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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 86 (74)

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition
1947-48 Theatre Catalog
1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 86
Page 86

1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 86



Miami, Florida

OWNER AND OPERATOR: Wometco Theatres. ARCHITECT: S. Charles Lee; Robert C. Collins.

associate. INTERIOR DECORATOR: Frederick T. Rank.


DECORATING AND PAINTING: by Allison Painting Company.

FANS: by Buffalo Forge Company.

HOUSE PHONES: by Central Interphone Come

pony. MILLWORK: by Dade Millwork and Lumber Company. STRUCTURAL STEEL: by Dave Steel Company, Inc.

SAFES: by Diebold, Inc.

DRINKING FOUTAIN EQUIPMENT: by Domestic Refrigeration Company.

TERRA COTTA: by Federal Seaboard Terra Cotta Corporation.

HARDWARE: by Frank T. Budge Company.

MOTORS AND STARTERS: by General Electric Supply Corporation.

THE LATIN AMERICAN TOUCH is emphasized by a mural which comes into View when a punch WATER HEATERS; by General Engineering Comenters the lobby of the theatre (above). In closewup (below) the mural. showmg the gaiety and color- puny.

iul costumes oi the various peoples. brings out the theme 01 friendship among the American nations. AIR DUCTS: by General Sheet Mew] Company F. M. Bergere painted the mural. Included in the painting are rendering of the Pan-American flags. VENTILATING FANS; by Herman Nelson Comg


MARIIILE, GRANITE, AND TERRAZZO: by Interstate Marble and Tile Company.


COOLING, TOWERS; by Marley Company

AIR-CONDITIONING CONTROLS: MinneapolisHoneywell Company.

CARPET INSTALLATION: by Paul's Carpet Company.

STRUCTURAL GLASS, MIRRORS, AND DOORS: Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company.

CARPETS: through Maxwell Company.

CHAIRS: Auditorium and balconyh-PushQBack, by Kroehler Manufacturing Company; loge, by American Seating Company.

CURTAIN CONTROLS AND TRACK: through Oklahoma City Scenic Company.

DISPLAY FRAMES: Sealuxe, by Universal Corporation.

LIGHTING FIXTURES: by Graybar Electric Com pany.

PROJECTION MACHINES: Simplex E-7, by International Projector Corporation.

SIGN AND MARQUEE: Bolton-Patrick, Inc.

SIGN LETTERS: Third Dimension, by Adler Silhouette Letter Company.

SOUND: Simplex Four Star (Model A-BO), by International Projector Corporation; Voice of the Theatre speakers, by Altec Lansing Corporation.

SUPPLY DEALERS: National Theatre Supply Die vision of National-Simplex-Bludworth, Inc., and Wil-Kin Theatre Supply Company.

SWITCHBOARD: by Frank Adam Electric Come

pany. TICKET-ISSUING MACHINE: Automaticket, by General Register Corporation. UNIFORMS: Evening, by Donald A, Lavigne Company; matinee, by William Rubin.

THE PLANS show the relation 01 the restaurant and confectionery store to quick-srvice basis or by table service. Traffic control has been managed the theatre. The store opens into the theatre lobby, thereby giving theatre so as to prevent ticket dodging. The main kitchen is in \the basement patrons access to the services. Likewise the mezzanine floor is built at a and dumb-waiter service operates to all levels. For further information on level SO that theatre CUSlomefS here ma? also be Served. either on a restaurant facilities in theatres. he reader is referred 0 page! 518 and 519.



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1947-48 Theatre Catalog, 6th Edition, Page 86