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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 215 (204)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 215
Page 215

Drive-ins Mentioned

Open Air, Greenville, NC

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 215

Clinton, N. C. MOTOR PARK DR., Highway 42 (Portable). Exec: C. B. Hayworth.

Concord, N. C. AIRPORT DR., Highway 73 (Portable), Exec: Lewis K. Whitley. (M8-CZOO-D6-SECH4).

Concord, N. C. CONCORD DR., Highway 29. Exec: S. L. Stalling. (M8-C250-D7-SF-CH4).

Concord, N. C. CAROLINA DR., Highway 29A. Exec: A. T. Biggart. (M8-C200-D6-SF-CH4).

Dunn, N. C. FLOYDS DR., Highway 421 (Portable). Exec. Floyd Adcock. (M7-C150-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Durham, N. C. CHAPEL HILL ROAD DR., Highway 15 (Portable). Exec: W. T. Marshall, Jr. (M8-Cl75-D7-SF-CH4).

Durham, N. C. MIDWAY DR., Highway 70 (Portable). Exec: J. W. Wallace. (M8-C150-D7-SF-CH4).

e Durham, N. C. STARLIGHT DR., High way 15. Exec: A. C. Riggsby. (M8-C175-D7-SF-CH4).

Elkin, N. C. ELKINvJONESVILLE DR., Highway 21. Exec: Dr. James. (M8eC250-D6-SF-CH4).

Fairmont, N. 1C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 41 (Portable). Exec: E. L. McKenzie. (M7-C200-D7-SF-CH4).

Fayetteville, N. C. BOULEVARD DR., Highway 87 (Portable). Exec: Howard McNally. (M7-C200-D7-SF-CH4).

Fayetteville, N. C. SKYVIEW DR., Highway 15A (Portable). Exec: James E. Willons. (M7-C350-D7VSF-CH4).

Forest City, N. C. TRI-CITY DR., Highway 74. Exec: Jerry Mundy. (M8dCl50-D6-SF-CH4).

Fuquay Springs, N. C. 5 POINTS DR., Highway 42 (Portable). Exec: (WADE) L. M. Wade. (M7-C150-D6-SF-CH3).

Gastonia, N. C. FRIENDLY DR., Highway 321. Exec: F. B. Grigg. (MS-0225-D7-SF-CH4).

Goldsboro, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 70 (Portable). Exec: D. W. Ramsay. (M7-Cl50eD7-SF-CH4).

Greensboro, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway

29. Exec: (DIXIE) Jack Ellwell, Dixie

Drive-In Theatres. (M8-C500-D7eASDF-CH4).

Greenville, N. C. OPEN AIR, Highway 11 (Portable). Exec: Harold Adler. (M7-C300-D7-SF-CH4).

Henderson, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 1 (Portable). Exec: Roy Turner and Bill Gregory. (M7-C350-D6-SF4CH3).

Hickory, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 64. Exec: J. P. Mull. (M8-C200-D7-SF-CH5).

Hudson, N. C. DRUMS DR., Highway 321 (Portable). Exec: R. D. Drum. (M8-C150-D6-SF-CH4).

Jacksonville, N. C. DRIVEAIN, Highway 17 (Portable). Exec: N. J. Kellum. (M7-C150-D7-SF-CH4).

Kannapolis, N. C. PARK-IN. Exec: (EVER) H. H. Everett, Everett Enterprises, Inc. (M8-C450-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Kinston, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 70 (Portable). Exec: E. S. Holland. (M7-C150-D7-SF-CH4).

Laurel Hill, N. C. AUTO DR., Highway 74 (Portable). Exec: H. L. Britt. (M8-C200-D7-SF-CH5).

Laurinburg, N. C. PARK-IN, Highway 74. Exec: H. L. Britt. (M8-0150-D6-SF-CH4).

Leaksville, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 770. Exec: D. L. Craddock. (M8-ClSO-D6-SF-CH4).

Liberty, N. c. LIBERTY'DRq Highway 49 (Portable). Exec: Holder and Stanley. (M8-C250-D6-SF-CH3).

Lillington, N. C. CRUISE-IN, Highway 421 (Portable). Exec: A. J. Collins. (M7-C170-D6-SF-CH3).

