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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 383 (370)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 383
Page 383

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 383

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D 0 I G T 5 ) cl (2) f (Include Them in Your Building Plans and Specifications) Xlt an wecttona [9'15 W , , ILLUMINATED - APPROVED WITH UNoEanIm Good Quallty 0 Attractive 0 Practlcal AND UNION LABELS. Wired complete um socket and all fittings less lamp bulbs. EAsy

Low COSI' Signs 1116* Meel' A" Ralluirements INSTALL on outlet box. Illustrations alum-"3mm i/IZHI actual size.

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Dimensions of recessed box which fits inside

wall Iii/4" x 0/2" x 3" deep. Size of outside frame whlch fits flush with wall lip/{i x 8%".

'lZB-L :i/ 'IZB-M 4" Letters / 4" Letters

NEW No- '28 signs NOW AVA'L- V liming.gfocsonsrssismss $193; "if ABLEi lmmedioie deiivery from SiOCk' 3,, ' I28-X, Land M panels are opaque blackibuck: No' 101 Wail mounted box type adaptable for H'igzid ground with white translucent letters. Red. either recess or suriace installation. One S f I d. b I am: I; 9;; lglfiugniaglfgsd wgglgramsmgg 3 Piece die Siomped box and frame OI NO- on lactife moun e ' ox exPosea local regulations may require. No. l28-LP and 20 gauge steel, rustprooted, chrome-like MP panels have black figure silhouette will Useful Features plated finish. EASY TO INSTALL. - ggssgedgfgfyr and blue color background COMB'NED '" ONE ATTRACT'VE UN" Use the following economical, standard, medium base lamp bulbs to illuminate} ' SANITARY DRINKING WATER VOICT signs. 5-11, 71/.) Watt; 8-14, 10 Watt; A-15>, 15 Watt; A-l9, 25 Watt. 1 0 DECORATIVE MIRROR .# l


DO you want to create atmosphere and environment that will attract more business?

Don't you think it's good business to provide comfort and satisfaction to please customers and moire them come again and again?

Then use Voigt Drinking Fountains. Available with or without electric cooling equipment.

Roughing-in diagrams turnished with all


gunman lIlE'illlIlllMSi


details. measurements. etc., for installation, CEILING SHOWING SHOIYVING FLAT WALL I b. d I I . I I. a x '2" Glass 4 1 I2 Glass SHOWING

p um Ing an e ec rIca connec Ions. I 2'3 SingIe Face 2.0 Single Face 6 x I2" Glass Select the one you Me best . . . Order It 214 Double Face 2ll Double Face 2l2 Single Face

now'or influde it in your building Plans ("Id Plated Brushed Chrome finish on die stamped lamp housings of NO. 20 gauge steel. Rigid, substantial construction. SPECIncahoMs Any lettering sandblasted on V4" polished plate glass in 4 I: I2", 6 x l2", or 8 x l2" sizes. Specify size glass or heIght of letters

Spun metal lamp housings in plated chrome-like finish. Sandblasted letters on V4" Polished Plate glass.


l4B-L-3" LADIES l48-M-- " MEN



EXTENDED WALL EXTENDED WAL lll-L-l" LADIEs ll2-L-I" LADIES 'IIBLS 2" Ladies Single Face llI-M-l" MEN ll2-M-l" MEN llB-LD 2" Ladies' Double Face . (Double Face) Elle-MS 2" Men Single Face CEILING I Ila-MD 2" Men Double Face ll7-LS 2'/;" Ladies' Single Face I tSpecity letters nearest wall* ll7-LD Z'/z"Ladies'Double Face i.e. L or S in Ladies; M or N lI7-MS 2'/;" Men Single Face in Men. lI7-MD 2'/;" Men Double Face NO. 100 r [I vom'r COMPANY 1649 NORTH "on 5*" PHILADELPHIA 22 PEN'H' ILLUMINATING ENGINEERS M DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS Telephone: STevenson 4-0600 I To [ml/min Inquiry w I/w II/mw. {Ilium rum/inn llu' Nil/mm um! [mgr "INN/MW. THEATRE CATALOG 1948-49
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 383