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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 159 (139)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 159
Page 159

Drive-ins Mentioned

City, Grove City, PA

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 159


NOTE: Best available address for the theatre itself will be found immediately behind the theatre name, and lacking such address, the town itself will suiiice. In many cases, there is no post office for particular towns, and accordingly, the mailing address of the executive is listed behind

his name.

The various symbols used are as follows:

(UNC) indicates that the

particular theatre is under construction, but has not yet opened as of March 1, 1951. For all such theatres, it was attempted to verify that actual construction operations had been started, and/or that equipment had been purchased so that it could be relatively certain to open during the 1951 season. (M) indicates the length of the season in months operated by the particular theatre, i.e. (M8) meaning tt8 months." (C) indicates the car capacity of the particular theatre, i.e. (C720) means the particular theatre contains it720 car parking areasii adjacent to available sound. (D) indicates the number of days per week which the particular theatre operates, i.e. (D7) means that the

theatre operates S7 days each week?

Wherever any data is not yet recorded or available after continued rechecking in the field an (*) has been substituted.

Where particular theatres are operated by circuits or executives from outside of the particular town or state, some effort has been made to identify

their headquarters or home address.



New York

Albany. N. Y. MENANDS DR.. 55 Peyster St. Exec: Joe Miller. (M6-C475-D7)

Alexandria Bay, N. Y. THOUSAND ISLAND DR. Exec: Mrs. A. McNamara. (M6-C316-D7)

Amsterdam. N. Y. VAILS MILLS DR., Rt. 30 RD. #4. Exec: Harry Lamont. (M6-C550-D7)

Black River, N. Y. BLACK RIVER DR. Exec: Sylvan Leif. (M7-C600-D7)

Canton. N. Y. IDEAL DR. Exec: Alex Papayanakos. (M7-C500-D7)

Canton. N. Y. SUNSET DR., Canton Road, Rt. 68. Exec: D. Gilson. (MG-0200437)

Colonic. N. Y. MOHAWK DR., SchenectadyAlbany Rd. Exec: Fabian Th. Ct. (M6-C750-D7)

Colonic, N. Y. SARATOGA DR., Saratoga Rd. Exec: Fabian Th. Ct. (M6-C450-D7)

Crown Point, N. Y. SKYLINE DR. Exec: Arthur Landry. (M6-CSOO-D7)

East Greenbush, N. Y. AUTO 'VISION DR., Rts. 20 and 9. Exec: Neil Hellman. (M6-C400-D7)

Fonda. N. Y. FONDA DR. Exec: Francis Willette. (M6-CZOO-D7)

Gouverncur, N. Y. HIWAY DR. Exec: Jim Papayanakos. (M7-0350-D7)

Gnilderland, N. Y. CARMAN DR. Exec: John Msrotta. (M6-C400-D7)

Hudson, N. Y. SUNSET DR., Rt. 9. Exec: Frieder and Grossman. (M6-C450-D7)

Hunter. N. Y. MOUNTAIN VIEW DR. Exec: Mrs. F. Klein. (M6-C375-D7)

Lake George, N. Y. BEACH DR. Exec: E. W.

Back, 15 Fulton St... Glens Falls, N. Y. (M6-C300-D7)

Lake George, N. Y. FORT GEORGE DR.. P. O. Box 244. Exec: N. S. Englanger, 39 Garrison Rd., Glens Falls, N. Y. (M6-CdEO-D7)

Lake George. N. Y. LAKE GEORGE DR., P. 0. Rd. 1, Rt. 9. Exec: Harry Lamont. (M6-CaOO-D7)

Lake Placid. N. Y. SARA-PLACID DR.. P.0. Box 528. Exec: Edward Hoffman. (M6-CZSO-D7)

Leeds, N. Y. OPEN AIR TIL, Rt. 23. Exec: Harry Lamont. (M6-C200-D7)

Little Falls, N. Y. VALLEY DR. Exec: Robert Baranoff. (M6-C350-D7)

Malone. N. Y. FRANKLIN DR., 182 Elm St. Exec: W. A. Shaw. (M6-CSGS-D7)

Malta, N. Y. MALTA DR. Exec: Sarto J. Smaldone. (M6-CBOO-D7)

Mnssenn. N. Y. SUNSET DB... Rt. 37. Exec: D. Gilson. (M6-CSEO-D7)

North Hoosick, N. Y. HATHAWAY DR. Exec: Sylvan Leif. (MG-Cdoo-D'I)

Ogdensburz, N. Y. RIVERSIDE DR., Rt. 7. Exec: J. F. Free. Turnbull and Morley. (M6-CZ50-D7)

Oneonts. N. Y. DEL SEGO DR. Exec: Bert D. Mitchell and William Warnken, Sr. (M6-CSOO-D7)

Onoontl. N. Y. NORWICH DR. Exec: Jack Root. (MB-CSOO-D'I)


Oswego, N. Y. MIDWAY DR., W. River Rd. Exec:' (M' -CR -DR )

Plattsburg, N. Y. PLATTSBURG DR.. P.O. Box 203. Exec: R. R. Berry. (M5-0400-D7)

Plattsburg, N. Y. STAR DUST DR., 291 Margaret St. Exec: Ira Henry. (MS-CBGS-D'I)

Potsdam, N. Y. MOONLITE DR., Norwood Road, Rt. 56. Exec: A. Papayanakos. (M6-C480-D7)

Pottersville, N. Y. STARLITE DR. Exec: Whitman & Downey. (M6-C450-D7)

Richmondville, N. Y. COBLESKILL DR. Exec: Cy Hotaling and Edin Wohr. (M6-C300-D7)

Rotterdam Junction, N. Y. RIVERVIEW DR.

