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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 259 (248)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 259
Page 259

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 259

position to permit a idown-light, effect for the post light. The light is focused to throw a beam on the front of the concrete base and provides sufficient illumination to adequately mark each post position. . 1948 SIMPLEX CENSUS: (New and no installations possible before 1949.)


The Soundmaster in-car speaker is a product. of the Ballantyne Company. Of completely new design, the 4" speaker is made especially for Ballantyne by one of the largest companies manufacturing speaker equipment. It features a press fit ground magnet guaranteed against slipping and warpage, and a speaker cone, completely weather treated. Volume control centers in a wirewound 340 degree rotational knob with positive stops.

The speaker unit itself is spring mounted in the case, in a floating torsional mount to eliminate pull on the speaker cone with consequent warpage and structure distortion. The cast louvres are double strength and it is said that it is practically impossible to damage the case by dropping it or running an automobile over it. Although the speaker comes equipped with regular cords, coil cords can be supplied at a small additional fee.

Made from heavy JAN sand cast aluminum with 20,000 lb. per square inch tensile strength and coated with a baked-on bronze hammerloid finish, the

Soundmaster speaker housing presents high resistance to corrosive inhuences. To prevent Water from collecting, the case has full drainage both at the speaker cone level and at the bottom. The entire speaker is unconditionally guaranteed for one year from installation with a nominal replacement feature thereafter.

The junction box, also of sand cast aluminum with hammerloid finish, is assembled so that it can be opened from

SOUNDMASTEB speaker and junction box.

the top for checking of interior mechanisms. It has a heavy duty matching transformer and is also equipped with a terminal strip for easy connecting and disconnecting of speakers. This box is built to accommodate any standard size poste2", 21/2", or 3"ewith adaptors supplied for posts of other diameters. At a small additional cost, the junction box can be equipped with adjustable downlights.

The Ballantyne Company takes pride in these special features of the Soundmaster speaker: The speaker is bafHemounted in the caseethere is a cast-inmetal collar which recesses the speaker 3/; of an inch from the front of the case and produces a full baflie effect for improved tonal quality; it is reported that the bronze hammerloid finish gives the drive-in a beautiful appearance with the speakers standing out against the background in daylight hours; the case is built for effective drainage as described above.

1948 SOUNDMASTER CENSUS: (New and no installations possible before 1949).


The Theatre Equipment in-car speaker, manufactured by the Theatre Equipment Company, is supplied in one basic model, designed and engineered by the Permofiex Corporation. The design includes a treated dustcap to prevent moisture from penetrating; and a speaker cone made of Kopak especially impregnated with a weatherproofing compound to give it great wet strength without affecting the quality of the reproduced sound adversely.

For optimum sound reproduction, the speaker utilizes a special heavy magnet which gives it a frequency response range of 140 to 7500 cycles. This successfully meets the frequency response requisites of the conventional 35 mm. soundtrack. Speaker design enhances low frequency response; and vents are dimensioned to create the highest apparent sound level possible. The company claims that the all cast aluminum casing makes the speaker practically non-resonant at any frequency. And the grill and speaker mounting, using no screws or nuts, is said to eliminate rattles and mechanical vibrations.

Since case. and cover material is of cast aluminum, weather resistance is automatically built into the speaker. However, salt water and corrosion proof treatment are available on special order, if the proposed environment is especially humid or salty.

A specially designed hanger plate makes it possible to hand the speaker in the automobile door with the window all the way down. Design involves the use of a highly brittle alloy of aluminum for the hanger plate as protection in those instances when absent-minded or impetuous drivers take off without first replacing the speaker on its accustomed stand. When a premature exit is made, the hanger plate fractures and the

THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO. speaker assembly.

speaker pops out of the car before the electrical connecting cord is damaged. Hanger plate is comparatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

Volume control features positive mechanical stops which do not use the electrical arm for a stop. The cord into the speaker is secured with a patented strain relief and the othervend terminates in a special plug with a cap of bar aluminum, having very heavy walls and protected by a method of clamping the wire to afford a measure of strain relief. The plug is of 3=circuit type and the ground is not used. This keeps both sides of the ordinary circuit above electrical ground and divides in half the possibility of accidental shorts.

The junction box case is constructed of cast aluminum, in only two pieces. Top part has cast-in tearsh for the hanging of the speaker with no effort or inconvenience. The tears" have been designed to prevent the speaker from being knocked or blown off the junction box.

Inside, the transformer is of several times the power rating required for activating the two speakers and has been vacuum-impregnated and packed to a hard varnish finish to afford the greatest possible protection from humidity. As a protection against'coil to coil shorts, the transformer coil is completely insulated from ground by a mounting on micarta strip.

The bottom of the junction box can be furnished with mounts for a wood post, 2" pipe, or 2" tubing, with other types of mounts available on special request. The pipe mount is not of the thread on type but uses two hardened set screws for fastening.

The external finish of the equipment is of Navy-gray wrinkle. This, it is claimed, is the most durable finish that the company has found. It has a pleasing appearance, and does not readily show marks. If desired, other finishes can be supplied. Special tidown" lights and independent ifcallii lights can also be built into the unit.

1948 THEATRE EQUIPMENT CENSUS: 16 installations in the Ohio torritory.

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 259