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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 462 (449)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 462
Page 462

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 462

{Slurlevanl Division 0 Westinghouse Electric Corporation


Where sufficient water is available from city water supply, or where a cooling tower is used, the water-cooled condenser is economical and efficient. To match economically refrigeration load requirements, West

inghouse water-cooled condensers are available in 14 sizes, ranging in

nominal capacities from 2 to 100 tons net refrigeration effect.

Type CW VVuter-Coof WATER coouans C d 9' on enser Vertical, semi-flooded type, Freon 12, water coolers for the chilling of Type LC water for distribution to cooling coils in indirect air conditioning sys- Water tems and for surface dehumidifiers. These efficient water coolers range Cooler

in size from 5 to 110 tons net refrigeration effect.


Direct expansion coils with patented refrigerant distributor, chilled

water coils, steam and hot water coils are available in a great many

sizes for all types of systems. Type EA


Two types are availableea horizontal type for ceiling suspension and a Vertical type for floor installation. In the horizontal or vertical type, year-round air conditioning is accomplished by the installation Tvpe AH

of cooling and dehumidifying surfaces for summer, and heating sur- A" Can'dmoning Unit faces for winter air conditioning.


Three types are availableeType H, with one bank of nozzles, used

primarily for humidifying; Type C, with two banks of nozzles, used for evaporative cooling, humidifying and dehumiditying; and Type S, with one bank of nozzles, used for humidifying, especially where space is limited.


Selfscleaning filter-washers employ a bank of mineral wool, or glass and Spray-Type

fiber filter pads, in conjunction with water sprays to clean and Dehumidifier

humidity the air. Made in 72 standard sizes and to specifications.


Available for either chilled water or directly expanded refrigerant,

Filter VVaslier

these wet surface units control accurately wet and dry bulb conditions


in industrial and comfort air conditioning systems. Capacities range

from 2000 to 50,000 cfm, with cooling capacities of 5 to 250 tons of refrigeration.

Unit Dehumidifier


Direct connected, RexvaneiB} Ventilating sets are small general purpose '

blowers or exhausters for Ventilating and other applications of similar nature. Because of their low outlet velocities, they are particularly well adapted for ventilating storage rooms, toilets, projection rooms, etc., Where it is necessary to use ducts to carry exhaust air to the outside. Larger sizes are manufactured in VeBelt style with centrifugal type fan.


SILENTVANE,(R7 FANS, are high speed, exceptionally quiet heating and ventilating fans engineered for installations where fan noise can not be tolerated. Made in 23 sizes with rotors from 121/4" to 1083/4" in diameter, they operate from free delivery to 63/4" water gauge static pressure. Capacities range from 700 to 467,000 ctm.

Rexvame Ventilating bet


Precipitron Electronic Air Cleaner is designed for installation in

Nimifmmn Fan

Ventilating and air conditioning systems to remove air borne dust and dirt particles. Operating at an air cleaning efficiency of 90%, Precipitron removes the dirt that smudges and soils. Continued use in Theatres reduces the costs of redecorating and cleaning and provides a healthier atmosphere for the patrons.


Provide year-round conditioning-cooling-dehumidifying for individual rooms. For cooling, the unit is supplied with chilled water at a suitable temperature, For heating, hot water is circulated through the unit, Air circulation and air cleaning is accomplished by the unit throughout the entire year.

Typo UC

Unit Conditimwr

Unit Conditioners may be used in conjunction with a Central ventilating V ITW'P'I'W' air system to recirculate and cool the air conveyed to a room or to cool ( "H "'"I [Imam and dehumidify the air recirculated in the room.

Capacities range from 300 to 700 aim. and from 5400 to 16,200 btu per hour.

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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 462