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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 164 (144)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 164
Page 164

Drive-ins Mentioned

Bankhead Drive-In, Atlanta, GA

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 164

ALTHOUGH LOCATED IN THE SAME BUILDING. the reireshment stand and proiection booth at the 892-car Bankhead Drive-In. Atlanta. Gm. are separated by an open-air patio where patrons may relax.

Niagara Falls. N. Y. STARLITE DR., Military

Rd. Exec: Robert and Richard Hayman. (M8-C730-D7)

Nimmonsburg. N. Y. FRONT DR., 1260 Front St. Exec: Herbert Nittke. (M7-C722-D7)

Perry. N. Y. SILVER LAKE DR., Rt. 39. Perry Castle Rd. Exec: Harry K. Martin. (M7-C400-D7)

Rochester 11. N. Y. ROCHESTER DR., 1200 Scottsville Rd. Exec: J. J. Kelly or Wintner.

Union Commerce Bldg.. Cleveland 14, 0. (M7-C726-D7)

Stsiford. N. Y. BATAVIA DR. Exec: Ethan Lenhart. (M7-C400-D7)

Syracuse. N. Y. DE WITT DR. Exec: De Witt Drive-In Theatres. (M7-0950-D7)

Syracuse. N. Y. KALLET DR. Exec: 0. J. Kallet. (M7-C800-D7)

Tonawanda, N. Y. DELAWARE DR., 4100 Delaware Ave. Exec: Louis Drew. (M7-ClOOO-D7)

Tonawsnda. N. Y. SHERIDAN DR. Exec: Irving Cohen. (M7-C700-D7)

Tonawanda, N. Y. SKYWAY-NIAGARA, Niagara Falls Blvd. Exec: Wm. Brett. (M7-C700-D7)

Van Buren Point, N. Y. VAN BUREN DR., RFD No. 2, Dunkirk. N. Y. Exec: Irving Cohen. (M7-C800-D7)

Wsllington. N. Y. SKYWAY DR., Rt. 104. Exec: Thomas B. Nephew. (M7-C400-D7)

West Henrietta. N. Y. STARLITE DR. Exec: Don Stevenson, Rochester 11, N. Y. (M7-CGOO-D7)

West Webster. N. Y. EMPIRE DR., RochesterWebster Rd. Exec: Graydon Hodges. (M7-0830-D7)


North Carolina

Alhemsrle, N. C. ALBEMARLE DR., R.F.D. #2. Exec: G. L. Faw. (M8-ClEO-D7)

Albemsrle, N. C. BADIN ROAD DR., Rt. 2. Hwy. 27. Exec: G. L. Faw. (M8-Cl50-D7)

Alexis, N. C. MOONLIGHT DR. Exec: Fred Stallings, Jr. (M8-C' -D7)

Archdale. N. C. TARHEEL DR. Exec: Paul Jones. Route #3. High Point. N. C. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Asheboro, N. C. 220 DR., Rt. 220. Exec: Con. solidated CL, P. O. Box 2446, Charlotte, N. C. (M12-CEOO-D7)

Asheville. N. C. DREAMLAND DR., Hwy. 70. Rt. 74 SE. Old Black Mtn. Hwy. Exec: Franklin H. Frady, 94 Cox Ave. (MB-CGOO-D7)

Aulnnder. N. C. STARLITE DR. Exec: A. P. Lsssiter. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Beaufort. N. C. EAST DR. Exec: Victor Wicklzer. (M8-CZSO-D7)

Belmont. N. C. BELMONT DR., Hwy. 223. Exec: B. Boling. (M8-Cl.50-D7)

Ben-on, N. C. STARVIEW DR. Exec: Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Parrish. (M8-C160-D7)

Bessemer City. N. C. DRIVE IN. R.F.D. No. 2, Kings Mountain Dr. Exec. R. G. Stinett. (M8-CZOO-D7)


Boone. N. C. SKY-VUE DR. Exec: A. E. Hamby, Jr.. J. W. Hodges, Jr. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Brevard, N. C. BREVARD DR. Exec: S. D. Moore. (MS-CZOO-D'I)

Brevard, N. C. STAR DR. Exec: S. G. Siniard. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Bryson City, N. C. DRIVE IN. Exec: E. Y. Neil. c/o Dr-In. Sylva. N. C. (M8-ClSO-D7)

Burlington. N. C. BUR-GRA DR., 1924 Maple Ave. Exec: A. F. Floyd. (M8-CZZS-D7)

Burlington. N. C. DRIVE IN. Hwy. 87. Box 707. Exec: Consolidated Ct., P. 0. Box 2446. Charlotte, N. C. (M12-C400-D7)