Lincolnton, N. C. FRIENDLY DR., Highway 321. Exec: Ben Nation and F. B. Grigg. (M8-C200-D6-SF-CH4).

Lincolnton, N. C. ROSELAND DR., Highway 27. Exec: Wray Chapman. (M8-CZ50-D6-SF-CH4).

Lincolnton, N. C. STARLIGHT DR., Highway 321. Exec: A. E. Miller. (M8-C391-D7-SF-CH3).

Locust, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 158 (Portable). Exec: Mrs. R. A. Goodman. (M8-Cl50-D4-SF-CH4).

Lumberton, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 74 (Portable). Exec: H. L. Bailey. (M7-C150-D6-SFe'CH3).

Madison, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 220 (Portable). Exec: J. T. Baker. (M8-Cl75-D6-SF-CH4).

Marion, N.C. GARDEN CITY DR., Highway 64. Exec: W. C. Macon. (M8-0200-D6eSF-CH4).

Merry Hill, N. C. MIDWAY DR., Highway 45 (Portable). Exec: V. D. Perry. (M7-C196-D7-SF-CH4).

Monroe, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 74 (Portable). Exec: Ray Sanford. (M8-Cl25-D7-SF-CH5).

Mooresville, N. C. MOORESVILLE DAVIDSON DR., Highway 21 (Port able). Exec: W. C. Kiser. (M8-C200-D6-SF-CH4).

Morganton, N. C. SKYLINE DR., Highway 64. Exec: Accardi and Spake. (M8-C250-D6-SF-CH4).

Mt. Airy, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 52. Exec: L. C. Davis. (M8-ClSO-D6-SF-CH4).

Murfreesboro. N. C. MURFREE DR., Highway 158 (Portable). Exec: L. S. Lee: (M7-C150-D6-SF-CH3).

New Bern, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 70 (Portable). Exec: E. S. Holland. (M8-Cl50-D7-SF-CH4).

Newton Grove, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 701 (Portable). Exec: C. Felton Godwin. (M7-0200-D6-SF-CH3).

N. Wilkesboro, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 16 (Portable). Exec: R. B. Adams. (M8-Cl50-D6-SF-CH4).

Pink Hill, N. C. MOTOR PARK, Highway 11 (Portable). Exec: C. B. Hayworth. (M7-ClGO-D6-SF-CH3).

Raeford, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 20 (Portable). Exec: Billy Faulk. (M7-C200cD6-SF-CH3).

Raleigh, N. C. CAR-RAL DR., Highway 64. Exec: Scott Lett. (M7-C200-D7-SF-CH4).

Rockingham, N. C. SKY-VU DR., Highway 74 (Portable). Exec: J. M. Kime. (M7-C200-D6-SF-CH3).

Rocky Mount, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 64 (Portable). Exec: Vernon Holder. (M7-C150-D7-SF-CH4).

Salisbury, N. C. SALISBURY DR., Highway 29. Exec: J. W. Martin and S. L. Pinkston. (M8-C200-D7-SF-CH5).

Sanford, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 1. Exec: H. J. Chapman. (M7-C300-D7-SF-CH4).

Shelby, N. C. CLEVELAND DR., Highway 74 (Portable). Exec: Paul Reynolds. (M8n0150-D6-SF-CH4).

Shelby, N. C. SHELBY DR., Highway 18. Exec: C. V. Queen. (M8-CZSO-D6-SF-CH4).

Skyland, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 25. Exec: C. K. Carlyle. (M8-ClSO-D6-SF-CH4).

Smithfield, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 301. Exec: G, L. Faw. (M7-C190-D64SF-CH3).

Southern Pines, N. C. STARVIEW DR., Highway 1 (Portable). Exec: Dave Williamson, Southern Drive-In Theatres, Inc. (M7-CZOO-D7-SF-CH4).

Statesville, N. C. VILLA HEIGHTS DR., Highway 21. Exec: C. L. Cline. (M8-C225-D6-SF-CH4).

Tabor City, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 701 (Portable). Exec: G. N. Gore. (M7-C175-D6-SF-CH3).

Thomasville, N. C. MIDWAY DR., Higha way 29. Exec: (B&L) T. A. Little, 8.

and L. Enterprises. (M8-C400-D7-SF-CH5)


1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 215