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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 334 (320)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 334
Page 334

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 334

theatre patronseand perhaps with the health of the community. Also, improperly installed plumbing often results in annoyance and unnecessary expense. For instance, one faulty joint may force costly redecoration. One error in judgment as to location of water inlets may subject the entire plumbing system to pollution through back flow. One mistake in pipe sizing may give only a trickle instead of a good flow of water. One loose pipe may cause irritating noises when a faucet is rapidly closed. The Master Plumber also knows how to install plumbing for utmost convenience in maintenance. For example, he can install stops in the supply lines to individual fixtures to permit the shutting off of any fixture without interrupting the operation of others in case some trouble should develop. These stops also are useful in regulating high water pressure to prevent annoying splashing.


After the plumbing fixtures are installed, it is desirable to have the Master Plumber make regular check-ups of the washrooms. He will be able to spot the places which may require adjustment, repair, or replacement in order to assure continued efiicient operation.

Usually a plumbing system goes along, day in and day out, giving perfect service. Yet when tampered with by the unskilled handyman, the putterer, or the incompetent pipe fitter, it may weaken, with shocking results. There is but one way to be sure of keeping plumbing pureeby calling a competent

THE REAL TEST of any plumbing fixture is the service it provides. Because washrooms contribute so much to the comfort and convenience of theatre patrons and because they represent a real investment in good will, it is important to make certain the plumbing fixtures will render efficient

Master Plumber for even the smallest repair.


The theatre manager himself can do much to prolong the life and beauty of plumbing fixtures and fittings by seeing that certain fundamental principles of care and cleaning are followed.

(1) Keep fittings free from leaks. Have leakage repaired immediately. Even the finest ceramic materials sometimes can become permanently stained by minerals in the water dripping from leaking faucets.

(2) Clean fixtures often. Accumulation-s of dirt and stains may become increasingly difiicult to remove. It is good practice to have an attendant clean up the washrooms during periods of least use throughout the day, so that a high standard of cleanliness will be maintained. Mild soap and hot water applied with a good bristle brush are the best cleaners. Accumulations of grease and dirt can be removed with a solution made by dissolving a half bar of naphtha-base kitchen soap in a quart of water and adding two tablespoons of kerosene. When stains are not easily removed with this solution, a non-gritty abrasive cleanser should be used. Sift a small amount of this cleanser on a damp cloth and apply it to the surface. Then rinse, and polish with a dry cloth.

(3) Avoid use of cleansers containing coarse abrasives. Use of abrasive cleansers may result in scratches in the smooth surfaces of plumbing fixtures. Such scratches will tend to catch dirt

and make cleansing more' difficult. Excellent commercial special-purpose cleansers are available and should be used according to instructions on the container.

(4) Guard against sharp knocks from hard materials. Dropping a hard object on an enameled or genuine vitreous china surface can cause nicks and cracks which are irreparable. In womenls washrooms, provision of a make-up shelf and mirror separate from lavatories will tend to reduce causes of this danger.

(5) Clean fittings regularly. Chromium plated fittings are easily kept bright with ordinary soap and water. No polishing powders or pastes should be needed. An important safeguard is to keep acids such as muriatic, which is commonly used by tile setters and which dissolves chromium, away from fittings.


By trusting a reliable manufacturer for quality plumbing fixtures, by depending on the Master Plumber for proper installation and repair, and by seeing that fixtures get regular care and attention, the manager can be sure washrooms in his theatre will create a lasting impression of cleanliness and consideration that will bring patrons back again.

Moreover, he will discover that attractive, well-equipped washrooms are more economical to maintain. Experience proves that such rooms tend to discourage carelessness and misuse. Equipmerit lasts longer and cleaning is easier.

service and retain their beauty through the year. The Buena lavatories and Madstune urinals pictured here are examples of modern fixtures, based on ingenious design and engineering, highest quality ma.erials, skilled workmanship, and years of manufacturing know-how and practical experience.

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 334