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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 221 (210)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 221
Page 221

Drive-ins Mentioned

Auto, Constantine, MI
Air, Davenport, IA
Starlight, Grand Junction, CO
Starlight, Colorado Springs, CO

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 221

San Antonio, Tex. TRAIL DR., Military

Drive Highway. Exec: (UNDER) C. C.

Ezell, Underwood and Ezell. (M124C400-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Sherman, Tex. TWIN CITY DR., Highway 75. Exec: (LEON) T. Leon, Leon Theatres. (M9-C400-D7-SF-CH4).

Sweetwater, Tex. MIDWAY DR., Highway 80. Exec: Dorothy Wallace, Midway Drive-In. (M8-C320-D7-SF-CH4).

Temple, Tex. SUNSET DR., Highway 36. Exec: Jake Webb, Sunset Drive-In. (M12-C300-D7-SF-CH5).

Temple, Tex. TEM BEL DR., Highway 81. Exec: Skelton Bros., Tern Bel DriveIn. (M12-C400-D7-SF-CH4).

Tyler, Tex. STARLIGHT DR. Exec: (LEON) T. Leon, Leon Theatres. (M9eC400-D7-SF-CH4).

Victoria, Tex. TEJAS DR., Highway 295. Exec: (FREL) Rubin Frels, Frels Theatres. (M12-C350-D7-SF-CH3).

Waco, Tex. CIRCLE DR., Highway 81. Exec: (UNDER) C. C. Ezell, Underwood and Ezell. (M8-C400-D7-SF-ICH4).

Waco, Tex. WACO DR., Highway 81. Exec: (LONE) C. A. Richter, Lone Star

Amusement Co. (M12-C300-D7-SFACH4).

Wichita Falls, Tex. FALLS DR., Highway 277. Exec: John Blocker, Falls Drive-In Co. (M9-C400-D7-SF-CH4).

Wichita Falls, Tex. OPEN AIR DR., Highway 287. Exec: J. R. Brown, Open Air Drive-In. (M8-C300-D7-SF-CH4).

Wichita Falls, Tex. SKYWAY DR., Highway 79. Exec: Lin Harrington, Skyway Drive-In. (M8-C350-D7-SF-CH4).

DENVER TERRITORY Colorado Colorado Springs, Colo. STARLIGHT, Highway 24. Exec: Paul Rothman,

Rocky Mountain Theatre, Inc. (M7-C450-D7-DF-CH3).

Denver, Colo. EAST DR., 12600 East Colfax Ave. Exec: John Wolfberg, Den ver Drive-In Theatre Corp. (M7-C750-D7-DF-CH3).

Denver, Colo. MOTORENA, 7300 North Federal Blvd. Exec: Irving Gilman, Carvue Theatres, Inc.


Denver, Colo. WEST DR., West 6th and Kipling Avenues. Exec: John Wolfberg,

Denver Drive-In Theatre Corp. (M7-C750-D7-DF-CH3).

Grand Junction, Colo. STARLIGHT, 2028 North Ave. Exec: Loyd Files, Open

Air Amusements, Inc. (M8-C300-D7-ASDF-CH3 ).

Pueblo, Colo. PUEBLO DR., Highway

50. Exec: L. R. Semon, Pueblo Drive-In Theatre. (M7-C500-D7-DF-CH3).

New Mexico

Hatch, N. M. DRIVE-IN, Highway 85. Exec: John Bohannon, Bohannon Bros. (C-lOO-CLOSED).

Las Cruces. DRIVE-IN, Highway 85. Exec: H. F'. and Donna Bowngton. (M7-C375-D7-SF-CH3).


Milan, Ill. MEMRI DR., Junction Highways 67, 92, and 6. Exec: W. A. Brot man, W. A. Brotman and Associates. (M7-C700-D7-SF-CH3).


Davenport, Ia. BEL AIR, Fairgrounds.

Exec: Julius Geertz, Bel Air Corp. (M7-C700-D7-SF-CH3).

Des Moines, Ia. DRIVE-IN, Southeast

14th and Hart. Exec: (TRI) A. H. Blank,

Tri-States Theatre Corp. (M7-C700-D7ASF-CH3).

Fort Dodge, Ia. DRIVE-IN, Highway 169. Exec: Willis Warner, Willis Warner

and Otis Heskett. (M7-C224-D7-SF-CH3) .

Waterloo, Ia. STARLITE DR., Highway 218. Exec: Steven A. Oellerich, Oellerich and Winslow. (M7-C700-D7-SF-CH3).

