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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 384 (371)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 384
Page 384

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 384

l G T cagAling (jui/oment


MODERN DECOR ALL woll brack els are wired for 2 Circuils pr0viding inlensifies OI variable illumina fion. No. l circuil provides briglnL while or subdued amber lighf for

house lighling: No. 2 circuif. soil. resllul color illuminofion for Show lighls.

All ifems have approved Underwrifer and Union labels. YOU ARE SAFE AND SURE WITH VOIGT EQUIPMENT.

No. 144 * Whife Alobosler ll No. IZZ-A-Holf cylinders of Whife Alobcsfer gloss. Two l No. ISPAII melol for Indi- I No. l04-Mefol louvred VErglcbs. 4 sedion illuslrafedi sections illusfroled. Mode in I, 2x 3 or 4 secfion in 6, 8, recIL Lighfing. 4 sections il- I Iiccl fins conceal lump Mode in II 2, 3i 4 or more i l0 and IT diameter gloss. Mefol porls finished in gold. lusfroled. Mode in I, 2. 3. l bulbs yet allow a uniform section; 3 lighfs inf each l 4 or mhore SeCiion; 3 lighls glow :f soff Iighf lol fill+er semen. Mefal arts inished - ' - - ' ' in ace secfion. Aluminum fhru f e openings simior o in gold. P No. Sechons SIze nghfs No. Sechons SizeII LIghfs finish. gold mm- : a venefion blind gffecf- Now Na. Sediom Si" Ughfs h '2' I beu 3 In 2 38XI0H 7 No. Sedions Size Ligms fInIsh WII'I'I gold IrIm. l u "M 2 42*" 7 l54 4 37xl2" I2 No. Size Lights

.44 4 4ox'2n '2 I I2I-A I IBXB 3 I23 3 54xmu '0 U I.

'43 3 3lxl2" q I I B I 20 w. 4 u l53 3 29sz 9 l04 26x8 I3

I41 2 22m" - 6 I '2 ' * WA 3 60le I2 l52 2 2lxl2" s l04-A 24x8" 9

MI I I2xl2" 3 l l2I-C I 22xI2" 5 I24 4 74xl2" I5 l5l I I4xl2" 3 l I04-B 48x3" I7

.q ---\..\ ..\.- \. .x..\--\..\.- \u\..\.. \u\u\u\u\u\ n\.-\u.s..\u\u\u\.-\..\tuxust.\.-\..\..x..\uxn\u\..\..\u\.-\us

No. 109

No. I70

24" diamefer circle wifh concenIric rings sond-blasfed and colored in shaded gold on Iranslucenf white alcbasIer or? glass. Decorafive, edge-lighfed, V4" polished plaIe glass fins on

Indirecf Wall Bracket wifh luminous glass edges. ngm is reflecfed up and down. Gold finish metal.

Number Glass Sixe Lighfs Circuifs $532,353 3:55:12. yrgjdmigg; I09 21," Iong 5 2 (3e2) pads finished in gold.

WM 22" long 4 2 (2 x2) No. m

loqva lei/2H long 3 2 (2* I) 24" didmeIer circle only: l09.C [0/1" long 2 I less glass fins on each side;

ofherwise some as No. I70.





1649 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA 22. PENNA. Telephone: STevenson 4-0600



1948-49 THEATRE CATALOG Tu [mil/lair Inquiry Il' I/m' III/arr. Nan murmur: Ilw I'UIIINII' mm [mm mun/1N.
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 384