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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 416 (403)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 416
Page 416

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 416

oiling bearings throughout; and uncluttered lamphouseeno rods, pans, wires, etc.

External features include: Ammeter, rheostat, arc imager through optically corrected lens and are vision windows; mirror iiame shield and light cut-off dowser operated by dowser handles on both sides of lamp; manual controls for are positioning outside lamphouse on operating side; accessible terminal plate; fully ventilated through double, heavily insulated doors; and finished in gray wrinkle with anodized aluminum trim.

Lighimas'l'er Rectifiers

Lightmaster rectifiers are an economical and dependable means of converting alternating current to direct current for the operation of arc lamps.

Enclosed in attractive, 16-gauge steel cases, finished in gray, baked-on wrinkle paint, the Lightmaster line is complete for the entire range of 40 to 80 amperes. Included are the 4-tube, 40-amp. designed for 1 kilowatt lamps; the 4-tube 60-amp. single phase, and 4-tube 60-amp. three phase for 45-60 amp. lamps; and the 6-tube 80-amp. single phase, and 6tube 80-amp. three phase for 45-80 amp. lamps.

Compact and streamlined, the rectifiers require little floor space and can be placed either directly under the lamp being served, or can be operated from a remote corner. The housing is fully ventilated with a natural draft escaping through slotted sides and top. The top is hinged to provide ready access to tubes.

Full provision is made in all rectifier types for wide range voltage adjustment and connector strips and conduit wiring holes are standard. These rectifiers are available in 50 or 60 cycles at the same cost.

Model R Proiecfor

As heretofore mentioned, the Ballantyne Company purchased the Gardiner Super Projector from the L. J. Gardiner Company, of Columbus, Ohio, in 1947. The projector is again in production and bears the designation of the Royal Soundmaster nModel R".

Many of the outstanding features of the projector will be retained, such as the direct drive, barrel-type rear shutter, the easily removable film gate for inspection and cleaning, improved rigid gate mounting, framing knob on both working and non-working sides of the projector, double bearing intermittent, cast iron main frame, and alternate steel and fibre gears which assure quiet service.

The Royal Soundmaster direct drive barrel-type rear shutter is built into the projector mechanism, with all parts of the mechanism properly co-ordinated to assure etiicient, trouble-free operation# no drag on mechanism, no strain on any of the gears. The Royal Soundmaster shutter is the only barrel-type rear shutter that is driven directly from the intermittent fiywhecl shaft. This unique method of construction eliminates the possibility of backlash developing between the intermittent and the shutter. The perfect dissolving effect of the barrel-type rear shutter, on the light


beam, is accomplished without the complicated synchronizing apparatus necessary where the conventional disc type of double front and rear shutter is used. The Royal Soundmaster barrel-type rear shutter is equipped with flanges that provide air cooling of utmost efficiency.

Among the changes now being incorporated in the improved projector are a complete new streamlined external design, overall enlarging of projector to provide spacious internal working room, shock-proof spiral gears, micrometer lens focusing, full width doors to provide

adequate working space, and heavy nonwarping aluminum doors and housing.

Model 1800 Base

As a complement to the new Model R projector and Model 8 soundhead, a new Soundmaster base is available for immediate distribution. Attractively decorated in chrome, the base is modern-styled and streamlined with a forward slant that adds to an attractive appearance. The Model 1800 is available in the "Hitilt" for drive-ins as well as standard theatre use. The Hi-tilt has an unusual

THE NEW BALLANTYNE Projection and Sound assembly consists of: Royal Soundmaster Model H projector head, Royal Soundmaster Model 8 sound head, Lightmuster Model 4570 hi-intensity are lamp. and Royal Soundmaster Model 1800 streamlined base. Also in the line are rectiliers and horn systems.
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 416