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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 498 (485)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 498
Page 498

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 498

Utilize Tilese Modern Aids

for Smarter Appearance and Convenience in (0887


\\ ith this 1000 Watt Double Blower (Ioolcd llrojcctor. you can now project from your lH)Olll cvcrything from 31/; x 4- down to 2 x 2 <35mm.) >lidcs plus fihmtrip. Coolest of its type, Total high power illumination is directcd through thc unallcst tranrparenciex. Bulletin No. 473 gilies full details.

Alm AIR-FLO STEREUPTON for 1000 watt projection] of x 4 only. Send for

Bulletin No. 453.


Aulomalic Enclosed REWIND Many chlusire features. Super-silcnt. Supcr-sale. Extra-strong. U. L, approych> climinates lirc hazard. Micro-Switch safety cut-oliiwhcn door opens, motor stops! l'ositiyc friction-r "will not clinch film. Tilthack casc - reels ('un't off] Modcl'n, compact dcsigu. Sour] for Hullelill N0. 456.

OIher GoldE Product's

Carbon Waste Cans ' Sand Urns Rewind Tables I Take-ups Music Stands

xlruilulrlc Through [mm/[rig 'l'llculrc Supply Hordch


Enhances the appcarance of any theatre lOlJlIy. Sturdy steel construction, Cast aluminum top and hottom.linisl1cd in black baked cnamel. Steel ticth hopper, Choice of Mandarin Red, Royal Bluc, or Burnt Orange. (Special colors arc avail able.) Send for Bulletin No. 455.


Host cronomical unit on the markctr for applications whcrc low cost is important, Tickcts rcadily gra>pcd. Magazino loading tickct unity Asturdily madc, attractivcly linishcd. Additional magazinca may

Inc addcd. Hull-proof, sillltl chronic lop platc. Sclul for Ifullclin No. 170.

for Greater ffficiency and iconomy in zoom and 80! OFFICE


Smallen and coolc>t spot of it: kind. lilorccd air-cooled by silent moior' driven twin blowcr. Throw> a clear, powerful beam 41/2 in. Fresnel lens. Easy push-pull heam control. Tilt device locks at any anglc, (last aluminum and welded slums-proof housing. Durable black hade wrinkle finish. Blinders, Color Frames, Shoot, and other attachnwnts avail ahlo. Wrilv for Bulletin No. 16].

500 WATT


liiycn your lobby and displays with a continuou.- flood of color variations. Hcrc in onc. compact, salv, simplc, unit you havc all thc compelling attraction of light. color. and motion. Alisollncly salt), (Iomplclcly automatic. Six continuoUs color changcs. Atljustahlc hcam sizc. llo>itiyctiltadjustmcnl. Black hakcd wrinklc linisll. (Iciling or wall mounting lirackcl availalrlc. Semi for Iiullclin No. iii-I.

Munulucturing Company Inn-1 wast unison an. cmcmo 1, lumols Dmmmmmq7msgmmp: 0m25?m


In Mull/AI; Il/r/I/IY) M Mr ulnar, Numc mum/m (In {ml/um (/m/ part mun/m.
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 498