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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 566 (550)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 566
Page 566

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 566

Automatic Cup-Vending Machines for Drinks

Theatre Owners Add Another Patron Service And Build Up a Profitable Revenue Source

One effective way in which theatre operators can increase their services to their patrons while at the same time benefitting from an important revenue producereis through the installation of one or more soft drink vending machines.

Today, in View of their high operate ing costs, theatre men everywhere are anxious to develop subsidiary sources of income. In fact, for a substantial number of theatres, it has been estimated revenues from the sale of these various items-soft drinks, candy and other prod


Pepsi-Cola Company

ucts-ecan spell the difference between profit and loss. By taking advantage of the modern dispensing equipment now becoming available, theatre operators can substantially increase their total revenues while also providing their patrons with a convenient means of refreshment.


An extensive study of the possibility

CUP-VENDING MACHINES of this type have a capacity of six hundred S-ounce drinks of Pepsi-Cola. These machines, subiected to exhaustive tests by the company's research and engineering departments. are completely self-contained units. They filter, refrigerate, carbonate, freshly mix. and deliver in sanitary containers a good, big drink-ecu automatically. Only two connections are required.

of theatres as retail sales mediums has been made by the Pepsi-Cola Company. Besides its personal interest in the sub ject, the company has explored the problem from the theatre ownerls point of view-taking into consideration such factors as the efficiency and convenience of operation of any equipment, the degree and frequency of servicing required, and related questions of maintenance. After careful investigation, it is believed that an automatic cup-vending machine is the ideal equipment for theatres.

It is sometimes suggested that a bottle dispenser might be adaptable to theatres. This, however, is impractical because of the breakage and theft of bottles and also the necessity of storage space for bottles and cases. Bottle dispensers serve a definite need and have their place. But in the case of theatres, their use is unjustified for two important reasons. First, a cup dispenser has a far greater capacity than a bottle machine. Second, because the appearance of a theatre lobby is of prime importance, the disposal of empty bottles would present a problem, particularly since convenient and adequate storage facilities for the empty bottles, adjacent to the machine, usually cannot be provided.

The Machines

At present, two makes of cup machines have been approved by the company for dispensing Pepsi-Cola, and are recommended for theatres. The first of these is the machine which has a capacity of 600 9-ounce drinks. The second has a capacity of 1,200 drinks.

Both of these machines, which have been subjected to exhaustive tests by the companyls research and engineering departments, are completely self-contained units. They filter, refrigerate, carbonate, freshly mix, and deliver in sanitary containers a good big drinkeall automatically. The machines deliver an accurately measured drink, and are economical to operate. Only two connections are required-one for city water and the other for electricity.

At present, theatre owners can have the GOO-drink machine installed in their houses, while the 1,200-drink vender will be shortly made available. These machines will be installed, free of all charges, by the local bottler or a vending-machine operator holding a franchise.

These attractive cup-vending machines add to a theatre's appearance. Smartly styled and beautifully finished, they have an eye appeal that immediately attracts customers-and keeps them coming back for more. Customers enjoy watching

each machine pour and deliver their

drinks. And-important to theatre operatorsee99 out of 100 people will throw their empty cups into an adjacent receptacle, When they have finished their drink.

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 566