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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 146 (135)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 146
Page 146

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 146


OPERATOR: Charles Albert. ARCHITECT: Frost Carvel. CAR CAPACITY: 450.

SIZE OF LOT: 600' x 800'.

CHANGEOVERS: Strong "Zipper" by Essannay Electric Mfg. Co.

GENERATORS: Robin Imperial, by J. E. Robin, Inc.

IN-CAR SPEAKERS: by Motiograph.

LENSES: Super Snaplite, by Kollmorgen Optical Corp.

PROJECTION LAMPS: Strong Mogul. PROJECTION MACHINES: Motiograph AA, by Motiograph, Inc. REWINDERS: by GoldE Mfg. Co.

SIGN & MARQUEE: by Wagner Sign Service, Inc.

SOUND: Mirrophonic, by Motiograph. SUPPLY DEALER: Modern Theatre Equipment Co.

TICKET ISSUING MACHINE: by L, ' ., a ' I, ,r ' ' General Register Corp. 0 - ,

Situated just outside of the city limits of 250,000 populationed San Antonio, this 450-car drive-in caters preponder- , antly to a family and juvenile audience that likes outdoor pictures, musicals and westerns. Opened in April, 1948 it commands an admission scale of 44 cents for S A - T adults and 12 cents for children, and an ntonloa exas must play after the surrounding neighborhood theatres.

The large, all metal, attraction board provides adequate show selling space, while the screen tower carrying the painted name signs is also trimmed in gold, green and rose neon for maximum eEectiveness at night. The tower itself is encased in metal lathe and stucco, with a base of hollow tile. A modern cireular island boxoiiice serves the two entrance lanes and most of the ramp area is enclosed in wooden fencing.

Sheet asbestos, heavily coated with white yacht paint provides a smooth, serviceable screen surface, and in front of the first ramp is a bank of metal garden chairs, fed with sound from screen horns, for those who walk in or wish to escape the confining areas of their cars.

All ,ramp areas are paved. The projection building, and behind it the con fection sales building are of concrete block.

THE SCREEN TOWER buck: the letting sun. The ANIMATION is obtained otter dark through the line ot neon curl that keep pulsing along the bottom proiection room is large. well-equipped and oi the screen tower. it in sate to state that no pulsing motorist can conscious] drive by the San Pedro ventilated. Note the reverse tilt oi the holes. at night without knowing the nature oi the enterprise and the show being oi ered.

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 146