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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 418 (405)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 418
Page 418

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 418

A New 35mm Projector for Theatre Use

Details of the Purpose. Engineering, and Operating Factors of the Recently Introduced 66131'enkert #60,7

In 1939 the Brenkert Light Projection Company (now a Radio Corporation of America subsidiary) introduced to the theatre field a strikingly different 35mm projector. Three unique features of this projector were: (1) automatic lubrication (2) heavy duty construction of both intermittent mechanism and gear train (3) easily removable sub-assemblies. Typical of the practical field acceptance of these features is the very first installation. A pair of Brenkert Deluxe 80 heads were installed in this theatre in 1939 and this same pair of heads has been continuously operating ever since. The cost of replacement parts has been negligible and these units have not been overhauled to date. Even so, projection is of the highest quality, and the exhibitor is so completely sold on Brenkert features, that every new pair of heads he purchases for other theatres of his chain are Brenkert projectors.

Until the introduction of the new Brenkert 60 projector, we had available only the Brenkert Deluxe 80. Many exhibitors and owners of smaller theatres and chains were anxious to obtain these unique Brenkert features in a medium priced projector. In answer to this wide spread demand, it was decided to enter the medium price field with a new Brenkert projector. In order to appreciably reduce the price we were faced with two alternatives. The first would be a retention of the same precise tolerances in manufacture which would result in a projector of highest quality and through the elimination of certain expensive deluxe refinements to effect the necessary price reduction. The second alternative would be to so open up manufacturing tolerances that overall manufacturing costs would be effectively reduced, but of course, the end product would be far from the long life precision mechanism typified by the Brenkert Deluxe 80 projector.

We believe that through the past nine years the fact has been well established that Brenkert projectors continue to provide highest quality projection with a minimum of maintenance cost through out their very long life. It therefore seemed essential to continue this policy and produce only a projector which is a truly precision device in every sense of the word. The second choice outlined above was eliminated and a projector was produced which is made to the same precise tolerances as the Brenkert Deluxe 80, but in which we have replaced certain deluxe refinements with rugged, simpler counter parts.

Design Features

Now that we have outlined essentially how we decided to proceed with the general design and manufacture of the Brenkert 60 projector let us get down



RCA Victor Division, Radio Corporation of America Camden. New Jersey

The new Brenkert 60 projector is a companion to the Brenkert Deluxe 80 projector. It has the same automatic lubrication, heavy duty construction of both intermittent mechanism. and gear train, and removable sub-assembly design which have been so satisfactory in the Brenkert Deluxe 80 projector. The Brenkert 60 projector is available with either a single rear shutter or a single rear and single front shutter. Through simplification of design an approximate saving of 20% has been effected, so that the Brenkert 60 incorporates outstanding features and highest quality projection throughout its long life, but is within the price range of the smaller size theatre.

to more specific details. We can do this more clearly with photographs. Figure 1 clearly indicates the close similarity between the Brenkert Deluxe 80 on the left and the Brenkert 60 projector on the right.

Figure 2 shows the gear side of these projectors. Here we can appreciate the simplicity of the new Brenkert 60. The essentials of highest quality projection are all present. The use of the long single shutter shaft, which runs from the rear shutter all the way through to

the front shutter, together with its associated drive, is appreciably less complex and therefore markedly less expensive to produce than the more intricate double rear shutter drive of the Brenkert Deluxe 80.

Automatic Lubrication

All Brenkert projectors have three most important features which guarantee and supply rock steady projection throughout a long life. The iirst of these features is Automatic Lubrication. Figure 3 shows this feature as applied to the Brenkert 60 projector.

All moving parts of Brenkert projectors are automatically and continuously lubricated. No hand oiling is required. Castings are specially treated to eliminate possibility of oil leakage.

A positive driven pump inside the projector main frame casting delivers a continuous how of oil through a large copper tube from the reservoir at the baSe of the casting to a rotary oil distributor at the top of the gear train. This rotary oil distributor is perforated in such a way that the various holes are in line with each gear and bearing in the gear train. When the projector is in operation, oil is pumped from the reservoir to the rotary oil distributor and then showered over all moving parts.

All shafts are spiral-grooved the entire length of the bearings. Oil is forced along the entire length of the bearings continuously and drains back into the reservoir. A full pint of oil is used in each Brenkert projector. This oil circulates continuously throughout the projector, including the intermittent mechanism. The circulating oil which acts as

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 418