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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 200 (189)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 200
Page 200

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 200

Beauty Bonded

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4544 Spring Grove Ave.


Cincinnati 32, Ohio

Recommendations Based On Durability, Beauty Of Product

Two words - beauty and durabilityesum up the reasons why John and Drew Eberson, leading American theater architects, recommend Formica dec orative plastic laminates in virtually every one of their projects.

Specifically,theEbersonspoint to a host of outstanding advantages which they have seen proved during their wide experience in this field. With respect to durability, they cite the fact that Formica withstands harcl usage with practically no signs of wear and tear, which holds maintenance costs to a minimum.

On the artistic side, the noted designers are quick to mention Formica's wide range of more than 60 colors and patterns, plus the opportunity to use metallic inlays, giving infinite range to the imaginative stylist.

The many applications they have found for Formica include entrance and foyer doors, drinking fountain back panels, candy and refreshment counters, counter tops in box off-ices, checking rooms and telephone booths, wall panels in lobbies and push and kick plates.

Evidence of the firm's reputation is found in its list of clients, which includes Warner Brothers, Loewls, Paramount, RKO and Universal, as well as scores of independent motion picture theatre chains.


As a Colonel of the US. Army Corps of Engineers in \Vorld War ll, Drew libcrson directed construction of 0-29 air bases in lndia, building of the Ledo-liurma Road, pipe lines from Calcutta to Kunming and depots for the Air Transport Conunaud.


torn in a sawmill camp in the Carpathian Mountains, John Flierson has seen the land of his birth change from the flag of Austria to Roumania and finally to Russia. He came to the United States in 1901, after schooling in Dresden and at the University of Vienna.


Formica Wins Acclaim of Theatre Architects

John, and Drew Eberson, noted father and son team of theatre

architects, pictured here in their New York City offices where

they have created designs for scores of theatres spread from Manhattan to lilexico City.

Father and Son Team Leads in Theatre Design

Few will challenge the preeminent position of Jolm and Drew Eberson in the Field of theatre architecture when it is considered that this team of father and son has designed more than 700 theatre buildings.

John Eberson, founder of the firm, has a record of over four decades in the practice of architecture and structural engineering. Son Drew. who entered the firm in 1926 after graduation from the Architectural School at the University of Pennsylvania, has supervised design and construction of buildings from Australia to Texas, includsomc $220,000,000 worth of military projects as Lt Colonel in \Vorld \Var II.

Their staff, with offices at 2 \Ncst 47th Street in New York City, and No. 9 San Juan de Letrau, Mexico City, offers combined services coverng sclection of sites, designing, en gineering and construction supervision. Staff members have a record of service with the firm averaging 20 years.

Jolm Eberson has attained special recognition in the theatre design world as a ucolorist,H employing color as a medium to create ideal surroundings for motion picture presentation. Drew Tibcrson, with seven years, experience as a Hollywood producer and director, in addition to actual operation of theatres prior to joining the U3. Army Corps of Engineers, is particularly fitted to the job of designing theatres with an eye to functionalism.


What is today the firm of Joint and Drew ICbcrson was founded in St. Louis, moved to Chicago and then, some 15 years ago, to present headquarters in New York City.


From Manhattan to Mexico City and from the Bronx to Bombay, theatre-goers see the architectural handiwork of John and Drew Eberson.

Practically every one of the 40 theatres designed by the iibersons in recent years employs the enduring eye-appeal of HBeauty-Bonded" Formica.

The Ebersons have paid high tribute to the superiority of Formica by their constant specification of the product. Currently, they are adding to this endorsement by using it in some ten theaters under construction but not yet in operation. In the following list are names 01 Eberson-designed structures where Formica has been employed. '

Penn Theatre, Ambridge, Pa.' Globe Theatre, Arlington, Va. Volk Theatre, Palm Beach, Fla. Sayville Theatre, Sayville, N. Y..; Regent Theatre, Bay Shore, N.Y.; Cheverly Theatre, Washington, D.C.; Coral Theater, Bradbury Heights, V3,; Regent Theatre, Amsterdam, N. Y.; Kaywood Theatre, Mt. Rainier, Md; Downtown Theatre, VVaco, Texas; Strand Theatre, Hartford, Conn; Center Theatre, Mexico City; Capital Heights Theater, Maryland.


Emporia Theater, N. Emporia, Va; New Theatre, Bedford, N.Y.; New Theatre, lslip, N. Y.; Parkchester Theatre, New York City; New Theatre, Harrison, NJ; New Theatre, Caracas, Venezuela; New Theatre, tallma, Canal Zone; New Theatre, Harrisoul.)urg, N.J.; New Theatre, Livingston, N.J.; Plaza Theatre, Milford, Dcl.; Colonial Theatre, Germantown, Fa; Carver Theater, .VVashington, D.C.; Regis Theatre, Mexico City; Anacostia Theater, Washington, D.C.; Circle Theatre, Alexandria, Va.; Redford Theater, ledford, N.Y.

Celina Theatre, Celina, 0.; Tcatro Cine Reforma, Mexico City; Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City, Embassy Theater, \Vashington, D.C.; Orfcon Theatre, Mexico City; National Theatre, Washington, DC.


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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 200