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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 211 (200)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 211
Page 211

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 211

THEATRE CIRCUITS that are Interested in Drive-In Theatres in the Uni'l'ed S'I'ai'es

NOTE: Theatre interests who are active in the management of [our or more Ihealn-s. either regular or drive-in, are ccnsidevd in this chwhlian as The/11w Circuits. The symbol opposite each is carried as an identification in the accompanying detailed individual list of themres.


Symbol Ct. Name and Address a

ACAD AACADEMY THEATRES, 328 E. Town St., Columbus 15, Oth.

AFFI AAFFILIATED THEATRE SERVICE, INC., 1069 Market St., San Francisco, California.

ALLI AALLIANCE THEATRE CORR, 231 South LaSalle St., Chicago, Illinois.

ANDE AANDY ANDERSON, Kentucky Theatre, Hartford, Kentucky.

ASHM AASHMUN BROS. THEATRES, Strand Theatre Bldg., Caro, Michi an.

ASSO -ASSOCIA'gFED AMUSEMENT CO., 131 South 2nd St., E., Salt Lake City, Utah.

B&L - B & L ENTERPRISES, Builders Bldg., Charlotte, N. C.

BART ALEWIS BARTON THEATRES, Redskin Theatre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

BENJ * ROY BENJAMIN, Florida Theatre Bldg., Jacksonville, Florida.

BLAN *BLANKENSHIP THEATRES, 2708 Ave. 'iVll, Lubbock, Texas.

BLATT ABLATT BROS. THEATRES, 1701 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania.

BLUM ABLUMENFELD THEATRES, 70 Eddy St., San Francisco 2, California.

BRAN a BRANDT THEATRES, 1555 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y.

CALIF - CALIFORNIA DRIVE-IN THEATRES, INC., 12109 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles 25, California.

CAMP -EDWARD CAMPBELL, 604 W. Walnut St., Louisville, Ky.

COMM 4 COMMONWEALTH THEATRES, INC., 215 W. 18th St., Kansas City 8, Missouri.

CRES -CRESCENT AMUSEMENT CO., 147 Fifth Ave., N., Nashville 3, Tennessee.

DICK ADICKINSON OPERATING CO., INC., 5903 Woodson Road, Mission, Kansas.

DIXIE CDIXEE DRIVE-IN THEATRES, 602 Walton Bldg., Atlanta 3,


DRTC *DRIVE-IN THEATRES CORR, 703 Bridge St., N. Weymouth, Massachusetts.


DURK 4F. H. DURKEE ENTERPRISES, 5436 Hartford Road, Baltimore, Maryland.

EAPT -EAST POINT AMUSEMENT COMPANY, Fairfax Theatre Bldg., East Point, Georgia.

ETRN -EASTERN YDRIVE-IN CORR, 341 W. 44th St., New York 18. N. .

ESSA -ESSANESS THEATRES CORR, 540 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

EVER a EVERETT ENTERPRISES, 223 S. Church St., Charlotte, N. C.

FAB -FABIAN THEATRES CORR, 1501 Broadway, New York 18, N. Y.

FABH *FABIAN-HELLMAN THEATRES, INC., 378 Clinton Ave., Albany 5, New York.

FILM -FILM SERVICE CORR, 218 S. Liberty St., New Orleans 13, Louisiana.

FIRST AFIRST NATIONAL THEATRES, INC., 314 E. Yakima Ave., Yakima, Washington.

FLEX AFLEXER THEATRES, INC., 1705 Poplar Ave., Memphis, Tennessee.

FLA -FLORIDA STATE THEATRES, INC., Florida Theatre Bldg., Jacksonville, Florida.

FOX HBILLY FOX THEATRE ENTERPRISES, Fox Theatre, Lecompte, Louisiana.

FREL - FRELSl THEATRES, 113 W. Constitution St., Victoria, Texas.

