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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 272 (261)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 272
Page 272

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 272

beam etched redectors. Three mountings, including a portable base, will meet all common requirements.

In more detail, the Type L-83 includes (1) die-cast aluminum socket housing, with aluminum paint finish; (2) heavyduty porcelain-shell mogul socket, including lamp grip, for keeping the lamp in fixed focus; (3) combination waterresisting and cable-snubbing gland; (4) four-foot cable (2 conductor, No. 12) for convenient wiring; (5) strong galvanized steel trunnion bracket, providing for rotation through 240 degrees vertical and 360 degrees horizontal (both vertical and horizontal trunnions are equipped with repositioning stops of diecast aluminum, fitting over the degree scale and locking into position with a set screw, all of which facilitates resetting if the Hoodlight is rotated for servicing).

(6) locking handle, permitting one side clamping, and eliminating the necessity for using wrenches in making adjustments; (7) degree scales and repositioning stops; (8) asbestos-treated gasket for heatproof, water-tight joint; (9) quick-acting, self-locking lugs, insuring firm seating of door against reiiector; (10) high-efficiency, long-life reHector of Alzak-finished aluminum, polished for narrow beam or etched for wide beam; (11) heat-and-weather-resisting molded glass lenses; (12) single extruded gasket, completely surrounding the door glass edge, insuring waterproof seal; (13) hinged door swinging down for easy servicing, and (14) hat base, fitting directly on standard mount THE AURA OF THE MAN MADE MOONLIGHT is easily discernible in. the photograph below. Lights at the top of the IOU-toot tower generate sufficient candle power to permit the safe operation of automobiles with headlights


ing, pipe clamp, slip Fitter, or portable base.

The Monotube Pole

Combining adequate strength, good appearance, and long life, the Union Metal Manufacturing Companyis metal Monotube fioodlighting pole is designed, engineered, and built by a company specializing in producing steel poles for all types of services for 40 years.

The Monotube floodlighting pole is made of high-grade, open-hearth steel, the exclusive cold-rolling process used in fabricating the pole, raising the yield point and ultimate strength of the original metal.

In fabricating the pole, a sheet of SAEeIOIO steel is first cut on a taper to accurate size. It is then formed into a tube, and electrically arc-welded with one continuous longitudinal seam. This tube is then placed on a tapered mandrel and cold-rolled under tremendous hydraulic pressure to the desired cross section, and with assured uniform metal thickness throughout. The pole tapers uniformly from top to bottom, with the greatest diameter at the bottom, providing maximum strength with minimum weight of material.

In standardizing on four normal heights, 40, 60, 80, and 100 feet, the Union Metal Manufacturing Company adequately meets the lighting requirements for all major outdoor events. More important, this standardization helps to effect a favorable reduction in the cost of production, permits stocks to be carried, and makes prompt shipments of poles possible. These advan tages would be lost if the poles had to be tailor-made for each installation.

The 100-foot pole, the one with which drive-in theatres will be primarily concerned, is made of three telescoping sections. The bottom section is 23 feet,six inches long, and 18 inches in diameter at the bottom, tapering to slightly over 15 inches. The first joint is 24 inches long. The middle section, 40 feet long, tapers from slightly over 16 inches down to practically 11 inches. The top section is 40 feet long, with an 18-inch joint, and tapers from 11.66 inches to 6.06 inches in diameter. When put together in the field, a pole is made that is 100 feet long, with a bottom diameter of nominally 18 inches and a top diameter of nominally six inches.

The poles are designed for underground wiring service, and to withstand a 100-mile-an-hour wind when mounting the maximum number of fioodlights in the head arrangement selected.

The 40-and-60-foot poles are shipped in one piece, the 80-foot pole in two pieces, and the 100-foot pole in three pieces, as earlier described. The several sections for each size pole are carefully shop-fitted before shipment, and properly marked for field identification. The taper assures a tight field joint when the sections are forced together. No welding is necessary.

Projecting this standardization idea still further, engineers have devised a combination safety-service platform and mounting frame which is simplicity itself. The safety platform, Which also serves as the mounting frame for the fioodlights, is designed with extra brac turned off as well as allowing patrons to walk about treelv without fear of stumbling. and do not affect in any way the brilliancy of the picture on the screen. Note the normal lighting from the concession enclosure.

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 272