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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 226 (215)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 226
Page 226

Drive-ins Mentioned

Bunker Hill Drive-In Theater, Morgantown, WV
Open Air, Fairchance, PA
City, Grove City, PA
Turtle Creek, Pittsburgh, PA
Garden State Drive-In, Camden, NJ

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 226

Butler, Pa. GEIBELS DR. (Route 68). Exec: J. Geibels. (M5-C200-D6-SF-CH3).

Claysville, Pa. SUNSET BEACH AUTO (Route 40). Exec: C. M. Ducray, C. M.

Ducray and S. Setto. (M8-CBOO-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Cranberry, Pa. SKI HI (Routes 322 and 257). Exec: (KAYT) Ray Woodard,

Kayton Amusement Co. (M6-C432-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Erie, Pa. SKYWAY (Route 5). Exec: Carl Guerrein. (M8-CS50-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Erie, Pa. STAR (Route 5). Exec: J. Gold, Gold and Colman. (M8-C572-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Fairchance. YORK RUN OPEN AIR (Route 119). Exec: Steve Danko, Danko,

Sharpe and Dugan. (M8-C300-D7-ASDF-CH4 ).

Grove City, Pa. LARKFIELD DR.

(Route '78). Exec: Chester De Marsh,

William and Chester De Marsh. (M8-CB50-D6-ASDF-CH4).

Imperial, Pa. PENN LINCOLN DR. (Routes 22 and 30). Exec: Paul Trunick,

Penn Lincoln Drive-In, Inc. (M8AC350-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Irwin, Pa. SUPER 30 DR. (Route 30). Exec: Theodore Grance, Outdoor Theatres, Inc. (M6-C700-D7-ASDFeCH4).

Kittanning, Pa. COMMUNITY (Route 422). Exec: Ernest Stern, Community

Drive-In Theatre, Inc. (M6-CSOO-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Lemont Furnace. STAR LITE DR. (Route 119). Exec: Ted Laskey, Laskey Amusement C0. (M6-C500-D7-SF-CH3).

Manifold, Pa. ROUTE 19 DR. (Route 19). Exec: Gene Basle. (M7AC500-D7-SF-CH3).


DR., Lincoln Way and Route 88. Exec: Joseph Volpe.(M6-C300-D7-ASDF-CH4).


Meadville, Pa. AIRWAY DR. (Route 19). Exec: Edward F. Dodge. (MG-C385vD7-ASDF-CH4).

New Castle, Pa. SKYLINE DR. (Route 224). Exec: Mitchell Kwiatkowski, New

Castle Skyline Drive-In, Inc. (M7-C300-D7-ASDF-CH4).

New Castle, Pa. SUPER CASTLE (Route 422). Exec: Theodore Grance,

Outdoor Theatres, Inc. (M6-C760-D7-ASDF-CH4) .

New Kensington, Pa. FAMILY DR.

(Route 56). Exec: Henry Rolnick, Fam ily Drive-In Theatre, Inc. (M6-C680-D7-ASDF-CH5).

Pittsburgh, Pa. SOUTH PARK (Route 88). Exec: Ernest Stern, Norbert and

Ernest Stern. (M8-C400-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Scottdale, Pa. RUTHORN DR., Pleasant Rd. Exec: Donald J. Ruth, Ruthorn Enterprises. (M6-C300-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Seward, Pa. LAUREL HILL DR. (Route 56). Exec: Walter F. Litzinger. (M6-C275-D7-SF-CH3).

Sewickley, Pa. BROOKSIDE DR., Warrendale Rd. Exec: R. W. Thomson, Jr.,

Thomson and Marr. (M6-C400-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Sharon, Pa. HICKORY DR. (Route 62). Exec: Peter L. Patti, Open Air Amusement, Inc. (M8-C650-D7-ASDF-CH4).

St. Maryis, Pa. FAIRVIEW DR. (Route 255). Exec: Joseph A. Farrell, View Theatre Co. (M6-C400-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Transfer, Pa. REYNOLDS DR., Green ville Rd. (Route 18). Exec: Carl Mc Knight, McKnight and Blake. (M6-C400-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Turtle Creek, Pa. PITTSBURGH (Route 22). Exec: (DRTM) Ben Wachnansy. (M7-C850-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Uniontown, Pa. SMELL, McClellande town Rd. (Route 21). Exec: M. V. Smell, Smell Brothers. (M6-C250-D7-SF-CH3).

Waterford, Pa. SUNSET (Route 97). Exec: Ray Woodard, A. Phelps, E. Wil son and Woodard. (M6-C350-D7-ASDF-CH4).

W. Brownsville, Pa. CUPPIES (Route

40). Exec: Mrs. Betty Wilson, A. Phelps,

E. Wilson and R. Woodard. (M8-C450-D7-ASDF-CH4).

West Virginia Clarksburg, W. Va. WARNER SKY LINE DR. (Route 19). Exec: C. A. Warner. (M6-C400-D7-SF-CH4).

Elkins, W. Va. ELKINS (Route 33). Exec: Bretsel Lang and Harold Talbott. (M6-CZSO-D7-ASDF-CH4).

Meadowbrook, W. Va. SUNSET (Route

19). Exec: (SILAY) Alex Silay, Alex

Silay and Steve Medve, Jr. (M8-C400-D7AASDF-CH4).

Metz, W. Va. WILSON DR. (Route 250). Exec: E. C. Wilson. (M6-C150-D7-SF-CH3).

Morgantown, W. Va. BUNKER HILL, Fairmont Rd. (Route 19). Exec: Orville Pauley. (M6-C90-D7-ASDF-CH4).


Eugene, Ore. EUGENE DR., 2860 South Willamette St. Exec: (UNITE) William R, Forman, Outdoor Theatres, Inc.

(M12-C600-D7-ASDF-CH3 ).

Pendleton, Ore. PENDLETON MOTOR IN. Exec: Steveson and Anderson, Pen dletons Motor-In Theatre C0. (M12-C300sD7-ASDF-CH3).

*Is substituted whenever any data is not yet recorded or available.

THE GARDEN STATE, CAMDEN, NEW IEBSEY. displays its advantageous location in this aerial photo. The theatre is odiocent to three highways.
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 226