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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 252 (241)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 252
Page 252

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 252

is now offering this service to regular roofed theatres as an alternative to fumigation; and early tests have proven both satisfactory and economical.

Cochranls plans for the future involve buying another fog machine to meet the demands of his ever-increasing business; and eventually acquiring a helicopter in which he expects to install a TIFA for large scale insect extermination and control. His possession of a pilotis license and his thorough air training during the war will stand him in good stead here. In all his work, Cochran mixes his own formulations; and avails himself of all current technical literature to keep abreast of a rapidly changing field.

The Fog-Maker

In the equipment field, one of the important recent developments is a lad ically new applicator for insect extermination which is said to be the first portable fog-making unit and also the first machine capable of producing an insecticide fog without the use of heat, gas, steam, smoke or other extraneous materials.

This machine is called the Hession Microsol Fog-Maker after its inventor, John W. Hession, Jr. Microsol, utilizmg two electrically-powered rapidly whirling discs to produce a combination of centrifugal force and simple pressure draws the insecticide from the reservoir It then breaks the chemical down into microscopically nne (15 microns) particles light enough to be air-borne and projects them in the form of swirling, billowing aerosol which will ride air and convection currents. The greatly enhanced effectiveness of an insecticide in aerosol dispersion is now generally established.

Development of the Hession-Microsol is said to have been successfully fulfilled after four years of laboratory and field experimentation, conducted in close cooperation with leading government authorities and scientists. Portable and weighing but 11% pounds, one model is equipped with a translucent nylon reser 1948-49 THEATRE CATALOG

ABOVE is a large Microsol spraying unit mounted on the versatile jeep. The large opening of the spraying unit, through which insecticidal tog is propelled. insures the coverage of large areas with a minimum of time expended. The big cloud also insures ample spraying of all types of foliage.

voir of one quart capacity and is powered by a if; H.P., 110:120 volt A.C.-D.C. Universal motor, air cooled and equipped with sealed bearings which require no maintenance. For drive-in theatre or similar use, a medium size unit of the same general design but gasolineemotor driven is being developed. This model will be mounted on a dolly and transported on a jeep to and around the workThe manufacturer claims a number of advantages for the Microsol machine. Particles are just the right size for a lethal dose. This means that the bulk of the. micron-sized droplets in the aerosol produced by this machine are concentrated in the narrow range of sizes which years of research and field tests have revealed to be the death-dealing

sizes for the insect enemies of mankind. And the Microsol equipment is said to be extremely rapid in getting its insecticide fog over the entire drive-in area. Built primarily of aluminum and powered by a specially-designed, totally enclosed electric motor, many of these units have been operated on eight-hour continuous runs, daily over periods of months, with no damage to the mechanism. The model avoids the use of fuel, steam and propellant gases, uses insecticides alone. The great waste of materials previously emitted as fuel smoke, or as greasy ineffective globules of liquid are said to be totally eliminated.

The materials and the methods are available. There is no reason for a drivein theatre to lose money or patronage because of insect pests.

BELOW is the new Hession Microsol 202. an electrically powered device which provides a new and revolutionary method of producpg continuous aerosol iogs irom concentrated nsecticides. Simple in design. the unit is portable. weighs 11 pounds, operates on house currents. and requires no specxal skill.

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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 252