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1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 65 (54)

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition
1948-49 Theatre Catalog
1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 65
Page 65

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 65

OPENING NIGHT at the Han features an address by Mayor Gordon Butler, as introduced by Mr. Beach, and drew an overflow crowd. Praise was expressed for the beauty and comfort of the theatre and its exceptional appointments. In the inner lobby, solid wooden doors produce a light trap to protect the auditorium and a recessed confection stand provides adequate service. Inside this lobby, are the several frames used to advertise coming attractions. Equipment costs tor this house totaled $40,000.

THE LARGE CONFECTIONERY STAND, above, boasts of a Star popcorn machine, Drincolator dispenser serving Coca Cola and lime. an ice cream cabinet. and the usual candy and cigarette counter. All decoration, draperies, stage curtains, and carpets. are the work of Southeastern Theatre Equipment Company. The projection booth, not shown here, rests on the some special construction as the balcony. and is equipped with Super Simplex projectors, Snaplite lenses, Peerless Magnarc projection lamps.

A Pictorial Study of - THE STATE, HOLSTEIN, IOWA

Designed by architects, Peacock and Bolongia of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kugel, the 450-seat State Theatre, Holstein, Iowa, is built on a lot 50x150 feet and cost $41,000.00 without equipment. Opening on September 2, 1948, this very modern little theatre is designed to serve a rural community with first-run in the county at an admission scale of 40c and 45c. Three changes weekly with double features on Friday and Saturday bring comedies, musicals, westerners, and light dramas as the most popular film fare. Built

around the use of 40-foot quonset arches,

good use has been made of modern, dec orative materials. The. result is a thea-'

tre that could well grace a larger community, and 1500 populationed Holstein is justifiably proud of it.

The front was designed and fabricated by Ben B. Poblocki and Sons Company and incorporates an under canopy area of maroon porcelain enamel on steel, an open-face lobby, and a maroon island boxoffice. The canopy is trimmed in stainless steel, outlined by parallel lines of red neon, and the maroon name and feature sign is serviced from the canopy roof through a door to a room which

ORNAMENTAL PLASTER PLAQUES of oyster white against tan celotex plank gives a highlight to the simplicity of the auditorium. Rich gold velour draperies and the dropped ceiling cove are further features. Modern, decorative materials throughout the theatre achieve a graceful eilect.

provides adequate space for letter and other storage. Upper portion of the facade is stucco trimmed with face brick with a pleasing overall result. One Wall of the lobby is papered with Varlar stainproof, washable paper in a large, green and white leaf pattern with the other walls in a vertical stripe weave pattern in green and white. The lobby floor is green asphalt tile while the ceiling is light celotex acoustical tile. All doors and trim are birch slab in natural finish.

The foyer carries the same combination of large, leaf and weave wall paper pattern, except in rose and white, with the ladies lounge papered in red and white ivy leaf on two walls and the others in red plaid. Ladies toilet room is in green tile pattern. The menis toilet room is papered with a western pattern on one wall, with the other three in brown plaid. All floors are asphalt tile.

Two cry rooms, papered in a blue nursery pattern and having blue asphalt tile floors, are located at opposite ends of the foyer and contain six seats each.

The auditorium has a natural varnished wainscot of masonite with the areas above finished in three shades of tan celotex plank, with a dropped ceiling containing the air diffusers and indirect lighting cove. No wall lights are used in the auditorium, but three 10-watt bulbs concealed on the foyer deck, retiect suiticient light to illuminate the auditorium during the show. The stage has four l50-watt Hoodlights recessed in the floor. All lights are dimmer controlled.

A 25-ton Carrier refrigerating unit provides air conditioning for the auditorium with a separate 5-ton unit providing similar treatment for the lobby, office, boxoffice and booth. Two Separatc forced air heating plants burning oil, in similar manner heat the two zones.

As part of the theatre equipment, including the projection and sound equipment and about 300 seats, was moved

1948-49 Theatre Catalog, 7th Edition, Page 65