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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 35 (23)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 35
Page 35

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 35

THE M 5 R THEATRE, Cave Iunction, Oregon, was designed by Iames K. Easy for W. B. Roberts. Masonry tor the from (upper picture's) and interior lobby partition is of locally-manufac

Crystal, Crystal, Mich. 400 38,000 95 Silver City, Alexandria, La. 700 60,000 85 Melody, Port Hueneme, Ca1.. . . . 400 65,000 162 Average Cost Per Seat . . . . . . . . .$126


Actual experience in Quonset theatre operation has brought out two important facts which may surprise those not so closely acquainted with these buildings. One is that the structures have excellent acoustical properties. The other is that operators have discovered them more easily heated in winter and cooled in summer than conventional buildings.

For example, RCA tests of sound equipment in the Middleton, Wisconsin, theatre rated ttinfinity." And from the Melody theatre at Port Hueneme, California, comes this word: "The shape produces perfect acoustical results, proof of which is acknowledgement by patrons in constant increase of box oliice receipts."


tux-ed pumice tile.

The supporting side walls

and floors are of reinforced concrete. The insula tion is Kimsul.

The auditorium finish


picture) is Firtex 5 inch thick. The cost, exclusive

Reporting on Arkansas, Roy Bolick says: ttThe Quonset was easily heated last winter, and the temperature was quite comfortable during the summer without any cooling device], This point also has been mentioned concerning the Fox Aurora.

his theatre at Keiser,


A partial listing of Quonset theatres now in operation follows:


Arkansas, Keiser California, Port Hueneme

Colorado, Aurora

Iowa, Mediapolis Louisiana, Alexandria Michigan, Crystal Michigan, Frankenmuth

Theatre and Owner

Keiser, Roy Bolick

Melody, M. C. Kennedy, F. H. Eddington, and I). E. Smith

Fox, Fox Inter-Mountain Amusement Corporation.

Mediapolis, J. R. Glesne Silver City, Silver City Theatres Crystal, Marshal Straight

Ken, Albert Wakeman

of equipment, {or this 460-seat theatre was ap.

proximately $25,000.

Owners 0! theatres utilizing

the Quonset 40 have been unanimous in their praise of this easy means of low-cost construction.

Missouri, Kinlock New York, Inlet Oregon, Ashland Oregon, Drain Oregon, Mill City Oregon, Cave Junction Pennsylvania, Millville Texas, Abilene Texas, Big Springs Texas. Mathis Texas, Ozona Texas, Winnie Wisconsin, Coleman Wisconsin, Middleton

Lincoln, Lincoln Thea, tre, Inc. Gaiety,

Morris Shulman

Ashland, W. B. Roberts Drain, Golda Woolman

Mill City, Robert Vaness

M and R, Messrs. Musil and Roberts

Millville, Begnar Brothers

Metro, Metro Theatre

Rio, Big Springs Theatres, Inc.

It, Gidney Talley Enterprises

Ozona, W. V. Adwell

Gem, W. R. Armstrong Coleman,

Norbert Wettstein Middleton

Joseph Rupp
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 35