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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 258 (247)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 258
Page 258

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 258

RCA speaker featuring roadway and post light.

Furthermore, it is claimed that at the volume level normally used in drive-in theatres, the response of the 4-inch mechanism is superior in tonal quality to that of larger speakers when these are cramped into small housings for the purpose of keeping down the overall size.

The magnet of the 4-inch mechanism weighs 1.47 ounces. The larger magnet is said to increase the sensitivity of the speaker and to allow for greater-thanstandard clearance for the voice coil in the gap.

The mechanism of the 1949 in-car speaker is again processed with the same compounds and components which so successfully withstood a three-day immersion in the iiood waters of the Susquehanna River at the Tri-City Drivein, Endwell, N. Y.; where all but six out of 697 speakers performed satisfactorily after the iiood was over.

Subjection of the RCA speaker to the standard ZOO-hour Navy salt-spray test -r0ughly the equivalent of five years of use under adverse weather conditions -is one of many measures used to insure a completely satisfactory product. As a matter of fact, this speaker has survived tests simulating all kinds of weather in the United States, high and low humidity, heat, cold, rain and snow.

All metal parts of the mechanism are protected by extra heavy cadmium plate ing. A wider-than-standard gap is utilized to overcome the expanding and distorting effects of moisture. The impregnated cone or diaphragm is water-proof and fungus-proof; and all cement joints are made with a special thermoesetting cement.

There are small drain holes in the bottom of the RCA speaker, allowing for drainage in the event that wind-driven rain enters the speaker grille, or moisture condenses within the case during extreme changes in temperature. The case is made of die-cast aluminum and has a baked finish. The combination of metal and finish provides effective protection against humid or other corrosive conditions.

Extra strength is gained through the use of the aluminum die-cast case. In


testing, automobile wheels were run over it several times without damaging the speaker. Both case and speaker were also designed to withstand severe drop tests. Another feature of the RCA speaker is the recessed position of the volume control which protects the knob from possible breakage. The volume control, constructed according to Navy specifications, is tamper-proof.

RCA has recently developed a new junction box with a built-in roadway and post light. The same lamp is directed through two lenses, one of which beams light down the junction box; the other illuminates the darkened roadway next to the ramp. By utilizing the new junction box equipped with this unique roadway and post light, it is said that the drive-in operator can eliminate the need for additional lighting equipment heretofore considered essential for use during the show. One beam of the two-way ramp light illuminates the junction box mounting post and an area at the base of the junction box post. The other beam, projected outward at an adjustable angle to the rear of the car space it serves, throws a clear elongated area of light onto the roadway. This exclusive RCA twoeway ramp lighting system, according to the RCA Theatre Equipment Section, provides an unobtrusive soft lighting pattern over the entire drive-in theatre area, and is said to be as effective as a group of ushers in lighting the way for the customer seeking his parking space. The light sources are hooded, protecting the eyes of the drive-in customer from glare. Optional equipment includes a concessionaire signaling device.

The junction box housing is a heavy

aluminum die-casting in two sections,

with baked-on enamel finish. The lower section, or tray, has the pipe-mounting fiange cast into it as an integral part of the box, thus eliminating the need for purchasing flanges and the extra cost of asembling. Deluxe, heavy rubber covered, rigid steel wire baskets of improved design require no mounting hardware, as the baskets fit into slots in the bottom of the junction box, and are locked in place and held rigid by the cover.

1948 RCA CENSUS: (No installation totals supplied).


The new Simplex speaker utilizes General Electric 4" PM speaker units, which permit the drive-in patron to enjoy high quality sound reproduction regardless of weather conditions. The speaker case is constructed of diecast aluminum alloy which is strong enough to withstand a tremendous amount of careless handling, yet is light enough for a child to carry, claim the manufacturers. A specially designed supporting handle permits speaker mounting on the car regardless of the window position so that the window may be wide open on hot nights and almost entirely closed on rainy nights. The entire case has a shiny gray baked-on finish.

The GE speaker units are weatherproofed to permit their use in any and all locations. Aluminum voice coil

SIMPLEX speaker wilh concession and downlight.

mountings, a radical departure from the common paper base type, reduces to a minimum the objectionable voice coil rasp.

Every Simplex speaker is equipped with a smooth operating constant impedance volume control. The patron may easily adjust the volume to his individual taste with a slight twist of the knob. A

In addition, the new Simplex speaker is available with or without concession call signal facilities. For theatremen who wish to use the concession call feature, a handy push button switch is located on the front of the speaker case directly below the volume control knob. Any patron wishing concession service merely pushes the button which lights the signal on the junction box. Another push on the same button turns the light off.

The Simplex junction box is adaptable to all types of post mounting which permits the drive-in owner to use locally available materials for greater construction economy. The lower casting is designed for mounting on a 4"x4" wood post or a 11/2" or 2" pipe. Threading and fianges are unnecessary. The unit is merely slipped over the end of the pipe and locked in place with an allen-head setscrew. Cable connections are quickly and conveniently made to the terminal strip which has been designed for every type of connection common to the electrical field. The matching transformer supported to the terminal strip out of the way of external wiring is vacuum impregnated to make it almost permanently weatherproof.

The manufacturers also claim a unique method for hanging the speakers on the junction box. Speaker baskets are swung back at an angle on both sides of the unit so that it is possible for patrons to see them in silhouette when returning them during a performance. Two separate applications of neoprene are vulcanized to the basket rods to assure a tough protective coating.

Concession call signals and post lights may be had as integral parts of the coupling units or as optional equipment whenever desired. The unit may be mounted on the post in an off center
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 258