrons, indicating way to foyer, lounge, rest rooms. etcetera. Box, pedestal and suspension types with concealed illumination. Usually built to meet individual requirement, but standard designs are also available.

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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 305