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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 454 (440)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 454
Page 454

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 454


iiAny Time is Thirst Time ii

eand itis good business to make sure your patrons have a ready supply of fresh, cool. clean, drinking water all the time. There are OASIS Electric \Vater Coolers in a range of models and sizes that meet every requirement for dependable, low-cost thirst satisfaction. The

new OASIS Water Coolers are

preferred for the smooth, easy, gidial-a-drinki, action of their

Famous EBCO 12000 Bubblers . . .

for their sleek, modern beauty . . . quiet running efficiency . . . and many other advantages pioneered by EBCO in 20 years of electric water cooler leadership. The OASIS models shown or briefly described here are best suited for theatre needs. Further information may be had promptly from your dealer. or by writing us.

MODEL OP-lO (Left)

Features a handsomely designed, onepiece, space-saving cabinet of heavygauge steel. Neat front-corner louvers provide added beauty and maximum cross-ventilation of the condensing unit. Durany finished in rich, deep OASIS brown opalesccnt lacquer. Recessed base. Durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel top. Easy operating dial-action bubbler with self-closing valve, and piped outlet with removable cap cover for installation of a glass filler if desired. Insulated, efficient coolng unit with EBCOS patented burst. proof device. Non-clog, counter-flow precoolcr. Hermetically sealed condensing unit. Size 151/3 wide, 151/? deep, 43%,5

high. Warranteed for a years.


This S-gallon OASIS, indentical to the OP-lO in cabinet styling and bubbler action, is designed for use where demands do not require the higher capacity. Model OP-S serves approximately 60 persons per hour. Warranteed for 5 years.


An OASIS Pressure-Type Electric Water Cooler same as OP-lO except with open type condensing unit for operation on tl.('. and odd-voltage or odd-cycle electric current.


EBCOiS easy-operating dial bubbler delivers properly cooled water at the right angle and height for drinking convenience. Self-closing screenless valve is non-clogging, will not squirt or surge. Long-life operating mechanism. Bright chrome-plated bubbler guard. Blll)l)le[' meets all public health codes.


Thc most practical and economical way to extend the advantages of your electric water cooler service is by means of EBCO Wall Fountains remoter connected to your modem Electric W'ater Cooler. These low-cost drinking stations may be installed at a maximum dis: lance of '20 feet from the main cooler#on other floors or FOUIII> ifdcsired. Thc number of these fountains that

may he used depends MODEL OP'ZOB (ngl'rl')

titlgoltiljacgigdg Has two EBCO trouble-free dial action bubblcrs.

shown above. for heavy-duty service. Serves as many as 200 people per hour. One-piece, welded steel cabinet. Size 22%.5 wide, 20%;" deep, (Mel/{i high. Smooth opalesecnt lacquer finish in OASIS brown. Acid-resisting, white porcelain enamel top. location. The unit is Thirteen-quart storage cooling unit. Scaled, stay1'" 1mm 1W 7,, [1min clean prcroolcr. Heavy-duty condensing unit. and praier 11%.. charged wuh odorless Freon-12 refrigerant.

out from the wall. I liquippcd with thc MODEL OP-ZOG is similar to above in all details regular lClHIO dial- I'xccpt that it has two CLASS FILLERS instead action lmhhlcr. ol' the huhhlcrs.

Wall Fountain model V255, smartly designed in heavy white vitreous china, may l>c uscd in almost any

0A Is COOL , ,. . . S ER DIVISION 401 West [own Street, Columbus 8, Ohio

CO. World's Largest Manufacturer of Electric Drinking Water Coolers


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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 454