Canton. N. C. CANTON DR. Exec: Clayton Mehaifey. (MS-0300-D7)

Chadboum, N. C. LUCKY STAR DR. Exec: D. W. Smith. (M8-C200-D6)

Chapsnoke, N. C. DRIVE-IN TH. Exec: E. S. Holland. (M8-ClSO-D7)

Chapanoke. N. C. ECHO DR. Execz' (MS-0* -D7)

Chapel Hill. N. C. PARKVUE DR. Exec: J. W. Thompson. (M8-C200-D7)

Charlotte. N. C. ALBEMARLE ROAD DR. Exec: Harris Robinson. Dixie Drive-In Theatres Ct.. Atlanta 3. (M12-C300-D7)

Charlotte, N. C. NORTH 21 DR., P. 0. Box No. 1689. Exec: H. B. Meiselman. (M8-C350-D7)

Charlotte. N. C. NORTH 29 DR., Hwy. 29, RD. Box 1262. Exec: Harris Robinson, Dixie Drive-In Theatres Ct., Atlanta 3. (M12-CGOO-D7)

Charlotte. N. C. SOUTH 29 DR... P.O. Box 1282. Exec: Harris Robinson. Dixie DriveJn Theatres Ct. Atlanta 3. (M8-CSOO-D7)

Charlotte. N. C. YORK ROAD DR.. 702 W. 5th St. Exec: Jack Wadsworth. (M12-C400-D7)

Chinqunpin. N. C. HULA DR. Exec: T. F. Sanderson. (M8-ClSO-D7)

Chocowinity. N. C. CI-IO-CO DR. Exec: Floyd Cox, Box 495. Washington, N. C. (M7-0200-D7)

Clinton, N. C. KITTY FORK DR., Rt. #3. Exec: T. M. Gale. (MB-CLSO-D7)

Clinton. N. C. MIDWAY DR. Exec: R. D. Nance. (M8-C225-D7)

Clinton. N. C. MOTOR PARK DR., Hwy. 42. R.R. 1. Exec: C. B. Hayworth. (M7-0200-D7)

Concord. N. C. AIRPORT DR., Hwy. 78. Exec: Lewis K. Whitley, Elmedo De Diego. (MS-CSOO-DG)

Concord. N. C. CAROLINA DR., Hwy. 29A. P.O. Box 167. Exec: Jack Biggart. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Concord. N. C. CONCORD DR., Hwy. 29. Exec: J. C. Willis. (M8-CZSO-D7)

Concord. N. C. STARLITE DR. Exec: J. O. Willis. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Conover. N. C. NEW-CON DR. Exec: Consolidated Ct.. P.0. Box 2446, Charlotte. N. C. (M12-0200-D7)

Dobsnn. N. C. DOBSON DR. Exec: J. J. Booth. Jr., Walnut Cove. N. C. (M8-0200-D7)

Drexel. N. C. HI PEAK DR. Exec: R. D. Drum. (M7-Cl75-D7)

Dunn. N. C. CENTER VIEW DR. Exec: H. H. Jordan. (M7-ClSO-D7)

Durham. N. C. CARD-DUKE DR., Chapel Hill Rd. Exec: W. '1'. Marshall, Jr. (M8-C300-D7)

' Lewis Whitley.

Durham. N. C. DRIVE-IN TH. Exec: 8. Mitchell. (MB-CSOO-D'i)

Durham. N. C. MIDWAY DR., Hwy. 70. Box 2142. Exec: J. W. Wallace. (MB-CSOOeD'I)

Durham. N. C. SKYVIEW DR. P. 0. Box No. 2142. Exec: J. W. Wallace. (M8-CZ75-D7)

Durham, N. C. STARLIGHT DR., Hwy. 15. New

Oxford Hwy. Exec: A. C. Riggsbee. 2144 Geer St. (M8-C300-D7)

Edenton, N. C. HWY. 17 DR. Exec: Jimmy Earnhardt. Taylor Theatre. (M8-CI75-D7)

Elkin, N. C. SCENIC DR. Exec: Mr. Gwynn. (M8-C450-D6)

Erika. N. C. WEST ASHEVILLE AUTO TH. Exec: W. C. Macon. (MS-03.50-D7)

i t. N. C. DRIVE-IN TH. Exec: Mr. McE3??? (M8-CZOO-D7)

i , N. . NO. 41 DR. Hwy. 41. Exec: Falrmont C . (MLCZoo-Dq)

Fayetteville, N. C. BOULEVARD DR., Hwy. 87.

