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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 494 (481)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 494
Page 494

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 494

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Westrex Master, Advanced and Standard Sound Systems meet every theatre requirement for highest quality sound.

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Western Electric backstage loudspeaker equipment provides for total coverage of your theatre and achieves the illusion of screen "presence."

Westrex Amplifier Systems are designed to provide "custom-built" installations in whatever combination of amplifiers, rectifiers, control and signal panels you need.

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Westrex Sound Systems for theatres of every size

Meeting the needs of motion picture exhibitors around the world* is the job of Westrex Corporation and its subsidiaries, which maintain branch oHices and service points in more than 100 key cities.

In addition to the famous Westrex Sound Systems, Westrex Corporation distributes a complete line of projectors, arc lamps, and other equipment and supplies required for theatre Operation.

The Westrex Sound System line for 194-9 is led by the deluxe Master Model-the finest you can buy. For highest quality in the medium price range, thereis the Westrex Advanced. And for line sound at lowest possible cost, thercis the Westrex Standard for smaller theatres.

The sound heads in all of these systems fealure the Western Electric flutter suppressor which won an Academy Award in 1948 for


technical achievement. The Westrex Amplifiers --from 15 to 100 watts outputeare outstanding in performance, in convenience for service and in appearance. And the Western Electric backstage loudspeaker systems assure superlative reproduction of sound.

Expert inspection and maintenance service covering all makes of sound and projection equipment is also provided by Westrex. For full information, consult your nearest Wrestrcx oflice whichhears the famous natneicWestern Electric,, 01' write to the address below.

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Warrex Corporation


Warern Electric Erport Corporation

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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 494