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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 358 (344)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 358
Page 358

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 358

in theatres and only the usual 2-wire cable is required for new installations. Thus it becomes a simple problem to replace old style speakers or to install a new theatre installation.

The new Deluxe speakers by Autocrat are so designed that the concession signal also acts as a safeguard to your theater operation and maintenance.

Automatically the same box signal as used as a concession signal supplies automatic lights under any one of the following conditions: (1) In case a speaker cord is broken, (2) if the speaker itself is disconnected or taken away, or (3) if for any reason the operator permits his general amplification volume to get beyond the proper or safety peak; then and in that case all signal lights come on and all posts light up. As someone connected with the theatre will immediately notice this condition, a possible blow up of the sound system can be prevented.

All of these features are obtained without any additional wiring or labor expenses and are incorporated as a basic part of this speaker.

Instant-on junction box post connections have forever eliminated the expensive problem of the old style threaded pipe and connections now in use. Under this new system your junction box just sits on the pipe and is held there tight by' the quick turn of two special screws with a wrench furnished. Only a few seconds at the most and your installation is complete. Time and labor savings are tremendous. Once on the post this junction box never has to again be moved. Its all-weather condition and finish is made to weather season after season.

Instant clip speaker plugs have now removed all the work and time normally consumed in the initial installation and in the spring and fall maintenance problem. No more effort is required to connect or to disconnect this super plug than would be used ordinarily in plugging in your own floor lamp at home. A lock clip prevents any tampering by your patrons, once the speaker is plugged into the junction box connection. A dummy plug is available which can be inserted during the winter months in place of the regular speaker plug while the speaker itself is in store age, thus making removal of the allweather junction box unnecessary.

Speaker cases have no exposed screws to tempt the patrons to trifie or play with the case, it having been sealed at the factory at the time of manufacture. However provision has been made for simple access to the case when necessary to replace a broken cable, and so forth. Speaker cases as well as the junction boxes are available in either a full chrome plated finish or in an all-weather lacquer. Choice of color in regular finish is permitted at no extra charge where ordered special with sufiicient time to permit such.

A complete five year service guarantee of unheard scope makes this speaker your outstanding buy if for no other reason. Complete repair and operation of any of these speakers at any time within a five year period. For a replacement charge this guarantee holds, even if the speaker has been run over, mashed or completely damaged in any respect. Thus, this guarantee covers both the

THE DeVRY SPEAKER is of the permanent-magnet type with a 5-inch cone mounted in a weather'

proof metal baffle having a louver-type grille.

A bracket is provided for attachment to the speaker

post when not in use or to the car window or sun visor by patrons during the show. Heavy-duty. rubber-covered speaker cable oi sufficient length is provided to let the speaker be taken inside the cur.

electronic and mechanical parts as well as the physical parts of the speaker.


The DeVry speaker unit is a permanent-magnet type with a 5-inch cone mounted in a rugged weather-proof metal bafiie having a louver-type grille. Individual volume controls are provided. A bracket is provided for attachment to the speaker post when not in use or to the car window or sun visor by patrons during the show. Heavy-duty, rubbercovered speaker cable of sufficient length is provided, to permit the speaker to be taken inside the car.

The terminal box is a weather-proof metal box, designed to be mounted on the ll/z-inch conduit that serves as the support stand for the assembly. The box contains a matching transformer and terminal lock for speaker attachment. The metal post and conduit are supplied by the customer.

Important advantages of the new equipment are said to include (1) superb sound reproduction, high intelligibility of voice, spoken word, or sound effect, and music which is life-like in reproduction; (2) car windows can be kept closed in wet or cool weather, permitting the theatre to open earlier in the spring and to close later in the fall; (3) individual Volume control, which can be adjusted to each individual customer's satisfaction, with all the reproduced sound distinctly heard by the patrons in the car; (ii) the sound is conhned to

the theatre area, eliminating annoyances to the surrounding community; (5) the sound reaches the patrons parked farthest from the screen in perfect synchronication with the picture; and (6) a bracket attached to the speaker permits it to be hung on the edge of the car window, sun Visor, or any convenient spot inside the car.

All speakers have been tested and proved safe against moisture and high temperature.


The International Projector Corporation, early to realize the necessity for providing drive-in theatres with equipment engineered especially for such application, have made available sound systems which provide the same unmatched performance in theatres of all sizes.

Ease of installation, maximum economy of operation, dependability, easy maintenance, and emergency standby features are but a few of the many reasons why Simplex drive-in theatre sound systems are used in many of the leading theatres everywhere.

Simplex deluxe rotary stabilizer sound mechanisms, the same sound mechanisms that are used in all other Simplex sound systems, are employed to insure uniform film motion essential to perfect sound reproduction.

Simplex driver amplifiers and AltecLansing 250-watt power amplifiers provide sound quality and reserve power hitherto not available in drive-in theatre

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 358