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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 256 (245)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 256
Page 256

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 256

DIT-MCO Iunior speaker and junction box.

This unit uses a 4"x6" speaker, giving greater cone area than is sometimes available. And it is almost entirely tamper-proof. The speaker grill is backed by a fine wire mesh to prevent damage to the speaker cone from pencils, nail files and other improvised weapons sometimes thrust wantonly through the louvres. An L-pad volume control has a brass shaft and ferrell. A coiled cord, anchored in the case with rubber inserted constant pressure wire clamps, connects the speaker and junction box.

The junction box is of heavy cast aluminum, mounted on the speaker post by means of two Allen 10-24 cup point set screws. Of streamlined construction, it contains the line transformer which is not only edicient but contains taps to

DIT-MCO Standee speaker for playgrounds. DIT-MCO Senior speaker and junction boar.


match ten diderent line impedance values. These leads from the transformer are readily available by means of heavy terminal-strip screw lugs. In addition, the transformer has two independent speaker windings as secondaries. If one speaker should fall, the other would not be affected.

For the operator interested in a lowerpriced and slightly smaller speaker unit, there is a model available which is approximately 6"x43/g"x21&" deep. This junior model features brass-shaft, wirewound volume control, weatherproof speaker unit, soldered magnet, cast aluminum case, and baked hammerloid Finish. Supplied with cast aluminum junction box and line transformer, the entire unit mounts on any 1%" pipe or 2" post.

In parking areas not attainable by conventional in-car speakers, the utilization of a standee speaker will enlarge the effective range of drive-in sound. The speaker unit of the standee model is of waterproof construction and the cast aluminum case, being fabricated from one of the toughest of the industrial metals, can withstand practically any amount of weather and patron abuse.

Approximate size of the speaker is 8',X10t";/:HX5" deep. Said to be absolutely tamper proof, it incorporates a brass shaft, wire-wound Lepad type volume control, which can be pre-set to any desired volume level. The unit is designed to mount on any ll/zl/ pipe or 2" post.

1948 DIT-MCO CENSUS: (No installation totals supplied).


The all-metal Tarrytown-HAN-D-VOX indoor-outdoor movie speakers are distributed internationally by J. E. Robin, Ind. for both regular theatre and drivein installations. Company says that its objective is to uget that movie or re.corded sound where you want it and as you want itfl

Each unit, fully enclosed in a vertical non-breakable, cast-aluminum case, contains a 4 inch permanent magnet speaker and a constant-impedance sound control or special L-pad whereby balanced line impedance is claimed to be matched and maintained at all times for distortionless soundefrom a mere whisper to a commanding volume, with resonance of casing critically proportioned for proper tone quality. The unit contains a waterproof speaker and the company claims that the speaker can be soaked in water and subsequently perform as well as before the dunking. Moreover, the equipment is said to be so rugged that a car can run over the unit without damage.

Speaker housing, made of a nonbreakable cast-aluminum case, is provided with a rubber-covered bracket which hangs on a post cap when not in use, or, on the open car window when serving its audience. Each unit has its own loudspeaker control, allowing volume to be regulated to suit individual taste. For drive-in theatres, the Han-D-Vox is available with cast-aluminum post cap which fits on standard 2H iron pipe.

HAN-D-VOX speaker and junction box assembly.

Manufacturer claims minimized replacement and negligible maintenance for this speaker.

1948 ttHAN-D-VOXE CENSUS: "Many installations?


Another product reHecting Americas recent electronic strides is the Mobiltone in-car speaker unit, manufactured by Theatrecraft Manufacturing Corporation.

The speaker cone, 51/4 inches in diameter, is a General Electric all-weather unit with aluminum voice coil mounting. With the cone itself impregnated with a waterproof substance, and the speaker unit frame built of steel corrosion proofed with a combination zinc and tin coating, the entire speaker unit is claimed to be thoroughly insulated against the three primary agents of cor rosion and deteriorationemoisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide. A cork gasket surrounds the entire face of the cone and fits tightly against the outside housing. The manufacturer states that in this instance cork has proved to be much

MOBILETONE speaker and junction box assembly.

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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 256