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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 372 (359)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 372
Page 372

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 372

Combine Beauty and Efficiency

14/2 alga o/[er a de&cilon 0/

Spotlights 0 Border Light's Footligllfs 0 Follow Spots and a complete line of stage hardware and cur tain tracks

Whatever your problem, our skilled staff of technical experts will assist you. Please donlt hesitate to call or write. Beautitul stage draperies at Music Hall, Kansas City . . a Great West ern Installation.

DRRPERIES. For over 30 years Great Western has served theatres with the largest selec VARIFOBM CURTAINS (or beauty and individuality. Variterm represents the highest pinnacle ol achievement in stage curtains. A tiny opening. a full stage. or any variation in between (beautifully draped and festooned) is available at the touch of a linger, all made possible by the Varilorrn design

tion of house draperies in the widest variety of colors and with new interest in texture and design. Our skilled personnel produces these beautiful draperies tor the linest theatres

and the magic of the Duplex ' l l and auditoriums . . . efficiently Curtain Control Board. DUPLEX ELECTRONIC CONTROL BOARD. Newly . . . economically. developed. Provides every essential o! perfect lightingl Easy to operate. Flexible. Low main! tenance cost. Features one man operation of ' entire lighting system.




1324 GRAND AVENUE Phone Vlctor 9078 KANSAS CITY 6. MO

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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 372