. , . 4. Ex : Howard McNally. P.0 Box 58 Rt ec (Mq-Czoo-Dn

Fayettcville. N.C. SKYVIEW DR., Hwy. 15A.

. . E : Jam G. Wellons. P.0 Box 289 xec es (MEI-6850.137)

C't . N. C. DRIVE-IN TH. Exec: W. F. gagged y (M8-C300-D7)

F t C'ty. N. C. TRI-CITY DR., Rt. 2. PD. ngeIHA) Exec: C. W. Carpenter. (Ms-CIEO-DG)

Fuquay Springs. N. C. FIVE POINTS DR., Hwy. 42. Exec: R. E. Boykin. (M7-0250-D6)

G t nia. N. C. GASTONIA DR., Hwy. 821. Rt. 1:831): 51. Exec: F. B. Griggs. (M8-CSOO-D7)

' . . . SET DR. E ec: F. B. Griggs. Gastonls N C SUN x (MS-cacoJW)

Gastonis. N. C. TOWER DR., Wilkinson Blvd.

: lid ted Ct.. P.0. Box 2446. Charlotte. Exec 0011301 3 (Mlz-C450-D7)

G ldsboro. N. C. GOLDSBORO DR., Hwy. 70, ng 902. Exec: A. F. Sams. (M7-Cl50-D7)

Gold I) re, N. C. MODEL DR., Rt. 5. Exec: A. P. Hsinonant. (M8-ClEO-D7)

G Am boro N. C. GRANTSBORO DRIVE IN, Box 78'. Eiec: 'R. L. Bennett. (M7-0150-D6)

. N. C. MARTIN DR. Exec: C. 0. Marghfelmboro (M8-CZ50-D7)

Greensboro. N. C. NORTH DR., Hwy. 29..P.0. Box 732. Exec: Harris Robinson. Dime Drive-In Theatres CL, Atlanta 3. (M8-CSOO-D7)

Greensboro, N. C. SOUTH DR., P.O. Box 732.

: H ' Robinson Dixie Drive-In Thea. Ct.. 21%.... 37m ' (M8-CsOO-D7)

. N. C. SUNDOWN DR. Exec: Harry gfxlglom (M8-ClZ5-D7)

Greenville. N. C. SOUTH 11 DR., Hwy. 11. Rt. 2,

. : B Adams. Wm. S. Briggs. Box 148 Exec yron (Mlbcaoo-Dn

Guilford. N. C. PIEDMONT DR., P.0. Box 116. Exec: C. L. French. (M8-C400-D6)

H lt, N. C. HAMLET DR. Exec: C. W. Carpeairiltlele', Jr. (M8-0225-D'I)

Havelock. N. C. DINGHOU DR., P.0. Box 285. Exec: W. T. Robertson. (M8-C200-D7)

Henderson. N. C. HENDERSON DR., Hwy. '7.

B 554. E ec: Roy Turner and Bill Gregory. ox x (M7-C350-D6)

Henderson. N. C. MOON-GLO DR. Exec: S. S. Stevenson. (M8-CSGO-D7)

Hendersonville, N. C. HEN-VILLE DR. Exec: Ben Pless. (MS-C300-D7)

Hickory. N. C. FUN-LAN DR. Exec: Dick Eason. (MB-Csoo-D7)

Hickory. N. C. HICKORY DR., Hwy. 64. Exec: J. P. Mull. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Hickory. N. C. SPRING ROAD DR., P.0. Box 343. Exec: D. J. VanCourt. (M8-C200-D7)

High Point. N. C. MOONGLOW DR. Exec: C. W. Grubbs. (M8-CZZE-D7)

High Point. N. C. NORTH SIDE DR. Exec: W. E. Thrush. (M12-0200-D7)

Hudson. N. C. DRUMS DR., Hwy. 321. Exec:

R. D. Drum, R.F.D. #1. Lenoir, N. C. (MS-ClSO-DG)

Huntersville, N. C. N. 21 DI. Exec: Huntsville Ths. Inc. (M8-CZ50-D7)

Jackson. N. C. DRIVE IN. Exec: R. C. Whitehurst. (M8-CI76-D7)

Jacksonville. N. C. DRIVE IN, Hwy. 17. P.0. Box 62. Exec: N. J. Kellum. (M7-ClSO-D7)

Jacksonville, N. C. MARINE DR. Exec: John M. Kime. (M8-CSOO-D7)

Jeiferson, N. C. DRIVE-IN TH. Exec: R. B. Adams. N. Wilkesboro, N. C. (M8-CZOO-D7)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 164