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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 157 (146)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 157
Page 157

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 157

Essentials of Lasting, Water-Proof Roofs

Efficient Maintenance of Leak-Proof Roofs Held Economical with New Asbestos Coating

Owners and managers of theatres and other business properties are generally agreed that maintaining a leak-proof roof is a problem.

The main reason for this is well illustrated by the slogan which used to be employed by a manufacturer of menls garters: "If you had to wear your garters around your neck, you'd buy clean ones more frequently? The parallel with roofing difficulties lies in the fact that if the cash customers had to see the roofs, much more attention would be given to their condition and appearance, which would work a revolution in the roofing business and automatically solve the problem.

One of the most frequently encountered conditions contributing to the ownerls difficulties is that, as a rule, he waits until the roof is leaking before doing anything about it. He then often finds that the kind of roofing which would have his first choice is not available and he has to take anything he can get in the emergency.

Even if the owner exercises prudence in anticipating his roofing needs, he is confronted with the numerous conflicting claims of the sellers of even more numerous kinds of roofing materials.

It is to simplify this latter condition that this analysis is offered.

The fundamental weakness in present day roofing is the employment of multi APPLICATION OF ASBESTOS ROOF COATING can be made to almost all kinds of tools-(lat or more or less pitchedeand constructed of almost any type of material, except shingles of wood and mineral slate. In the event the theatre owner is desirous of applying an aluminum paint. to reflect



Manufacturer's Representative

ple-unit roofing materials. It does not require the possession of scientific technique to reach the very proper conclusion that every joint, seam, break, or nail hole that is present in the fabricated, multiple-unit roof offers opportunity for absorption of moisture from rains, snows, and even the dampness of the air, causing the material to become distended. When that occurs and is followed by the action of the broiling sun, the explanation for the almost universal warping and blistering of the material, accompanied by opened seams and joints and loosened nails, is readily apparent.

The obvious answer to the difficulty is a one-piece roofeno joints, cracks, seams, nail holes to let the water insufficiently elastic to admit of expansion and contraction, under temperature changes (covering a range of some 115 degrees Fahrenheit or more, from zero up).

Superficially considered, the ideal roof covering would be a sheet of rubber, say half an inch thick and the size of the roof, which would be completely water-proof and, at least temporarily, meet the requirements for expansion and contraction. Unfortunately for this hypothesis, however, two unalterably adverse factors intervene: (1) the cost

would be prohibitive, and (2} exposure to the sun would soon vulcanize the rubber, causing it to crack.

What, then, is the task of the manufacturer who would give the property owner a satisfactory roof? The answer is, of course, a rubber-like coating which is, first, low-cost; second, completely leak-proofethat is, a one-piece roof; no nail holes, joints, cracks, or seams which the elements will open and convert into leaks-and, third, sufficiently elastic to withstand expansion and contraction, thus insuring lasting service.


Battleship asbestos roof coating, product of the Waterproofing Division of the Panther Oil and Grease Manufacturing Company, is such a new roofing in liquid form, a result of scientific research. Painstaking laboratory efforts coupled with years of practical experience have produced this product which makes a new roof out of the old, and which gives years of water-proofing protection to roofs in all climates.

Using the old roof as a base, the coating is applied, just as it comes from the container, right over the old roof, forming a tough rubber-like, one-unit, seamless, nail-less, leak-proof, and waterproof roof. No heating is necessary.

It is recommended for use on roofs composed of any of the following mate a lot of the solar heat. this can easily be done, as shown in this picture. The asbestos coating creeps, penetrates. and saturates into cracks and crevices. leaving a rubber-like and mat-like layer on the surface of the root, whether it be a brand-new one or an old one being modernized.

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 157