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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 423 (410)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 423
Page 423

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 423

A new lamp has now been introduced to operate with the Simplex "SP", projectorea 40-ampere Junior-High lamp which will produce a snow white light and Will project a screen image comparable with that produced by any of the standard 40 ampere simplified high intensity type lamps. The light volume is sufficient to project a satisfactory picture up to 18 feet in width. The lamp weighs only 50 pounds and measures 23"x13"x13", burns a 6 mm. by 9" negative and a 7 mm. by 12" copper-coated positive. In round figures it projects 2000 lumens of light. On the other hand, the low intensity lamp projects 1000 lumens, and the Mazda, 600 lumens.

The Simplex "SP" has many important features: 1. An automatic fire shuttere governor control operatedehas a second film loop trip. Fire possibility is therefore minimized. 2. Construction of the film trap and gate not only serves to eliminate buckling of film, but actually straightens it out at the aperture during projection, thereby giving a clearer and steadier picture. 3. Convenient lateral adjustment of film insures proper location of sound track at all times. 4. Takeup sprocket eliminates uneven film pull on sound sprocket by means of a loop between the sound and take-up sprocket.

5. Capacitor driving motor requiring small starting current, provides satisfactory operation on ordinary house lighting circuit. 6. Revolving cut-off shutter is entirely enclosed. This is similar to that used in the finest modern professional equipment. It is claimed that it reduces heat upon the film at least 50%, improves projection, increases life of the film, and reduces repair and replacement of parts. '7. Through an accurately machined curved sound aperture plate which keeps film in perfect optical plane with relation to the sound reproducing optical system, the highest professional sound reproduction is secured. This aperture plate also prevents gathering of emulsion on film at this point, and the weaving of the film in passing through the reproducing light beam. 8. Photoelectric cell is mounted directly behind the sound aperture plate and, with the exception of a small window to allow passage of light from the optical system, is completely enveloped by a shield. 9. Adjustable take-up provides even tension of film for all size reel hubs. 10. An advanced scientific lubrication system prevents over-oiling or danger of having bearings bind. Through manifolds, oil is led to porous type bronze bearings, where it is absorbed and then

WITH SIMPLIFIED HIGH INTENSITY arc light and accompanying recliiiex if is a modern sound projector.

fed to the shafts as required. 11. Gyroscopic filter assures proper control of film speed at the scanning point. 12. Bakelite micarta gears paired with steel gears are designed to give longer life and reduce noise.


The Simplex NP-30 Amplifier, for use with the Simplex "SP", operates on 105130 volts, 50-60 cycles. It is claimed to provide a readily adjustable frequency response; and is equipped with soundon-film or phonograph gain control, high or low frequency control, onvand-off switch, and pilot light. The top cover of the amplifier has been designed for drip-proof operation. Internal components are hermetically sealedeftbathtub" condensers, electrolytics in metal cans, metal clad transformers. This type of construction is said to insure long life and minimum maintenance in all climates.


A pedestal has been designed for the Simplex "Sim providing a rugged and substantial base. The column of the base can be easily rotated right or left; while tilting the table from a horizontal position to an angle of 30 degrees is easily accomplished through a quadrant provided with a locking handle. The purpose of this is to permit convenient adjustment for any angle of projection.

Portable Stand

Where the Simplex ftSP" is primarily required for portable operation, a simplitied aluminum stand with collapsible legs is available.

Sound Equipment

For sound reproduction, the following equipment is available: an electrodynamic loudspeaker designed for the reproduction of the highest quality sound on film. This speaker has a 12 inch cone and a power handling capacity of over 20 watts. For use with the speaker is a 41 inch non-directional theatre type baffle, which is said to produce an even distribution of sound throughout the auditorium. For portable operation an attractive leather carrying case baffle is available.

For Permanent Installations

Professional amplifier and loud speake er equipment for permanent installations is also supplied. Principal items now available include: a volume control amplifier supplied with extension volume control arm for operation at both projector positions; a main amplifier and power unit, including individual monitor amplifier which allows full power output to stage loudspeakers. This unit is mounth in a unique cabinet which provides immediate accessibility for inspection and servicing. For effective sound distribution, a two-way loudspeaker system is recommended. This is provided with a genuine multicellular high frequency horn and a streamlined drawing unit set on a folded exponential low frequency bafhe.

The Simplex Type ifSI'm is back on the production line!

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 423