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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 511 (495)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 511
Page 511

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 511



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FIGURE Ill-The form of card known as "Inv. 2" is similar to "luv. 1" but is a folded card, measuring, opened up, 8 by 8.} inches. It is used in schools to: keeping inventory on classroom and ianitorial supplies and small equipment. Continuous records of perishable supplies and equipment used in classrooms are desirable for certain items because of storage and distribution problems.

cated on the tab. The cards are filed by make of machine in numerical order of serial numbers. When a typewriter is transferred from a school, the posting is done when the transfer has been completed, on the basis of information on the copy of the transfer order returned to the central office. The column headed HTo T. R. S." is the typewriter repair shop column. The date of the transfer is posted in this column and the column headed ttTo Schoolfl These cards are retained in the tile in the order indicated above; that is, by make and serial number. Cards withdrawn for posting are returned to the file in their original place.

The ttTypewriter Record Card,, is filed by school number. The school number is indicated in the space provided for ttSchool No." and also on the tab. Spaces are provided on these forms for recording in detail the cost of repairs and replacement parts for the typewriters. These cards are posted from the copy of the typewriter repair shop. These cards move with the machine#that is, if a machine is transferred permanently from one location in the file to the new one and the tab on the card is changed accordingly. This procedure is also followed when typewriters are moved from their permanent location to temporary locations, such as to the repair shop for repairs or to another location for loan, or vice versa. Sections are set up in the file for such temporary changes in


location; as an example one section is labeled ttTypewriters on Loan" another tTypewriters in Repair Shop." This record serves several interesting purposes. For example, the percentage of typewriters in a system by age can be quickly ascertained. This information is invaluable in considering expenditures for replacement. Adjustments also can

FIGURE ld-This 45-by-8-inch card is used ior kee

be made quickly to meet changes in enrollment. The repair costs also are indicative of the treatment the machine received, that is, if the costs should appear to be excessive, an investigation can be made quickly to determine the cause.

Valuable information with regard to possible vandalism or other misusage or unusually good usage in various schools is revealed. All supporting data pertaining to transactions concerning each typewriter are filed with this card.

Inventories within a School

Continuous inventories within a school are designed to provide current information regarding supplies and equipment permanently assigned to schools or used up within the school term. The items consist of furniture, large equipment (power machinery, for example), general classroom supplies, books, janitorial supplies, etc. Many school systems would not consider it desirable to maintain continuous inventories of furniture and large equipment in the central office since items of this nature could not be easily removed, and the danger of removal or misplacement without authority or misappropriation is negligible. However, requirements for insurance purposes make a centralized inventory of equipment of greater importance in some systems. In the absence of a central inventory, it is considered highly desirable to have the inventory in the school kept up to date in regard to types of equipment, quantity, and locations, and schools are required to have such an inventory available at all times.

Continuous inventory records of perishable supplies and equipment used in classroom, however, are desirable for certain types of items because'of the problems of storage and distribution within the school. For example, it is particularly important to have rather exact records of the distribution of books within the school, not only for distribution purposes within the school but for ordering on annual requisitions. For many items, it is perhaps, desirable to take inventory of these items only

ping the inventory on books and such small equip ment as tools. drawing instruments, and the like that are loaned out (usually to classes) and returned at the end at the semester or course. On the card provision is made for recording the quarts tities requisitioned and withdrawn, and the condition of the balance of the stock in the item.


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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 511