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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 312 (299)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 312
Page 312

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 312

Plastic-Finished Paneling in Theatre Decor

. New Materials Provide Economical Means of Creating Attractive and Practical Interiors

The use of plastic-finished wall and ceiling paneling as an economical and effective means of creating theatre interiors of outstanding beauty and practicality has gained considerable favor, in recent years, among alert theatre operators and owners. With the introduction of a premium quality pro-decorated wallboard in a wide range of colors and patterns, a new material is now available that is easily and quickly installed, can be adapted to any architectural or structural requirements and will resist the wear and tear of public usage, with a minimum of maintenance, time and expense.


Premium Quality Paneling

Because of the abuse to which any interior material is subjected when installed in any public building, We refer, in this article, only to the best quality, factory-finished wall and ceiling panels. Typical of this class of product is the hard, yet hexible surface which has been permanently integrated with a tempered presdwood base. The surface of such V premium-quality wallboard is high-heatbaked, a process which fixes the colors permanently and seals the surface against dirt, grime, moisture and grease, as well as mild acids, alkalies and stains.

Colors and Patterns

There are many features of premium quality pre-finished panels which recommend their use by theatre operators. To take these features in their logical order, we should start first with colors and patterns. The modern theatre employs a wider range of architectural design and decorative treatment than any other type of building. Because of this, many materials which might otherwise meet the specialized requirements of this field are not well suited for use in theatres. The. new wallboard, however, which is available in many colors and patterns and usually in at least two finishes, permits the broadest sort of application.

Unlimited Applications

Where to use premium-quality wall and ceiling paneling in the theatre is an easy question to answer. Almost with" out exception, the answer is: everywhere ain any room where colorful, sanitary interiors are desired. In checking over the various patterns and colors of paneling available for theatre interior use, We find that lobbies, foyers, auditorium,



Installation Enzinr-er. Marsh Wall Products, Inc.

smoking rooms, lounges, rest rooms, candy counters, and othces all benefit through the use of this modern method of creating distinctive, practical interiors. There are gleaming, brilliant colors available for creating outstanding, individual color schemes in lounges and rest rooms; sparkling white or eggshell colors for toilet rooms. For auditoriums and offices, there is practically no limit to the choices available, ranging from brilliant colors, in high-gloss or semigloss finishes, to warm, luxurious wood grains and impressive marble patterns.


Installation, a particularly annoying problem in modernization programs, is facilitated by wallboard. Because it can be easily and quickly installed over any clean, dry surface, it greatly simplifies decorating work, on new buildings or old. The better wallboards, most of which are packaged in wall-size sheets, are easy to cut and fit, usually requiring only regular carpenteris tools for the complete job. They can be installed around curves, fitted to irregularlyshaped rooms and used in many other ways to simplify finishing of distinctive interiors. Maintenance crews can install this material in a few hours, with no

' interruption of business. As a rule, com plete installation instructions accompany each shipment.

The installation itself requires the establishing of key lines from which measurements are made; and the use of an approved adhesive, applied to the back of each panel. Panels are measured and cut, adhesive is spread and installation is made. Sheets are kneaded and pressed to obtain a perfect bond between wallboad and wall surface. Some manufacturers suggest bracing the panels overnight to insure the most satisfactory results.

Use of Mouldings

Installation is further simplified, and

A DRAB, unattractive lounge, above. has been transformed miraculously into a modern and eye appealing room, as seen below, by the iudicious use of plastic paneling on walls, ceiling and door.
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 312