Exec: Rotterdam Drive-in Theatres, Inc. (M6-0550-D7)

South Glens Falls. N. Y. AUST'S DR., Rt. 9. Exec: William H. Aust. (M6-CSIZ-D7)

Stillwater. N. Y. HUDSON RIVER DR. Exec: Joe Miller. (M6-C400-D7)

Tupper Lake, N. Y. TUPPER'S DR. Exec: Leon Dechene, P. 0. Box .57. (M6-C350-D7)

Utica, N. Y. KALLET DR., Utica,-Rome Road. Exec: M. Kallet. (M6-C780-D7)

Utica, N. Y. WGAT DR., Kempf Blvd. Exec: J. Eric Williams. (M6-CSOO-D7)

Voorheesville. N. Y. INDIAN LADDER DR. Exec: Hallenbeck and Riley. (M6-CSGO-D7)

Watertown, N. Y. NORTHSIDE DR. Exec: Dr. Phillip Liebig. (M6-C450-D7)

Watertown, N. Y. STARLITE DR.. Adams Watertown Road, Rt. 11. Exec: Fred Kleemler. (M6-C400-D7)

West Sand Lake, N. Y. RUSTIC DR. Exec: Rustic Drivedn Th. Corp. (M7-0300-D7)

Whitehall, N. Y. WHITEHALL DR... 66 Saunders St. Exec: John DiResta. (M6-CZ99-D7)



Alabama City. Ala.) GROVE DR. Exec: B. W. Wright. (M12-CS50-D7)

Albertville, Ala. MARSHALL DR.. Box 223. Exec: W. W. Hammonds, Jr.. A. W. Hammond and Cullen B. Goss. (M12-C500-D7)

Annistcn. Ala. BAMA DR. Exec: J. E. Aaron. (M12-0500-D7)

Anniston, Ala. MIDWAY DR. Exec: A.B.C. Theatre Enterprises. (M12-C350-D7)

Athens, Ala. ATHENS DR. Exec: Publix Theatres Ct. - (M12-0600-D7)

Athens, Ala. HATFIELD DR. Exec: A.B.C. Theatre Ent. (M12-0225-D7)

Auburn, Ala. AUBURN OPELIKA DR., Hwy. 19. Exec: Martin Theatres. (M12-C430-D7)

Bessemer. Ala. AUTO MOVIES No. 1, P.0. Box 415. Exec: J. C. Worthington. (M12vCZ75-D7)

Bessemer. Ala. BESSEMER DR... Rt. 8. Exec: C. E. Ambrose. (M12-CZOO-D7)

Birmingham, Ala. FAIR PARK DR.. Hwy. 31.

Exec: N. H. Waters. Waters Theatre Co. (M8-0650-D6)

Birmingham, Ala. ROEBUCK DR... Hwy. 11.

Exec: N. H. Waters. Waters Theatre Co. (M12-0500-D7)

Birmingham. Ala. SHADES MT. DR... Hwy. 31..

Exec: N. H. Waters, Waters Theatre Co. (M12-C500-D7)

Bridgeport, Ala. SOUTHPORT DR. Exec: Ben R. Nation. (M12-0250-C7)

Clanton. Ala. CLANTON DR.. P.O. Box 222. Exec: J. A. Jackson. (M8-C416-D6)

Cullman, Ala. 31 DR., P. O. Box 1.5. Exec: A.B.CTheatre Ent. (M12-0290-D6)

Decatur, Ala. SUNSET DR., P.O. Box 1157. Exec: Crescent Amusement Co. (M12-C400-D6)

Demopolis, Ala. GROVE DR. Exec: H. W. Webb. (M12-0250-D7)

Dothan. Ala. SKI-VUE DR. Exec: Martin DaviTheatres Ct. (M9-C400-D7)

East Brewton. Ala. EAGLE DR. Exec: Martin Ths. (M12-0315-D7)

East Tallassee. Ala. TALA-C DR. Exec: McLendon Theatres Ct., Union Springs. (M12-C400-D7)

Enterprise, Ala. M. 0. DR. Exec: Murphy and Oliver. (M12-(3200-D7)

Enterprise, Ala. CECIL DR. Exec: Fred McLendon. (M12-C350-D7)

THE ENTRANCE SIGN ABOVE THE BOXOFFICE welcomes patrons to the Arnold Drive-In. near Tullahomo. Tenn. Situated on a main highway. the 500-cur theatre has a new all-steel screen tower.

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 159