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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 216 (205)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 216
Page 216

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 216

Wadesboro, N. C. ANSON COUNTY DR., Highway 74. Exec: J. F. Medley. (M8eCl75-D6-SF-CH4).

Wallace, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 117 (Portable). Exec: W. E. Thrush. (M7-C200-D7-SF-CH4).

Washington, N. C. PARKVIEW DR., Highway 264 (Portable). Exec: E. Bateman. (M7-C250-D7-SF-CH4).

Whiteville, N. C. CAROLINA DR., Highway 76. Exec: W. E. Thrush.(CZOO-CLOSED).

Whiteville, N. C. STARLIGHT DR., Highway 76 (Portable). Exec: Marion Davis. (M7-C175-D7ASF-CH4).

Wilmington, N. C. CAROLINA BEACH RD. DR., Highway 42 (Portable). Exec: W. E. Thrush. (M7-C200-D7-SFACH4).

lWilmington, N. C. RD. DR., Highway Rourk.

WRIGHTSVILLE 74. Exec: Irwin (M8-C190-D7ASF-CH4).

Winston Salem, N. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 158. Exec: P. G. McGee. (M8-C300-D7-SF-CH4).

Winston Salem, N. C. SKYVIEW DR., Highway 421. Exec: Fred Sessoms.


South Carolina Aiken, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 278. Exec: H. W. Hall. (M7-C150-D7-SF-CH4).

Anderson, S. C. SKYWAY DR., Highway 178. Exec: P. C. Osteen.


Bamberg, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 78 (Portable). Exec: Wilbur Free. (M8-C100-D6-SF-CH4).

Beaufort, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 21 (Portable). Exec: H. O. Peoples. (M8-C200-D7-SF-CH5).

Bennettsville, S. C. BONDS AUTO DR., Highway 9. Exec: Walter H. Bond. (M8-Cl75-D6-SF-CH3).

Camden, S. C. CAMDEN DR., Highway 1 (Portable). Exec: Charles Blyther. (M8-Cl75-D7-SF-CH5).

Columbia, S. C. ALTA VISTA DR., Highway 1. Exec: J. M. Smith. (M8-C200-D7-SF-CH4).

Columbia, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Route 76.

Exec: (WILBK) H. F. Kincey, Wilby Kincey Service Corp. (M8-C5UO-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Conway, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 503. Exec: H. V. Hewitt.

(M8-C160-D6-SF-CH4) .

Crescent Beach, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 17. Exec: C. B. Floyd. (M8-C300-D7-SF-CH5).

Dillon, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 301 (Portable). Exec: W. S. Herrying. (M8-(7250-D6-SF-CH4).


Ehrhardt, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 64 (Portable). Exec: J. T. Greene. (M8-C150-D6-SF-CH4).

Florence, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 76. Exec: Ken Benson. (M8-C150-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Georgetown, C. HIGHWAY 17 DR., Highway 17 (Portable). Exec: M. L. Abrams. (M8-C150-D7-SF-CH5).

Greenwood, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 22. Exec: A. T. Livingston. (M8-C250-D7-SF-CH5).

Hartsville, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 151 (Portable). Exec: Tony Jones. (M8-ClEO-D6-SF-CH4).

Holly Hill, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 15 (Portable). Exec: L. A. Ayers. (M8-Cl25-D7-SF-CH5).

Lancaster, C. MOTOR-IN, Highway 93. Exec: A. J. Biggart. (M8-Cl50-D6-SF-CH4).

Laurens, C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 221. Exec: Jack Davis. (M12-C200-D6-SF-CH4).

Lyman, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 29. Exec: B. C. Williams. (M12-C375-D7-SF-CH5).

Marion, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 501 (Portable). Exec: R. W. Pigg. (M8-C175-D6-SF-CH4).

N. Charleston, S. C. VICTORY DOWNS DR., Highway 17 (Portable). Exec: Dr. Hoitt. (M8-C90-D7-SF-CH5).

Orangeburg, S. C. CARDOVA DR., Highway 42 (Portable). Exec: B. F. Watkins. (M8-C150-D7-SF-CH5).

Orangeburg, S. C. ORANGEBURG DR., Highway 210 (Portable). Exec: Mrs.

Florence Tarlton. (M8-ClSO-DTSF-CH5).

Piedmont, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 29 (Portable). Exec: Jimmy Gable. (M8-C400-D7sSF-CH5).

Rock Hill, S. C. FT. ROC DR., Highway 21. Exec: Bob Jefferies. (M8-C300-D6-SF-CH4).

Seneca, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 28 (Portable). Exec: Morris Land. (M8-C175-D6-SF-CH4).

Summerville, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 64 (Portable). Exec: L. A. Ayers. (M8-C200-D7-SF-CH5).

Sumter, S. C. DRIVEAIN, Highway 521 (Portable). Exec: Curtis Tarlton. (M8-C150-D7-SF-CH5).

Union, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 92. Exec: J. 0. Corn and W. H. McColl. (M8-C225-D6-SF-CH4).

\Valterboro, S. C. DRIVE-IN, Highway 17. Exec: E. B. Funderburk. (M12-C150-D7-SF-SH5).


Bloomington, Ill. PHIL KRON, Junction

Highways 51 and 66. Exec: Phil Kron,

Kenneth Phillips. (M5-CSOO-D7-SFACH4).

Chicago, Ill. OUTDOOR, Irving Park

Rd. and Harlem Avenue. Exec: Irving

Gandall, Outdoor Theatre Corp. (M7-C1000-D7-SFACH1).

*Is substituted whenever any data is not yet recorded or available.

MASSIVE PROIECTION EQUIPMENT is shown below in the booth at the Outdoor, Chicago. Illinois.
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 216