DETROIT TERRITORY Michigan Adrian, Mich. DRIVE-IN, 3000 North

Adrian Rd. Exec: Vincent Ochs, Adrian Drive-In C0. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Ann Arbor, Mich. YPSI ANN DR., 4675 Washtenaw. Exec: Joseph Kinney, Ypsi

Ann Drive-In Corp. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3 ).

Battle Creek, Mich. DRIVE-IN (Route 12). Exec: Paul 0. Brake, Midwest Enterprises. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Bay City, Mich. TUSCOLA DR. (Route M15). Exec: H. Bernstein, Bay City

Drive-In Corp. (M7-C750-D7-ASDF-CH3 ) .

Benton Harbor, Mich. DRIVE-IN (Route M 139). Exec: J. M. McKernan,

Benton Harbor Drive-In Co. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Constantine, Mich. AUTO (Route 131). Exec: Hal Lego. (M7-C125-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Dearborn, Mich. DEARBORN DR., 26500 Ford Rd. Exec: James Ross, Ross

Theatre Corp. (M7-C650-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Detroit, Mich. EAST SIDE, 19440 Harper. Exec: (MIDWST) Phillip Smith, Mid west Drive-In Theatres, Inc. (M7-C500-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Ferndale, Mich. WEST SIDE, 8 Mile and Schaefer Rd. Exec: (MIDWST) Phillip Smith, Midwest Drive-In Theatres, Inc. (M7-C500aD7-ASDF-CH3).

Ecorse, Mich. MICHIGAN DR. (Route 25). Exec: Nicholas George, Michigan

Drive-In Theatre Corp. (M7-C650-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Flint, Mich. CORUNNA WEST SIDE (Route M21). Exec: W. M. Rice, Drive In Theatre, Inc. (M7-C775-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Flint, Mich. DORT EAST SIDE, 3750 Dort Highway. Exec: W. A. Rice, Drive In Theatre, Inc. (M7-C700-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Flint, Mich. FLINT DR., Mt. Morris Rd. Exec: Ulmer, Gordon and Berne,

Morris Drive-In Corp. (M7-C760-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Fraser, Mich. GRATIOT, 31900 Gratiot Ave. Exec: Alex Schreiber, Gratiot

Drive-In Theatres Co. (M7-C1000-D7-ASDFeCH3).

Grand Rapids, Mich. BELTLINE, 1400 West 28th St. Exec: Jack Locks, Beltline

Drive-In Theatre Co., Inc. (M7-C850-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Grand Rapids, Mich. DRIVE-IN, 5566 South Division. Exec: (OCHH) H. J.

Ochs, Triangle Drive-In Co. (M7-C600-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Hillsdale, Mich. DRIVE-IN (Route M

99). Exec: Howard Sharpley. (M7-C200-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Jackson, Mich. DRIVE-IN, 4400 Ann Arbor Rd. Exec: Lawrence J. Aubry,

Jackson Drive-In, Inc. (M7- C400-D7-ASDF-CH3 ) .

Kalamazoo, Mich. AUTO, 4488 Portage Rd. Exec: (OCHA) A. W. Ochs, Kalae

mazoo Drive-In Theatre Co., Inc. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Lansing, Mich. DRIVE-IN, East Michigan and Cady Rd. Exec: Lawrence J.

Aubry, Lansing Drive-In Corp. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Monroe, Mich. DRIVEJN, 6720 North Monroe. Exec: Joseph Weisberg, Dixie

Drive-In Theatre Corp. (M7-C275-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Muskegon, Mich. AUTO DR., 4291

Grand Haven Rd. Exec: (OCHA) A. W.

Ochs, Muskegon Drive-In Theatre Co. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Pontiac, Mich. BLUE SKY, Opydykc and Walton Rd. Exec: A. Robinson, Blue

Sky Theatre, Inc. (M7-C400-D7-ASDFACH3 ) .

Pontiac, Mich. STARLITE, Williams

Lake and Airport Rds. Exec: Joseph I).

Warden, Starlite Theatre. (M7-C300-D7AASDFeCH3).

Port Huron, Mich. DRIVE-IN, 5737 Lake Rd. Exec: (OCHH) H. J. Ochs,

Bluewater Drive-In Theatre Co. (M7-CGO0-D7-ASDF-CH3).

Saginaw, Mich. AUTO, 5151 East Genesee. Exec: (OCHA) A. W. Ochs, Saginaw

Drive-In Theatre Corp. (M7-C400-D7-ASDF-CH3 ).

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 221