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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 435 (421)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 435
Page 435

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 435

V National Pam and Air War/96m


1. Designed and built especially for theatres by the worlds foremost manufacturer of cooling, heating, ventilating, conditioning and allied equipment.

2. Ratings are certified and are in accordance with the standard test code for centrifugal and propeller fans adopted jointly by the N.A.F.M. and A.S.H. & V.E.

3. Operates at a lower speed for a given capacity than any other type of fan.

4. For a given speed it delivers more air per revolution than any other type fan.

5. It is economical in power consumption, quiet in operation, smooth in performance, durable, and occupies a minimum amount of space.

6. THE NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY FAN is rugged and strong but light in over-all weight.

Proper proportloning of spray chamber dimensions with areas 0! scruhher and eliminator surfaces and scientiiicaliy designed spray nonles combine to produce a maximum sensible cooling effect without overhumiditication.

All action is sclentiilcally calculated to give the maximum cooling results with the minimum at power consumptionIiased on the manulacturer's 55 years' experience and research.

Correct atomization and unitorm spray is the re. sult of a properly proportioned piping system which feeds water univ tormly to the die-formed spray noules.

The tank is exceptionally strong and rugged. It is constructed 0! No. to gauge steel-all seams and joints are welded and permanently Ieak-prooi.


MOTION-For the refreshing, cool ing effect of an ample, circulating supply of fresh, outdoor air, NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY FANS are the first step in comfort cooling. They are designed and built especially for theatres . . . smooth and quiet in performance, durable, compact, and capable of moving tremendous quantities of air, year in and year out.


CLASS I AIR WASHERS cleanse, purify and freshen the air,

remove bacteria-laden dust and watelusoluble odors, and have a

remarkable cooling effect (by evaporative cooling). Air is

brought into intimate contact with water, then sweeps through the tneatre like the fresh breeze that follows a rain. Additional cooling effect is provided when cold tiwell wateril is used. (See cooling by itchilled" air, below.)

"GRILLED" AIR-NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY CLASS II AIR WASHERS (Dehumidifiers) give remarkable Comfort-Cooling effect when itwell waterii 550 F. or colder is available. Utilizes the cooling effect of the cold "well water," and also washes water-soluble dust and odors from the air. Used with your present or new National Theatre Supply Fan, the Class II Washer provides tremendous quantities of clean, moving, Schilled," nature conditioned air. If you have Scold waterli in limited quantities, it can be used in combination with recirculated city water, either with the Class II

Washer or Class I Washer.

The class 1 Theatre Air Washer with its single bank of sprays is only 42 inches long. Other types at washers not as efficient require spray chambers as much as 6 or 1 it. in length with a single spray to do the same job.

The Washer casing is constructed at rust resisting galvaniled iron reinforced with extra stiffening. All Washers are so designed as to permit uuick. easy installations in theatres.

Centrifugal spray nozzles are die-Iormed and are designed with a large cylindrical cavity so that thewater is given a rapid whirling motion and Is discharged in the form at a fine spray.

Air Washers are machine made so that such component parts as the scrubher and eliminator plates are all produced exactly alike and fit together at the proper angle.

ADVANCED design, quality and precision manufacture of our comfort cool ing equipment are unmistakable. (Class I Theatre Air Washer shown above.)



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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 435