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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 218 (207)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 218
Page 218

Drive-ins Mentioned

Beckley Open Air, Beckley, WV
Auto, Alliance, OH
Xenia Auto Inn Theater, Xenia, OH

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 218

Troy, 0. TROY DIXIE DR., Route 25. Exec: Moe and Elizabeth Potasky, Troy Dixie Corp. (M8-C465-D7-SF-CH4).

Wapakoneta, 0. SUNSET CRUISE-IN, Route 33. Exec: Milton G. Presser. (M8-CZOO-D7vSF-CH4).

Wheelersburg, O. DRIVE-IN, Rural Route 7. Exec: (OCHH) Herb Ochs, Sci oto Drive-In Theatre Co. (M7-C500-D7-ASDF-CH5).

Wilmington, O. WILMINGTON DR., Route 134. Exec: (OCHH) Herb Ochs,

Triangle Drive-In Co. (M8-C500-D7-ASDF-CH5 ) .

Woodlawn, O. WOODLAWN DR., Springfield Pike. Exec: Nat Kaplan, The atre Enterprises, Inc. (M8-C550-D7-ASDFACH4).

Xenia, O. XENIA AUTO INN, Route 42

at Babb Rd. Exec: Dean Dennis, C. D.

and J. Theatres, Inc. (M8-C400-D7-SF-CH4).

Zanesville, 0. OLD TRAIL, R R 4, Bridgeville, O. Exec: Ray Waller and C. Huprick. (M7-C180-D7-ASDF-CH5).

West Virginia Beckley, W. Va. BECKLEY OPEN AIR, Stanaford Rd. Exec: Fred Clemens,

Clemens and Candler Theatre Co., Inc. (M8-C450-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Ceredo, W. Va. CEREDO DR., Route 60. Exec: Abe Hyman, Ceredo Operating Co. (M7-C500-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Lewisburg, W. Va. WALNUT DR., Route 219. Exec: David C. Weakley and

Eugene V. Spence. (M7-0200-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Mason, W. Va. MASON DR., Route 14. Exec: Ross Filson. (M7-C350-D7-SF-CH4).

Princeton, W. Va. OUTDOOR, Bluefield and Princeton Road. Exec: A. R. Belcher. (M8-C102-D7-SFeCH4).

Rand, W. Va. TRAIL DR., 2217 Dupont .Avenue. Exec: E. R. Custer, Auto Park Theatre, Inc. (M8-C650-D7-ASDFuCH4).

St. Albans, >W. Va. VALLEY DR., Route 14 and 60. Exec: E. R. Custer, Dunbar Theatre Co. (M7-C500-D7-ASDF-CH4).

CLEVELAND TERRITORY Ohio Akron, 0. ASCOT DR., Route 8. Exec:

George A. Blake, Snook and Blake. (M6-C400-D7-DF-CH2).

Akron, 0. STARLIGHT DR., Route 224, Exec: George A. Blake, Snook and Blake. (M6-C400-D7-DF-CH2).

Alliance, 0. PARK AUTO, Route 62. Exec: S. Bar-ck, Baer Bros. (MG-C430-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Ashtabula, O. ASHTABULA SKYWAY DR., Route 20. Exec: R. H. Manley. (M7-C250-D7-ASDF-CH3).


Barberton, 0. AL STAN AUTO, Route 21. Exec: S. Fritz, Overko and Fritz. (M6-CZOO-D7-DF-CH3).

Berea, O. DRIVE-IN WEST SIDE, Riverside Drive. Exec: (MIDWST) Phil Smith, DriveeIn Theatre Corp. of Cleveland, West. (M7-CGOO-D7AASDF-CH3).

Cleveland, 0. CLEVELAND AUTO DR., Route 17. Exec: (DRTM) Ben Wachnansy. (M6-CSOO-D7-ASDFJCH3).

Cleveland, 0. DRIVE-IN EAST SIDE, Route 8. Exec: (MIDWST), Phil Smith,

DrivevIn Theatre Corp. of Cleveland, East. (M7-C600-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Cleveland, 0. FAIRVIEW DR., Route 20. Exec: Horace Abrams, Castle Drive In Theatres, Inc. (M6-C500-D7-SF-CH3).

Coshocton, 0. DRIVE-IN. Exec: F. Gilfilen. (M7-C350-D7AASDF-CH3).

Creston, O. CRESTON AUTO, Route 3. Exec: R. S. Martin. (M6-C300-D7-DF-CH3).

Defiance, O. DRIVE-IN, Route 66. Exec: C. Brinkman. (M6-C250-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Delaware, 0. KINGMAN DR., Route 23. Exec: George Kaler, K. and W. Theatres, Inc. (M6-C500-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Delphos, O. STARLITE DR., Route 30. Exec: George Christofer, Christofer Bros. (M6-C350-D7-SF-CH4).

East Liverpool, 0. SKY VIEW DR., Route 170. Exec: Lawrence Black. (M6-C250-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Fostoria, O. STARLITE DR., Route 224. Exec: Vergil Pfaul. , (M6-C400-D7-SF-CH3).

Fremont, O. FREMONT DR., Route 20. Exec: S. Mosser, Mosser Bros. (M6-CSOO-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Goshen Township. TWILIGHT DR., Route 250. Exec: A. K. Veach., (M6-C500-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Harrisburg, 0. MID-CITY DR., Route 62. Exec: Jerry Reinhart, Reinhart Bros. (M6-CSOO-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Kingsville, O. M I D W A Y A U T 0 NORTH, Route 20. Exec: Foster Hathaway. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Lima, 0. DRIVE-IN, Route 25. Exec: H. Shock. (M6-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Lima, 0. GLORIA DR., Route 25. Exec: H. Shock. (M6-C500-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Lorain, 0. LORAIN DR., Route 2. Exec: Wilbur Ptak. (M6-C500-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Madison, 0. SKYWAY DR., Route 20. Exec: H. Manley. (M6-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

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THE FRONT RAMP oi the Drive-In. Wilmington, Ohio, provides comionable seating for walk-in's.
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 218