GATR a GEOgGIA. THEATRE COMPANY, 660 Peachtree St., Atlanta,



GOLD -GOLDEN STATE THEATRES & REALTY CORR, 995 Market St., San Francisco, California.

GRIE AGRIEME AND FASKEN THEATRES, Vitaphone Theatre, Wenatchee, Washington.

GRIF AGRIFFITH THEATRES, 111/2 N. Lee Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

HAVO -HA1RRIS(-1V}OELLER THEATRES, INC., Burley Theatre, Burey, a o.

HIGG -HIGGINS AMUSEMENT CO., 2420-2nd Ave., Seattle 1, Washington.

HUDS AHUDSON THEATRES CO., Tivoli Theatre Bldg., Main St., Richmond, Indiana.

INTE AINTERSTATE ENTERPRISES, Rose Theatre Bldg., Thomas ville, Georgia.

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Bradenton, Fla. DRIVE-IN, 5 miles from Downtown. Exec: Charles Hanson. (M12-CZl9-D7-SECH4).

Clearwater, Fla. OUTDOOR DR, Highway 19. Exec: Owen M. Philpott. (M12-CZ50-D7-SF-CH4).

Daytona Beach, Fla. DRIVE-IN, Deland Road. Exec: R. E. Beck, Coastal DriveIns. (M12-C375-D7-SF-CH3).

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. DRIVE-IN, West Broward Blvd. at Wingate Rd. Exec: Phil C. Mathews, Mathews and Branford. (M12-C500-D7-SF-CH3).

Hallandale, Fla. DRIVE-IN, Highway 1. Exec: Walter Colby, Hallandale DriveIn, Inc. (M12-C500-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Jacksonville, Fla. DRIVE-IN, Beach Rd.

Exec: (DIXIE) Harris Robinson, Dixie

Drive-In Theatres. (M12-C361-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Jacksonville, Fla. SKYVIEW DR., 1887 Kings Rd. Exec: (BENJ) Roy Benjamin. (M12-C375-D7-DF-CH3).

Lakeland, Fla. SILVERMOON DR., Highway 92. Exec: I. Q. Mize. (M12-C400-D7-SF-CH3).

Miami, Fla. MIAMI DR., N. W. 7th

Ave. at 8lst Street. Exec: (LOEW) E.

M. Loew, Miami Drive-In Theatre, Inc. (M12-ClOOO-D7-SF-CH2).

Ocala, Fla. DRIVE-IN, Route 441. Exec: Ira B. Dyer. (M12-0550-D7-SF-CH3).

Orlando, Fla. DRIVE-IN, Orange Blos som Trail. Exec: (DIXIE) Harris Rob inson, Dixie Drive-In Theatres. (M12-CZ98-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Panama City, Fla. DRIVE-IN, N. W. 15th St. Exec: Bud Davis.

(M12-C355-D7-SF-CH4) .

St. Petersburg, Fla. DRIVE-IN, 4th St. and 72nd Ave. Exec: (FLA) Frank Rogers, Florida Theatres, Inc.

(M12-C400-D7-ASDF-CH4) .

Tallahassee, Fla. CAPITOL DR., Apalachicola Highway. Exec: Frank E. Lewis. (M12-C348-D7-SF-CH4).

Tampa, Fla. AUTO PARK, Beachcomber Rd. Exec: S. E. Britton.


Tampa, Fla. DRIVE-IN, East Sixth St.

Exec: (FLA) Frank Rogers, Florida Theatres, Inc.

(M12-C400-D7wASDF-CH4) .

Tampa, Fla. SKY WAY DR., North Florida Ave. Exec: Troy Martin.


W. Palm Beach, Fla. DRIVEAIN, Highway 80. Exec: C. M. Hall.


Winter Haven, Fla. OUTDOOR DR., Highway 17. Exec: Owen M. Philpott. (M12-C300aD7-ASDF-CH4).


' $w1 a, I i n
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 211