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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 357 (343)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 357
Page 357

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 357

Notes on the New Models of In-Car Speakers

Manufacturers Describe Some of Their Items To Deliver Better Quality Sound to Patrons

The success of the drive-in theatre is dependent to an important degree on the quality of its sound reproduction. As the result of experience with many installations a great deal has been learned about the types of sound systems which provide the most satisfactory results.

Early theatres were limited to the use of large broadcast-type speakers at the screen. These were found unsatisfactory in many localities as residents in the immediate vicinity complained of spill-over sound and theatre owners frequently found themselves in trouble as disturbers of peace. This condition led to the development and the steadily increasing popularity of the individual type speaker until today 80 per cent of all drive-in theatres use speakers of this type.

Up to the present time there have been five general types of individual speakers used. These can be classified into those permanently mounted beside the car and those which can be taken inside the car, commonly called the incar speaker. There have been three types of the permanently mounted speakers: (1) permanently mounted on bulkhead in front of car, (2) permanently set in the ground between cars and covered with a metal grille, and (3) permanently mounted on a pillar beside the car window.

The majority of drive-in theatres being constructed are opened with in-car type speakers. The many advantages of this type of speaker over all others have given it almost universal acceptance throughout the field.

In the following paragraphs some of the later developments in the field of drive-in theatre sound and speaker systems is presented, condensed from the companies' own material without editorial comment.


A new company has brought a new product again to the front in the theatrical field. This line of in-car speakers was designed and produced by Autocrat, Inc. The lowly in-car speaker for drive-in theatre use has at last become of age and has now graduated from the horseand-buggy stage and takes its place as a newly designed modern, practical and worthwhile piece of theatrical equipment. No longer is the in-car speaker merely a box with some sort of speaker arrangement mounted therein.

These speakers have been in development for better than two years, but it was felt best to hold off presentation to the trade until such time as all parties concerned were satisfied with the speaker in its final form. Both the labor and material situation had to be taken into consideration. As a result of the checking of many designs and tests and requirements demanded, the following


are features which theatre owners cannot help but acclaim with enthusiasm. The new line of speakers is available in three models, the Superchrome is a chrome-plated masterpiece of shining beauty. Both the Deluxe and the Master units come in an all-weather lacquer finish with choice of color desired. Deep formed louvers and a special front contour are rain-repellant. For the first time, architectural design for eye appeal has been applied with the fiowing teardrop lines following right through with mechanical and electronic perfection with the utmost in operating quality. These new in-car speakers reflect outstanding tone resonance and acoustic values. Full volume is obtained without distortion or vibration which coupled with high fidelity and base refiex now bring theatre quality reproduction to your own car. "The Voice of the Car77 (copyright applied for) is truly a worth while name for this masterpiece of drive-in theatre equipment.

The outstanding development in either the concession or theatrical field, is the concession signal, a small toggle switch located at the top of the speaker instantly lights a small signal on top of the junction box located between cars thus enabling the car hop instantly to know which car is desiring service. Each junction box has two lightseone is for the speaker or car on its left, the other is for the speaker or car on its right. No more rude interruptions to your patrons when service is not desired. No more staggering through the dark to the concession stand while the show is in progress. No more long waiting in line at concession stand during intermission. For the first time your concession stand can make money during the entire show period. Best of all no additional wiring is required for present operating drive THE AUTOCBAT SPEAKER has, as its particular contribution. the concession signal, a: small toggle switch located at the top of the speaker which. when turned on. lights a small lamp on top of the iunction box between cars. This lamp is also so wired that it lights in case c: speaker cord is broken, a speaker is disconnected or taken away. and when general amplicution volume exceeds the pecrk.
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 357