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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 532 (516)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 532
Page 532

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 532

A Center for Shopping, Amusements, Sports,

Regular and Drive-In Theatres Are Combined With an Arena, Stores, and Hotel Facilities

The community shopping, amusement, and sports center illustrated in the accompanying sketches is to be located on a main highway and in close proximity to a college town which has, during and since the war, increased in size and population to such an extent that the old business district is entirely inadequate. As new residential developments, both real and proposed, surround the proposed site, it is felt that the shopping center portion of this scheme will fill a definite need and will relieve congestion of parking, and so forth, in the present business district. Extensive parking facilities have been provided for customers of the shops and stores, all of which will be connected by a covered arcade. Facilities for a gasoline and service station have alsobeen provided, which will enable cars to be serviced while the customer is shopping. This will be an advantage to both the service station and the shop owners, and also to the customer.

Connected with the shop arcade will be a 1,000-seat movie theatre, which is needed in this community and will draw trade to the shops and vice-versa. The parking space provided, primarily for the shops in the daytime, will also be a great advantage to the theatre at night. The inclusion of a theatre in the scheme is particularly advantageous, making the whole center both a daytime and nighttime operation and providing light and life, which cannot but help draw trade to any of the shops remaining open during and after theatre hours.

The 750-car drive-in theatre is not, at the present, a definite part of the scheme, but has been shown to illustrate


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how it could be combined, for future consideration. At first glance, it would appear that the drive-in theatre would offer direct and serious competition to the regular theatre patronage. However, it is felt that When this development is started, a competitive drive-in theatre will be attracted to the vicinity and therefore facilities for the drive-in should be incorporated for protection. As a matter of fact, there is no reason why both types of theatres could not be made to pay if properly exploited and conducted by combining overhead expenses, etc.

The sports arena has been included in the scheme due to the fact that it is located near a large and growing college from which considerable income can be assured for its use for basketball, ice hockey, fraternity dances, and the like. It is also planned to make this the home of a league hockey team, and to use the arenais facilities on open nights for public ice skating, dancing and so forth. Provisions for restaurants and concessions have been provided, and also provisions have been worked out for movable dividing partitions, so that more than one function can be accommodated at one time, and also to provide for the necessity of only keeping a portion of the ice rink frozen, when used only for public skating.

In the basement will be installed sixteen bowling alleys, which Will provide for a constant and sure revenue for this particular unit.

011 the opposite side of the shopping

A PROPOSED COMMUNITY CENTER includes (1) a sports arena, (2) a shopping center. (8) ct LOW-seat theatre. (4) a loo-room hotel. (5) a 46-room. 30-qaraqe motel. and (6) a 750-cur drive-in theatre. The development is planned for a fast-growing college town where all the included facilities could, without stretching the imagination, be conceived to he in demand through the year, even during the summer.


center, it is proposed to erect a modern hotel, with cottages for automobile tourist trade to be run in conjunction with the hotel operation. The location is close enough to the town and the college to make it convenient for the regular hotel guests and regular bus service is already available and will be augmented.

The varied social, scholastic, and athletic activities of the college will provide the hotels clientele, and the main highway running past the site will provide customers for the cottages, which will be of advanced design, solidly built, attractively furnished, each with a private garage, and will be arranged in suites, doubles and singles, and will be provided with the same type and class of service as a first-class hotel. Private baths for each will be provided, heating for year round use, and some will be provided with small kitchenettes for use of vacationists who might wish to spend their vacation in this delightful community, which has mountains, woods, and many other natural attractions.

The heating, air conditioning, and other mechanical facilities required for the entire development will be located in a central plant, resulting in a saving of initial cost of construction and equipment, and in a definite saving in fuel and labor for the actual operation of these facilities.

It is also planned to have all units# including the shopping center, the theatre, the sports arena, the hotel, and the cottages under one management, which will provide for a uniformity in opera tion.

In this connection it is felt that each unit, although a distinct operation, will be of a monetary advantage to each of the others. As an example, the shops will draw customers to the theatre and both shops and theatre will draw trade from the guests of the hotel and cottages. The same is more or less true of the sports arena. This arrangement will draw a better claSS of shops, stores, and restaurants, than would be the case if only one or two of the units were proposed.

The extent of the layout with pleasing and related architectural design for all units, a comprehensive landscaping treatment, and the constant activity resulting from the varied types of operation will in itself be a drawing card not only to local residents and students, but also to passing motorists, and residents of outlying small communities who do not have advantages which this development will present.

Although the property at the proposed location is relatively cheap, the value of the surrounding property is sure to be greatly enhanced, as soon as cone struction is started, and the sale of restricted residential plots is expected to materially affect the financing of the development.

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 532