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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 333 (320)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 333
Page 333

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 333

MAHARAM FABRIC CORPORATION believes their new Regent Damask has exlensive decorative merit.

example, often disproves the old saw

about Hnothing new under the sun" by frequently offering novel designs and fabrics to enhance interior decoration beauty in motion picture theatres, nightclubs, and ballrooms.

Their submission stated as follows: ftThis business of inventing new interior decoration motifs is no ivory tower affair. As specialists in the field for over forty years we are used to cooperating with drapery studios and prominent architects and designers throughout the country to assist them with their individual decorative problems.

ffThe conclusion we arrive at in the closing weeks of 1948 then, is one based on a wealth of experience. And our spe cialists find damasks are still the lead' ing fabric for Wall covering purposes in the motion picture theatre. This is true partly because damask fabrics have proven their value in satisfying acoustical requirements. It is also true for the interesting decorative possibilities inherent in damask. When the walls of a theatre are decorated with a damask, there are available myriad varied applications of colors and decorations that will blend with the stage draperies. In a specific example, we know that many beautiful effects can be obtained with harmonizing colors: Rayon plush in either a panne or an erect pile effect, used in conjunction with heavy satin festooned stage draperies, will highlight the color of the walls.

CONTINENTAL THEATRE STUDIOS is iustiiiably proud of their decorations in the Copley. Akron. Ohio.

ffThere are many designs available in damask fabrics for use in all patroninhabited parts 'of the theatre;-wall treatments for the auditorium, lobby and lounges; special decorative effects for the stage; and many other applications are possible. One of themore recently developed fabrics, Regent Damask, offers a 25 inch matching repeat pattern which makes it suitable for wall coverings, stage curtains, and draperies. This damask is made in the most desired decorative color combinations, such as gold with green, red 'with gold, woodrose with eggshell, and turquoise with eggshell; and it is the type of damask that will blend with stage interiorsfi

Ever since the novelty wore off and moving pictures had to present high quality entertainment in a hall somewhat more pretentious than a mere barn, interior decoration has ably com Iplemented the dynamic show on the

screen with a subtle artistry of its own. As some historians of our day have frankly commented, the theatre environment cultivates the feeling of escape as much as the drama in light and shadows.

Functional theatres, of course, are basic and represented the first stage in the evolution of the moving picture house. However, the functional should never be allowed to dominate or submerge those elements which beckon to the patron and lead him to an extremely pleasant if temporary visit with a world of make believe.

The average citizen wants this fantasy along with the show and expects to get it at his favorite theatre. He (and she) likes to dress up and go out for the evening more or less frequently. And to make that evening out a genuine success for the patron, glamour and all the other make-believe intangibles will have to be in evidence. Therefore, according to the Continental Theatre Studios, it is the duty of designers and decorators to supply the dream world which the patron can enter and relax in. The cinema industry spares no expense in creating extravaganzas; therefore, the environment in which these creations are presented should exude a similar quality to enhance the spirit of fantasy.

Continental qualifies its beliefs as follows: "Color and design have other purposes, too. They can be utilized as an important directional factor. They can draw the patrons attention to a certain space or repel it. They can create a feeling of space or confinement, gaiety or depression. When the final artistic touch of lighting is added, a potential decorative psychology is present which can transport the movieegoer entirely out of his ordinary hunidrum world into a vivid dream world. An ideal theatre decor will please his fancy with such pleasant memories that he will return again and again to partake of this happy aesthetic experience a and thereby contribute to the theatre operatoris own happy experie ence, the jingle of tumbling coins and the rustle of folding money in the till.

Hln the Copley Theatre of Akron, Ohio, the patrons realize their first feeling of luxuriousness in the inner lobby and standee space. The thickly carpeted floor truly becomes their magic carpet for an evening of make believe. And the

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 333