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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 83 (71)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 83
Page 83

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 83

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THE AUDITORIUM AND PROSCENIUM are impressive, whether observed irom down front (top), irom the middle oi the balcony (middle), or tram the extreme left of the balcony front (bottom). in the middle picture, note how the outlet grilles of the air-conditioning have been arranged on the stepped-down portions of the ceiling. This special type of ceiling construction is seen in the design 01 the outside side wall.

Modern and beautiful throughout, the Metro Theatre, in Valparaiso, Chilels second city and chief port, one of the latest additions to Metro-GoldwynMayer's world-wide chain of showcase theatres, features simple, straightforward design and the finest quality of motion-picture presentation.

The Metro was designed by Arteaga and Larain, one of Chile's foremost architectural firms, under the supervision of the construction department of Loewls. Inc. Contractors were Duhaut and Company.

Lobby and main auditorium decorations were designed and completed by Chilean talent.

The auditorium, whose chairs are of local manufacture, seats 940 on the main floor and 888 in the balcony.

The theatre is air-conditioned hv equipment of the Carrier Corporati The three projectors are Simplex E-7, manufactured by the International Projector Corporation, equipped with Peerless HyCandescent arcs, manufactured by the J. E. McAuley Manufacturing Company. Sound is Westrex, manufactured by Western Electric Company and distributed outside the United States by Westrex Corporation. Transverters, manufactured by the Hertner Electric Company, supply the direct current for projection. Installed in the booth also is a special effects machine, manufactured by the Brenkert Light Projection Company.

The theatre will operate as a first-run house.
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 83