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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 517 (501)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 517
Page 517

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 517

buffer. If you choose for yourself, you simply cannot go wrong. Listen to the stranger and the odds are ninety-nine to one that you will be taken to the cleaners.


When a paper racket is worked by a crew or gang, a visit from one stranger will pave the way for another. Depending on the proposition, there may not seem any obvious connection; or if it appears to be done quite openly, the ob jective is to break down your resistance. If one stranger requires caution, two require double caution to combat such high-pressure tactics.

Beware of highly-embellished papers or documents tendered by an absolute stranger. The simple device of having warehouse receipt procedure altered to bear counter-signatures would be increased protection against that type of fraud, since it is harder for the kinky penman to obtain two signatures than just one.


The swindling scribe exploits the press far more than is generally known. Want advertisements of all kinds are carefully scanned for information about prospective victims.

The treasure map swindleeea beautifully-executed gyp done with the pen -is frequently put over in the waterfront cities, on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. In an operation of this kind in New Orleans, I managed to find several supposedly hardhboiled business men gullible enough to hand over the cash. I find it amazing to look back and recall that these prominent citizens did not report matters to the police for fear of unfavorable newspaper publicity! This made it easy for me to succeed without being involved with the law.

From published autobiographies, chirographic textbooks and from magazines and Sunday feature sections of newspapers, the swindler carefully copies autographed letters with dexterous pen on "agedi, paper. If the professional collector he approaches is skeptical or suspicious, he will turn to a noncollector. Any business man of the type to neglect culture while piling up the dollars is likely to be susceptible to a dazzling array of autographed letters written by celebrities, past or present. Even when he has no desire to own same, he may accept the letters as collateral on a loan or in payment for a product. or service the swindler particularly needs.


This, the next paragraph, is written for the benefit of the motion-picture exhibitor who has farmers among his relatives, friends, and patrons. The professional penman periodically visits prosperous rural sections. Fake certificates, handsome-looking,r and impressive, are his products. He find out who owns the largest farm, and then proceeds to tackle the neighboring farms. His basic sales point is in mentioning that the largest local farmer has purchased some of his parchment. This ifkeeping up with the Joneses" human weakness breaks down any resistance to his lists of fiPedigreed Stock," "Masteris Certificate of Dairy Inspection," and ffLand-owner's Certificate of Ownership],



Keep your blank checks and other paper of the authorization type under lock and key. The professional penman is, in addition to his other talents, light-fingered. If you make it difficult for him to obtain the essentials he needs to defraud you with, how can he possibly succeed? Why he does succeed so often is because the average business or professional man or woman is careless in protecting his or her possessions.

In another part of this article I indicated the professional penmaifs reluctance to flirt with the U. S. Postal Service. The closest sonie swindlers come to it as a means of establishing an advance contact, or gaining an interview with a hard-to-approach victim, is to post unstainped letters in mail boxes of individual residences and apartments, and under the doors (if there are no mail slots) of stores and offices. Any "mail" of this nature received from a stranger should not only be carefully examined,

but be investigated by the postal authorities, before replying to it. The motive may be the handwritten signature on your letter of reply.


The list of "paper possibilitiesfi treated with varying fraudulent techniques, is quite limitless. After allowing for the minority "restingii in prisons, there are about thirty thousand active kinky penman, all dangerous to the collective American purse.

In brief, to defeat, avoid, and thwart the professional calligraphic swindler and kinky penman is to remember that he operates through tricks. And the soundest protection against tricks is to be ever on your guard.

Even if you do carry protective insurance, and become careless from the knowledge that the "company will make good any loss/i it will not save you from being talked about as a "perfect chump" by your associates and neighbors.

WITH THE SAME PEN. and in the same manner of the other examples, the author of this article wrote this brief explanation of the kinky penman. With a variety of writing instruments, it takes no imagination to appreciate what an amazing variety of handwriting can be duplicated. The author is very well qualified to point out ihe tricks at this trade, having spent a score of years a! it himself!




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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 517